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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World Chapter 9

Monument Stone (4)

When the notice was posted that if one becomes a Sub-Manager, they would have a chance to meet me.

Honestly, there was not even a slight feeling of having a grand plan or a significant announcement after much consideration.


It was just a thought that maybe boosting morale once in a while, like a year-end party for a small gathering, would be nice.

This year, three precious parts were broken.

Even if it’s a broken gear, it might roll occasionally-. I thought to leave it alone for now, but it meant something to me.


Even if you receive criticism for favoritism or pointing fingers, you still need some incentive.

Otherwise, like an owl, freedom will be sought and left behind.

But for now, there was nothing decided, so it was just a light-hearted post meaning ‘maybe something good will happen?’.


I never expected such a response, no, such a wave at all.



[If it’s fixed, will the Administrator personally go on a date?]


Since the establishment of the forum, without revealing the name or voice and living in secret,

So, there’s someone like Administrator who never even touched someone’s hand, but he says he’ll come and date me?

How can I endure this?


— I immediately applied.


— A date with Administrator in exchange for erasing tactical nuclear weapons for 24 hours… … The hostage is so fucking strong haha.

— Even if there’s a limit to anonymity, you have to do it.

— Everything’s fine, but who said the Administrator is a woman?

ㄴ If Administrator isn’t a woman, what else could it be?

ㄴ Isn’t the forum Administrator my husband? It’s so complicated.



[What kind of offline meeting is it? It’s not like they’re giving money, and who would fall for that and become an unpaid sl*ve if they’re in their right mind?]


But if you command me to be the shepherd who receives your divinity, I will gladly turn the stigma of madness upside down.

Please accept my cross.


— The Divine School is already worshipping the Administrator.

— cult

ㄴ Regular worship sudden sighting

— I worship Goat

— You should say that even if you’re punished by the Holy Spirit

ㄴ Yeah, I’m more scared of Ben than heavenly punishment~



[But seriously, if I can see your face once, it’s worth being fixed]


Even if you give me a hundred million, there won’t be a chance to meet the Tower Master, but giving up climbing for a year and getting advice to raise the magical hierarchy would be a jackpot.


— ㄹㅇ Seriously, I can’t eat this.

— They didn’t say anything about where exactly lol. You might have to go all the way to the top of the Magic Tower?

— It might not be a year

ㄴ It might not be the Tower Master lol



[Guys, but is a Sub-Manager selected at random from among applicants?]


I happened to help a grandmother struggling with a wheelchair on the 22nd floor stairs today, and as a reward, I received 300 Witch Notes.

If I apply from all of them, can I become a Sub-Manager?


— Oh, would it work lol

— Introduce me to her too.

— Grandma, how did you get up to the 21st floor? lol

— You have to be careful now. If you don’t become a Sub-Manager, all that will turn into a mess.

ㄴ It’s already a mess. It’s a shame haha.

— This one’s gonna get benched soon.



The Witch Note vibrated at a high level, and notifications came in non-stop.

The comments on the post were almost close to a thousand, plastered with ‘hands’, and the page count increased every time you refreshed.


“Hey, did you see the notice that just went up?”

“They’re selecting a Sub-Manager? If that happens, will they really meet the Tower Master?”

“I don’t know, just apply for now.”

“Even though the Intelligence Department mentioned pulling out their sword at the last Round Table, they’re bold.”

“So, it must be the Tower Master. Even the high-ranking magician can sometimes directly confront and destroy.”


No, then I’ll die. Although I appreciated the compliment that made my head itch, I felt uncomfortable deep down.

Because of the notice I posted, the atmosphere of Vina’s lecture was disrupted in an instant.

Since the assistants didn’t participate in the class, while having time, I wrote a post, but the attention of the trainees was completely diverted to recruiting the Sub-Manager.


She was already disappointed by the lack of people at her first lecture, so if this further undermines her confidence…



— MeteorIsIceMagic: Administrator, I want to be a Sub-Manager too.

— MeteorIsIceMagic: Right now, hand over all the power you have to me.

— MeteorIsIceMagic: Please, Administrator.

— MeteorIsIceMagic: Are you watching? Administrator? Administrator?



My worries were unfounded as such a thing did not happen.

Since the person herself was sending messages most enthusiastically.






“Miss Vina, by any chance, do you know about this symbol?”


After the lecture, I asked Vina about the mark carved on Mariel’s body.

As a pure-blooded magician who was born and raised in the Magic Tower, she responded immediately with an uncomfortable tone after looking at my poor drawing.


“This is ‘Mystery’.”


“Exactly, it’s a fragment of Mystery. Do you remember when I mentioned about trick techniques during my first lecture?”

“I remember.”

“At that time, I called it forbidden techniques, but they are a kind of Mystery. You can understand it as the seasons possessed by each of the seven schools in the Magic Tower.”


In simple terms, to magicians, Mystery was a concept like a unique ability that comes with a specific occupation when they change professions.

When entering the sacred faction, there’s Divine School, which fulfills wishes through prayers to the Holy Spirit.

In the case of the Astrology School, there’s ‘Libra with a Price’, which increases the power of magic by offering what one possesses to Libra.

