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I, a high school teacher, was transferred with my students to another world Volume 2 Chapter 58

Yazzak's Kindness

The next day, I accompanied three individuals who were saying, “Let’s climb the Ladder again!” along with the road maintenance team.


Today, Stroman-san joined us. It was quite surprising that the number two of Dudur Valley often accompanied us in our Ladder climbing. But it seemed that Stroman-san himself also wanted to climb a little higher on the Ladder.

That was understandable. Becoming stronger was a clear benefit of climbing the Ladder. The disadvantages of climbing were far fewer.


However, Stroman-san was already on the 8th Ladder Step. He said it was a distant story about when he would climb next, but it was only natural that nothing would change if we didn’t move forward step by step.

In fact, the state soldiers here had a higher average Ladder Step compared to other armies because they fought monsters on a daily basis.


“Come to think of it, the other day Yazzak-san bound Sid with magic, but isn’t that amazing?”

“Yeah, immobilizing someone with a ranking in the three digits seems quite challenging.”

“As expected… he’s truly worthy of being the town’s representative.”

“Isn’t he the best magician in the state army?”


“He might even surpass General Camilla…”



Despite his humble demeanor and always smiling politely… I secretly sighed. Looks could be deceiving.




We finished the hunt without any issues that day. Nishina complained that he couldn’t seem to climb to the 3rd Step, but if it were so easy to climb, this world would be filled with nothing but strong individuals.


When I went to report the materials collected to the state army’s office, I was told to drop by Yazzak’s room. I left Nishina and the others in charge and visited Yazzak’s room.


“Excuse me.”

“Ah, I’m sorry for summoning you… Normally, I should go, but I thought it might not be suitable for others to overhear…”


Even after hearing about Yazzak being considered the strongest in the state army, I still couldn’t perceive his strength from this humble attitude. But still, there must have been something he couldn’t talk about openly…


“Yes, please don’t worry. So, what’s the matter?”

“Well, after hearing about Sensei Shigeto’s story yesterday, I did some research…”

“Ah, about the boy?”

“Yes, apparently, it was originally an inn.”

“Yes, it did seem like that kind of building.”


As I said that, Yazzak-san looked a bit awkward.


“So, um… I think the current accommodations for Sensei are inadequate for a Celestial.”

“Huh? No, no. I’ve been spending my time without any problems at all.”

“Is that so? Well, that’s good, but I’ve been thinking…”


“It’s just that… allowing Sensei and everyone else to stay in that inn… I don’t mean to evict them or anything, but, um, if we assume that everyone will stay there, we could rent it as one of the state army’s dormitories and repair the building ourselves…”

“I-I see…”


Oh no… Yazzak-san was just too kind. Despite his position, he must have been considering how to help us since yesterday, even though he had to maintain his official stance. I couldn’t thank him enough. And considering Vito, who had been living alone in that house… I thought it might be a positive change for him if we all lived together.




“But even if we were fine with it, wouldn’t it be a nuisance for Vito to suddenly have strangers in his home?”

“I asked about it when Vito came to help in the cafeteria today.”

“Huh? That’s… fast…”

“Sorry, I acted on my own. But, it was agreed upon, so there shouldn’t be any issues. It’s up to Sensei’s… feelings now.”


Oh… this was an unexpected opportunity. I was sure the students would also agree.


“And leaving a little girl like that alone in such a small house is a concern, too.”



“Wait, a little girl?”

“Isn’t she?”

“Huh? No, Vito is… a boy, right?”

“Huh? No, she’s a girl.”



Now that I thought about it, I’d always treated her as a boy… but looking at it now, she did kind of look like a girl. Well, that was a bit rude to say.




I immediately go to ask the students and find them waiting for me to finish talking to Yazzak-san at the counter.


After explaining quickly, they all agree without hesitation.


“Alright! Finally, our home!”

“Well, it’s not a home, though.”

“Hotel, hotel~”

“No, it’s not a hotel either.”

“We’ll finally be in the same room as Sensei…”

“Huh? No no, there are private rooms though.”


…For now, since it seems fine with the three of them, I quickly convey our consent to Yazzak-san. The state army has its own plans, so I’m not sure if we can act immediately, but Camlog-san, who had mixed Noin blood, will be leading the repairs of the inn.

(TLN: I’m not sure if this Camlog appeared before, I don’t remember, I tried searching all name variations but nothing popped up and it’s also not only my character list… the name is familiar tho…)


“Thank you very much again.”

“No, no. Keeping those with the blessings of Sensei and the Great Spirits cramped in such a cramped inn for so long was troubling for us too… so we’re relieved.”

“No, no, it’s nothing like that.”


However, it’s understood that it will take some time to inspect the site, plan the repairs, and actually carry out the repairs. Well, it’s only natural. Even so, the only building currently under construction is the church in the center of the town. Since the church has craftsmen sent directly from Wilbrand, the state army only assists to some extent.

Thinking about it, it might mean that they have some free hands.


By the way, the church is a business approved by the Wilbrand Church, which is common to all countries in this world. Almost every town and village in this world has a church.


“Well, if there’s only one religion, churches should be accepted without any problem.”

“Yes, but well… with this many people, various ways of thinking will emerge.”

“Huh? …Even though the presence of God is so close. Are there still people who don’t recognize it?”

“Yes, well, there aren’t many.”


Yazzak-san hesitates a bit, but he thinks it’s better to tell us. He talks about people who hold beliefs that don’t acknowledge God.


In simple terms, there’s a belief in this world that humans were brought here by God later. Humans who drive away demon races like the indigenous people and expand their living areas are considered pests. There are people who think that way.


It’s easy to imagine something like radical environmental protection groups on Earth… but that’s not a religion.

Still, it’s important to know that there are people with various beliefs.


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I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

Saikyō rankingu ga aru i sekai ni seito-tachi to shūdan ten'i shita kōkō kyōshi no ore, mobu kara ken hijiri e to nariagaru, 最強ランキングがある異世界に生徒たちと集団転移した高校教師の俺、モブから剣聖へと成り上がる
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Suddenly, Shigeto Kusunoki was transported to another world with several students. It was a world where transplanted people came from various worlds. The abilities given by God at the time of transfer were easier to adapt to for young people, and the 30-year-old protagonist didn’t get much in the way of abilities. Treated as a mob, and having lost his place in the world, he survives with a single sword, using skills he brought from his original world. And in this world, there existed a competitive ranking system for the strongest.



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