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About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess Chapter 84

I'm the Only One with Nothing

We finally made it back to the mansion, utterly exhausted.
Unlike our days in the apartment, in this detached house, each of us, Rei-san, Kaho, and Amane, had been assigned separate rooms.

Alone in the spacious room, I lay on the futon.
As I recalled everything that had happened, embarrassment washed over me.

I mean, both Rei-san and Kotone confessed their feelings to me and we even kissed.
And on top of that, Kotone confessed her feelings to me too. Though she was the one who initiated it, we ended up kissing multiple times.

Furthermore, Kotone’s grandfather intends to make me the successor to the Tomi Group and engage me to Kotone.
Originally, I had feelings for Kaho.
But due to various circumstances, I got rejected by Kaho once and then I met Rei-san…
Now, I think maybe I have feelings for Rei-san, but…

I can’t help but feel indecisive.
I can’t let things continue like this.

Lost in these thoughts, I suddenly felt more awake.
The sliding door of the room opened abruptly, letting in a faint light.

Who could it be at this hour?
I attempted to sit up in surprise, but the other person was faster.

They covered me on the futon.


Calling my name in a voice that sounded both tender and beautiful, the girl who covered me was Rei-san.
Her blue eyes were moist, and her cheeks illuminated by the dim light were flushed.

She was wearing nothing on her body except for a pure white underwear.
Her fair skin was dazzling.

“Rei-san… that attire…!”


“Well, yeah…”

Rei-san smoothly slipped under the covers with me.
I could feel her warmth.
Her soft and warm body, along with her sweet scent, overwhelmed me.

Rei-san whispered close to my ear.

“Um, so, are you happy?”

“What kind of question is that?”

“I thought boys might be pleased by this sort of thing…”

“Well, of course, I’m happy, but…”

I unintentionally spoke my mind.
It’s only natural for me to be thrilled. After all, a girl as cute as an idol, a quarter-ethnic beauty, is approaching me in her underwear.

Rei-san smiled happily, and her gesture was adorable.

“But, but, Rei-san. In this situation… I might end up attacking Rei-san…”

“…I want you to attack me.”


“I don’t mind whatever you do, Haruto-kun.”

With that said, Rei-san stole my lips.
Even though we hadn’t officially become a couple, I had already kissed Rei-san several times.
Moreover, Rei-san said I could do whatever I wanted with her.

After a long kiss, Rei-san giggled mischievously.

“In other words, I’ve come for a night visit.”


“Because… I have nothing to offer.”


“Sasaki-san is Haruto-kun’s childhood friend and first love. Amane-san is Haruto-kun’s cousin and an important family member. Kotone is going to be Haruto-kun’s fiancée, right? But… I have nothing. Just a classmate, a fake girlfriend, a little bit of blood relation… none of it matters. I feel like I’m the least important to you, Haruto-kun.”

“You’re not unimportant.”

“But that’s how I feel. So, I thought I want to be Haruto-kun’s first.”

“But, still…”

“It’s my first time too. I want to give my first to Haruto-kun, to become someone important to Haruto-kun.”

My words were cut off.
Once again, Rei-san’s red lips sealed mine.

If this were our time in the apartment, either Kaho or Amane would have come and stopped Rei-san’s actions, I think.
But now, there was no one to stop Rei-san.

After Rei-san released my lips, she whispered.

“I love you.”

And then, she kissed me again.
Immediately pulling away, she smiled.

“I love Haruto-kun, who saved me. I love Haruto-kun, who rescued this lonely me. I don’t have to be Haruto-kun’s number one. It’s enough for Haruto-kun to… just watch over me.”

Rei-san kissed me once more and then tried to lay her soft body over mine.

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About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person

About The Case When I Started Living With A Cool Goddess-Sama, But Because Of Being Too Spoiled, She Ended Up Becoming A Clumsy Useless Person

Kūruna megami-sama to issho ni sundara, amayakashi sugite ponkotsu ni shite shimatta kudan ni tsuite, クールな女神様と一緒に住んだら、甘やかしすぎてポンコツにしてしまった件について
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
High school student Haruto Akihara, who is good at housework, has Rei Mikoto, the most beautiful girl in school, called the “Ice Goddess”. Rei, a perfect superhuman, avoids socializing with others, and Haruto has hardly ever talked to her. One winter day, Haruto returns to his apartment, where he lives alone, only to find Rei Mikoto there. Rei is a distant relative of Haruto’s who has come to live in the same apartment with him. Rei rejected Haruto, saying, “I have no intention of getting along with you.” However, as a result of helping Rei who was being attacked and nursing Rei who had a cold, Haruto became closer to Rei. Haruto realizes that Rei, who appears to be cool, is actually a lonely person. Over the course of their shared life together, Haruto gently spoiled Rei, and Rei became dependent on him for his pampering.



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