The ‘Spirit Mark’ that I first thought of when seeing the symbol was also a Mystery of the Spirit School.


When a trainee enters as a disciple of a School, they receive Mysteries to master the magic handled by that faction.

Since it’s impossible to master two Mysteries, one had to choose carefully.


“Do you know what kind of Mystery it is?”

“It’s only a very small part, so it’s impossible to understand the origin just by this. However, looking at the revealed magical formula and form, it seems to have the properties of ‘principle’ and ‘tower’.”


Asserting that it’s impossible to confirm exactly what ability it is, Vina added one warning.


“All Mysteries should originally be stored in the form of sacred books. Mysteries that have been refined by exceptional magicians for a long time serve as the foundation of great schools, but if they fall into the hands of the unworthy, there is a risk of leading the world to destruction.”

“I see.”

“If left alone, other dark magicians may target them, or they may attract attention from the royal family. I should ask the librarian to retrieve it. Where did you see this?”

“Well… It’s been a long time, so I don’t remember well. I just remembered and asked.”


It was just a thing that happened early this morning, and even now, it was ingrained in my mind to the point where I could recall it vividly, but I casually brushed it off.

Whether it was a fragment of Mystery or a navigation tool, appointing a Sub-Manager to manage the forum was a hundred times more important to me.



ID: SuperGeniusBlondeGirl

Post: 634

Comments: 3467


List of Written Posts – Latest to Oldest

[Is there a store on the 1st floor that sells magic potions for memory loss?]

[The time when there are the fewest people in front of the monument stone in the main square]

[Exploring the Dark Forest is the worst, the mindset of the nobles makes me sick]

[Doesn’t the signal work well in the forest? I’m already alone, but the connection keeps…]



Even amidst many users sending me messages, Mariel didn’t express any desire to wear the badge.

In that case, it would have been fine to gladly bestow the badge on her, who had already passed the final test with flying colors.

Although I hadn’t confirmed her intentions yet, it was clear that she would be overjoyed.


‘Wait, but…’



Why is she alone in the forest?





The Dark Forest, one of the undeveloped areas on the 1st floor, is a place that every apprentice must pass through at least once during their first year.

This is because it is good to experience the environment of the Magic Tower, where time and space are distorted, and there is a fog similar to the ‘Great Labyrinth’ on the 10th floor.


To facilitate quick adaptation, professors occasionally push novices into the Dark Forest.

This time, we had to collect herbs used in potions and move to the portal on the opposite side of the forest leading to the main square.


“It’s cold and dark.”


Although it was a group project where four people had to pair up, Mariel was walking alone in the forest.

The other team members had already finished the task at the start.


No School in the Magic Tower upholds fairness when climbing the tower.

The evaluation criteria are simply ‘having herbs’ and ‘gathering at the main square’.

In other words, whether it’s at the auction house or the black market, as long as you can get your hands on herbs, the task was considered complete.


‘Oh~ Now that I think about it, we already prepared the materials~.’

‘But Mariel-nim hasn’t, right?’

‘Do you want to go to the auction house now? I don’t know if you can find any because the stock might be depleted, but it’s better than going into the forest alone.’

‘Or, it would be a good idea to find the others who entered first, bow your head, and ask them for a favor.’


Mocking laughter mixed with words of contempt that I heard when we arrived at the entrance of the forest.

Despite the insidiousness of the nobles, who seemed to be following orders as if they had received instructions, Mariel paid no heed to them.




[Since it’s a rare occasion, I’ll share my shining eyes]


Even in the Dark Forest, beauty remains the same


— Another failed concept

— Is anything visible when it’s so dark?

ㄴ SuperGeniusBlondeGirl: That’s because your future is equally dark.

— What’s the point? I don’t want to catch this kind of gal chat.



In this harsh reality, she had a sanctuary on the forum.

There were no nobles who ignored her here, nor were there those who looked down on her for not receiving proper noble education due to her family’s downfall from an early age.

Of course, there were those who sent disdainful glances, saying her manner of speaking was strange, but she could easily overcome them with her eloquence.

As long as she had this small-sized Witch Note in her hands, even the Dark Forest, where monsters could spring out at any moment, didn’t seem scary.


‘No, it’s not scary because I’m following ‘principles’.’


Anyway, she was grateful to the person who created this forum.

He was the one who created the only place to find comfort in the Magic Tower, where there is no one to rely on except the supervisor who fixes her room.


Though Mariel didn’t praise him as openly as some users did, she also considered him remarkable.

Sometimes, when he jumped into the fight forum with his alt-account, seeing him treat numerous monsters with respect and politeness every time made her feel even more respectful.

His inexhaustible magical prowess, as well as the affection revealed in managing the forum, were beyond the level that an ordinary person could possess.


Even though his identity was unknown, but he was definitely a more noble and learned person than anyone else on the forum.



[User ID blocked by Administrator: SuperGeniusBlondeGirl]


[Duration: 999 days]


[Reason: Congratulations – You’ve won]





Until a little while ago, that’s what she thought.


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I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

I Became the Master of the Magic Tower in Another World

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