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I, a high school teacher, was transferred with my students to another world Volume 2 Chapter 65

Future Prospects

As I ate, I couldn’t help but feel like the scene from just a while ago was from a completely different world. It was an exchange that would be unimaginable for a Japanese person. Since it was lunchtime, I headed straight to the cafeteria. I spoke to Mainui, who was not paying any attention to the two.


“Spellsess-san, how can I say… he’s strange.”

“Hehe, yes indeed. But there are often eccentric people among the intelligent ones.”

“I kinda get what you mean. Even Regres-san gives off a similar vibe… They might get along.”

“Yes, he’s quite an intriguing person too, isn’t he?”


Still, it seemed that Mainui-san had quite a bit of trust in Spellsess. She was happily devouring a mountain of food, seemingly reassured about Regres. Watching her like that, I couldn’t help but think that she must have been even more slender in the past, she must have been much thinner and beautiful, the kind of woman who was known as the Spear Princess.




“That’s rude, you know.”

“Oh, y-yeah.”
“I can’t believe you’re staring at other women right in front of me…”

“Huh? Me? Well…”

“Of course.”



After that, we finished our meal and went outside to find nearby monsters for Mera’s meal. While the two of them were still drinking, we quietly headed into the forest.


It’s been about a month since Mera was born. Lately, she’s been getting a bit leaner. She’s still not capable of flying yet, but she’s no longer as round as she was when she was just a chick.


Despite being a Firebird, Mera seems to enjoy bathing in water. After eating, we let her bathe in the river flowing near the town.



“Brr… It’s cold~”


As soon as we reached the river, the students immediately took off their shoes and jumped into the water. Perhaps because it flows down from the mountain, the chilly water felt refreshing. However, despite being close to the town, we were outside the city walls. Although the monsters appearing here weren’t particularly strong, it was better to be cautious. So, I sat on a large rock by the riverbank and watched the students playing joyfully.


Seeing Mera getting deeper into the water, Kimishima followed her to prevent her from going too far. Kimishima also entered the river. She rolled up the cuffs of her pants to avoid getting wet, and her slender white legs splashed water as she walked.


While watching them, I couldn’t help but be conscious of Kimishima. I wondered what to do about my feelings.


Nevertheless, seeing these innocent children playing like this felt refreshing. If we were in Japan, they would still be in their adolescence. Suddenly, they were thrown into this different world. Before fully enjoying their adolescence, they were treated as adults, as if undergoing a coming-of-age ceremony.

This town is rural and lacking in amenities, but perhaps it’s a good place if we can have moments like this.


When we returned to the town, the two were still enjoying themselves, chatting happily while drinking. The atmosphere seemed pleasant. Seeing several water flasks lying around, which were probably filled with alcohol, I realized that they had more than a few drinks. We decided to keep our distance and headed into the town.

The next morning, as we were having breakfast in the dining hall, Spellsess and Mainui approached us.


“Good morning.”

“Good morning.”


Spellsess, with slightly sleepy eyes, holding a plate with only vegetables, sat down at our table.


“Yesterday, Regres and I decided on our future plans.”

“Reg-san? And?”

“Yes. Well, you can trust him. So, those three will be trained by Mainui and me.”


I see, the two from the Federation will train the students. …Huh? Then what about me? Just as I was thinking that, Kimishima asked a question.


“Um, what about Sensei?


Spellsess, smiling slyly in response to the question.


“I’ll leave Shigeto to Regres.”

“Is it okay for me to go with him?”

“I’ll ask Regres to take care of Shigeto, and Shigeto will go to the hinterland. Yes, if you can use up your magic power after five draws, it’s most efficient to let you face advanced monsters.”

“That makes sense… I also…”

“Although it would be better if we could climb a few more steps on the Ladder and be able to fight advanced ones, I’m sorry, but for now, you’ll still be a bit of a burden.”



Kimishima fell silent at Spellsess’s words, unable to argue.

Seeing her like that, Spellsess softened his tone like a grandfather and spoke to her gently.


“But, we’ll do it soon. We’ll raise you up to a decent level soon. Once your ranking reaches four digits, you’ll become a somewhat useful force even in the zone where advanced monsters reside. It’s just a matter of patience until then.”


“And if there’s a risk that Shigeto is targeted by the Five Storms or others, it’s better to raise his Ladder as high as possible.”



I see… I’m going back to the hinterland again. Certainly, even if I run out of energy, Regres will be there. I feel that way. Nishina and Sakuragi also seem to agree with this plan. When it comes to magic, Spellsess, who holds the title of a sage, can be trusted. Mainui is also a famous knight in her own right.


And what Stroman handed me… was a reminder of those days, a portable food item. The case was slightly different, but it was probably something similar.


…So that means…


“Are we staying overnight?”

“Since it takes several days just to travel to the hinterland.”

“…I see.”


Ugh. Now that I’ve gotten used to the narrow futon in the dormitory, I feel a little reluctant to go camping again. But if I don’t get stronger, not only myself but also the students around me will be in danger.


“Even if the Five Storms were to come, we still have time.”

“Are they really coming?”

“I don’t know, but there are many others with ambitions besides them.”

“…I suppose so.”

“When such replacements occur, the beginning is crucial. A Celestial might have just won by chance. Skilled individuals who think that way will emerge. If we can repel them, it will spread the word that this one was indeed strong. Then, the unnecessary risks will decrease.”


The beginning, huh. I need to strengthen my heart as well.


Today, we’re going for Ladder climbing again, so we’re prepared. After finishing our meal, we headed to the town gate.


The three students boarded the pack animal cart, and I rode on Regres’s Jenuin. I was nervous when I first rode a Hippod, but once I tried it, its broad back was comfortable. Thanks to its six legs, there was hardly any swaying. The harness originally used to carry luggage could be used as a backrest, making it even more comfortable.


As we approached the unrepaired part of the road, the students got off the pack animal cart along with the workers repairing the road.


“…Make sure you listen to what Spellsess-san and Mainui-san say.”

“We understand.”

“Don’t do anything reckless. Your lives are more important than anything else.”

“We’ll be fine.”

“I see… Kimishima, I’m counting on you to take care of everyone.”

“Sensei, please take care too.”



As Kimishima looked at me with slightly moist eyes, my heart was suddenly shaken. I felt the desire to embrace her if I were allowed. I suppressed my feelings and took a deep breath.


…But at this point, I had no choice but to trust everyone.


As I finished my farewell greetings, Regres urged Jenuin forward.

And so, my Ladder climbing training camp began.


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I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

I, a High School Teacher, Was Transferred With My Students to Another World, Where There Is a Ranking for the Strongest, Rising From a Mob to a Sword Saint

Saikyō rankingu ga aru i sekai ni seito-tachi to shūdan ten'i shita kōkō kyōshi no ore, mobu kara ken hijiri e to nariagaru, 最強ランキングがある異世界に生徒たちと集団転移した高校教師の俺、モブから剣聖へと成り上がる
Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Artist: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Japanese
Suddenly, Shigeto Kusunoki was transported to another world with several students. It was a world where transplanted people came from various worlds. The abilities given by God at the time of transfer were easier to adapt to for young people, and the 30-year-old protagonist didn’t get much in the way of abilities. Treated as a mob, and having lost his place in the world, he survives with a single sword, using skills he brought from his original world. And in this world, there existed a competitive ranking system for the strongest.



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