About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 19

Wrath of the Goddess

She does not want Kaho to be involved in “Our Home”.

That’s what Mikoto-san said.


Because Kaho rejected my confession and dumped me.


Kaho backed away as though she was afraid of Mikoto-san.


“Mikoto-san lives here? That’s a lie.”


“I am Akihara-kun’s cousin. That’s why I’m going to live in this residence.”


“Does Haruto approve of that?”


Kaho asked me and Mikoto-san looked at me a little uneasily.

I nodded.


“Yes. Mikoto-san is a resident of this home.”


At that moment, Mikoto-san’s blue eyes widened and her cheeks relaxed happily.

Kaho, on the other hand, was astonished.


“I didn’t know that. Why didn’t Haruto tell me?”


Mikoto-san said.


“I think it’s because Sasaki-san doesn’t need to know.”


“But I’m Haruto’s childhood friend and we’re like family…”


“Sasaki-san is not a member of Akihara-kun’s family, is she? I’m related to Akihara-kun a little bit, but Sasaki-san is not. You rejected Akihara-kun…, and yet you can make a show of it and say that you’ve known him since childhood or that you’re family only when it suits you. How can you do that?”


Mikoto-san asked Kaho in a slightly angry manner.

I had never seen Mikoto-san get angry like this before.

And maybe she was angry for my sake.


“You are a coward, Sasaki-san.”


Mikoto-san said in a quiet voice.

Kaho shook her head sadly.


“No. It’s not my fault. It’s … wrong that Haruto fell in love with me. If not, we would have remained good childhood friends forever. And yet…”


Kaho held herself with both hands and mumbled with a downcast look on her face.


“I care about Haruto, too.”


“If that’s the case, why didn’t you accept Akihara-kun…? If I were in Sasaki-san’s shoes, I surely wouldn’t have rejected Akihara-kun.”


Mikoto-san said quietly.


“But it’s not Mikoto-san that Haruto likes, it’s me. Isn’t that right?”


Kaho said and looked me up and down expectantly.

I was a little surprised. I don’t think I would normally ask such a thing to the person who rejected me.

On the other hand, there was a hint of anger in Mikoto-san’s eyes.


“You rejected Akihara-kun, so… how can you say such a hurtful thing about him?”


Kaho looked flabbergasted and mumbled quietly, “I didn’t mean … to do that.”

Mikoto-san, who is angry for my sake, tried to say more words, but I restrained her with my hand.


So … Kaho is right.

So … Kaho is right.


I thought she was a kind, gentle, pretty girl who understood me better than anyone else.



“I like Kaho, … but Kaho doesn’t like me. That’s why she turned down my confession.”


“That’s …”


“I want to be a good childhood friend with Kaho forever, too. But… I’m sure that one day she will have someone more important than me, and the childhood friend thing will become unimportant.”


Kaho looked at me and Mikoto-san alternately and then said in a gloomy voice.


“I see…, Haruto might also have someone else like that besides me.”


That’s right.

I like Kaho now.

But that may change someday. 


I don’t know why Kaho looked like she was about to cry.


“I’m a bad girl, I can’t like Haruto, I shouldn’t … like him. So …”


Kaho staggered back two or three steps and bumped into a wall.

Then she shook her head.


“…I’m going home.”


Saying that, she ran back to the front door.

When Kaho put on her shoes, I could see her beautiful white thighs.


She was right.

I do indeed look at Kaho as a s****l object, and therefore, I am moved by her every little movement.


She looked back at us.


“Take care of yourself, Mikoto-san.”


After saying that, Kaho disappeared out the front door.

You didn’t return the key after all, I thought to myself.


Only Mikoto-san and I were left.


Silence reigned for a while, and then Mikoto-san sneezed again.

When I looked at her, her face turned bright red.


Mikoto-san was still naked on her upper body. She was covering her large, white chest with her hands.

I hurriedly looked away.


“I’m sorry. Hurry up and get dressed.”






“I told Sasaki-san that I would have Akihara-kun prepare a change of underwear and wipe me down.”


“Yes, that’s what you said…”


“Can I ask you to really do that?”


Mikoto-san looked at me shyly with her beautiful blue eyes.