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I, a high school teacher, was transferred with my students to another world Volume 2 Chapter 50

Cautionary Transferees

~Adventurer Guild Autonomous Territory~

The Adventurer Guild Autonomous Territory was not strictly a nation.
Located at the isthmus connecting the Yggdrasil Continent to the Irminsul Continent, the Huger Duchy was founded by the hero of the Jibe Kingdom, Duke Huger, along with the hope of expanding to the new continent.
Even the Huger Duchy began to prioritize internal affairs over territorial expansion as its land started to stabilize. Rumors circulated about an agreement not to exceed the territory of the Jibe Kingdom, but there were also reports of a population shortage as a practical issue.
During that time, the reigning duke decided to prioritize internal governance over territorial expansion, steering the direction of prosperity inward.

Nevertheless, many still yearned to challenge the unknown world in the new continent.

Eventually, the Adventurer Guild, uniting the Jungle Leaves, created a city on the edge of the Huger Duchy, filled with dreams of further exploration. And thus began the history of the Guild Autonomous Territory.

As safe areas for people expanded and society progressed, some nations saw an increase in population. However, challenges such as the loss of many people in monster parades, population growth in urban areas, and the formation of slums persisted for various countries.
Although called an autonomous territory, many nations provided support, including financial aid, to the Adventurer Guild. The Guild had no intention of eventually owning a country, but there were aspirations to sell the land.
As places for habitation increased and resources like mines were discovered, nations vied to secure their direct territories in the new continent, turning the autonomous territory into a unique domain.

One of the roles the world demanded was the management of criminals and cautionary transferees.

Criminals could be sentenced to forced labor. Those who had made a living from combat, such as adventurers, were primarily tasked with subduing monsters in newly settled areas.
On the other hand, cautionary transferees judged as dangerous during the initial education period at the Sky Temple or the Envirion Cathedral were sent here.

Crimes committed during the initial education period were not considered crimes according to the rules of this world. This rule was established on the basis that teleporters were suddenly thrown into an unfamiliar world, and there might be incidents until they adapted.
Those who committed crimes during this period received cautionary evaluations, mainly for rough behavior. Therefore, those sent here as cautionary teleporters were treated as virtual criminals.

Akira Kohinata was thus sent here to the Adventurer’s Guild Autonomous Territory.

…I’ll kill them someday.

It didn’t really matter. These people clear the forest and start with road construction in the pioneering area. To transport goods further from the base, they need roads first. It’s a damn irritating story. I, who was sent to this remote place, am forced every day, every single day, to work on road construction.

“Hey! Get heat into it!”

An old man with a damn useless spirit, a killable character, who just made him want to punch him with his stinking breath, instructed him as if he was the site supervisor.

He disliked the fact that, at the time of discovering his abilities, the power to manipulate heat derived from the characteristics of his guardian spirit required physical contact to be activated. However, through exploration with Domoto and understanding its effectiveness, he eventually grew fond of this specialized heat reaction.
This heat reaction, induced by elevating the vibration frequency of substances, brought about intriguing responses when he heated his entire body. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this power was severely restricted by a bothersome collar.

Currently, this unique ability was solely dedicated to melting asphalt. Every day. Every single day. It was an utterly tedious narrative. Just melting the damn asphalt every single day.

Kill me.

In this place, he wasn’t allowed to hunt monsters, climb the Ladder, or even get stronger. Was there nothing but misery here?

Wasn’t he, along with Domoto and the others, supposed to reign supreme in this world???

Why was he in such a situation?

Anger perpetually swirled within his heart.


His anger seemed to have persisted since the divine light bathed him upon transferring. Initially, it felt like something prickly had settled in the center of his heart — an insignificant irritation that gradually asserted its presence whenever something displeased him.

I’ll kill them.

First, there was Kusunoki Shigeto, the advisor of the kendo club. He didn’t like him.
He heard from a senior in middle school that a teacher from their high school had participated in the Inter-High tournament. The senior said, “Our school has an amazing teacher.” Taking that to heart, he enrolled in the same high school.
As expected, the kendo club advisor was an excellent teacher. He rapidly improved his skills within the club, intending not to lose to Domoto. Surrounded by a good team, he was enthusiastic about participating in the Inter-High tournament next year.

…But then came the sudden transfer of the teacher. In his place, an inexperienced advisor took over. He couldn’t forgive it. Always grinning and seemingly indifferent to the students’ feelings. Damn it.

The same man was transferred to this world with him. In terms of rankings and abilities, he was a complete mob. Despite Domoto asserting that there were no teacher-student relationships in this world, he stubbornly clung to the role of a damn teacher, desperately maintaining his dignity. His irritating appearance always fueled his anger.

I’ll kill her.

Next was Yuzuki.
Yuzuki, a childhood friend who lived across the street his since childhood. They spent all their years together, from kindergarten to high school. He had been in love with Yuzuki since he could remember. That may have been inevitable. When Yuzuki started learning naginata in elementary school, he joined the kendo class to compete.

By the time they entered the same high school, the naginata dojo had closed due to the instructor’s old age. Thinking that Yuzuki could use her experience, he invited her to join the kendo club.
Being in the same school and the same club made him incredibly happy. There were no complaints. However, one thing always bothered him. It was Domoto from the same kendo club. He was good-looking, skilled in kendo, and excelled in studies — a flawless man. He had always worried that Yuzuki might fall for Domoto. Finally, around their third year, he mustered the courage to confess.
Yuzuki hesitated initially, but after several heartfelt confessions, she finally nodded.

That’s when it happened.

He didn’t like that he had chastised Kusunoki, who didn’t like what he had done. They said his everyday language was rough, that he wasn’t kind to Yuzuki. He was selfish. It irritated him. In the position of being the one who fell for her first, he was clearly trying to assert dominance.

He couldn’t forgive that.

Without realizing it, he had raised his hand.

…Was raising his hand unforgivable? Was he the one at fault? What was he saying? Wasn’t he the one in the wrong? In the world’s common sense, if you do something wrong, you should be punished. He was not wrong. That’s why he sent her flying. To a place full of only monsters. He chuckled.

He wasn’t at fault.

He wasn’t at fault.


He was the one at fault.

Yes, it was Domoto who betrayed him.
Even though they promised to dominate together.
Become decent and come to visit him… was that it?

He sneered.

He dared to make a fool out of him.


He would go visit him.

And then, see who was stronger.


Watch closely!

He wasn’t a person who would smolder in a place like this.

Without fail.

Without fail.
Damn you…

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I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

Saikyō rankingu ga aru i sekai ni seito-tachi to shūdan ten'i shita kōkō kyōshi no ore, mobu kara ken hijiri e to nariagaru, 最強ランキングがある異世界に生徒たちと集団転移した高校教師の俺、モブから剣聖へと成り上がる
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Suddenly, Shigeto Kusunoki was transported to another world with several students. It was a world where transplanted people came from various worlds. The abilities given by God at the time of transfer were easier to adapt to for young people, and the 30-year-old protagonist didn’t get much in the way of abilities. Treated as a mob, and having lost his place in the world, he survives with a single sword, using skills he brought from his original world. And in this world, there existed a competitive ranking system for the strongest.



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