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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 10

Please Save My Brother (1)

Early morning.

Sena and Astria were having a slight struggle.


“It’s okay.”


Astria said irritably. This darn physician has no idea about etiquette.


“You took medicine yesterday. So, I need to check your condition.”


“You can just check my pulse or something like usual.”


“Well, there are things that need to be seen with the naked eye.”


Astria glanced at Sena, slightly biting her lip. Sena, without yielding, stared back with a firm face.


White skin, blue eyes like a lake. Astria, seeing those innocent eyes she had never seen before in her life, lost her words.




In the end, Astria lost in the staring contest. Sena said contentedly,


“Alright, hurry up and take it off.”


“Y-you’re outrageous!”


Sena tried to forcibly undress Astria by grabbing her pajama top. Astria quickly grabbed her clothes and turned away.


“No, I’m your doctor. It’s okay.”


“I-I’m not okay!”


A physician trying to undress the Empress!


Astria’s confusion was something that happened maybe once a year. And now was that time.


However, no matter how weakened Astria was, it was impossible for Sena to overpower her.


Sena, chuckling, lifted one corner of his mouth and said playfully.


“Hehe, I see. You’re embarrassed? Your Majesty was a woman too.”




‘How dare this little punk.’


With furrowed brows, Astria glared at Sena with an angry face.


“When did I ever say I’m embarrassed? Look.”


And confidently, she let her clothes down.




To the extent that her collarbone was partially visible.

In a word, it was futile.


Sena let out a faint sigh and quickly put back Astria’s pajamas.


Astria looked away, her face flushed.


“Your right arm and shoulder. And both thighs have bruises. Did you swing a sword?”


“I only swung it once.”


“Your Majesty’s body is in a very weak condition. It’s difficult if you move like this. Please be careful from now on.”


She couldn’t show weakness in front of Granz.


Even if she used magic to deceive, a knight like Granz would notice.


Astria had no choice but to show the strength of her body with pure physical strength.


“…Is that all?”


“I’ll apply some herbs.”


Sena applied crushed herbs to Astria’s body. It felt extremely cold, causing Astria to shrink.


‘How dare someone do this to me.’


In fact, according to Astria’s original temperament, it wouldn’t be strange if Sena’s head fell off ten times.


The nickname “tyrant” was not obtained solely because of the incident when she ascended to the throne. Even afterward, Astria showed an attitude that was almost ‘insane’.


But strangely, it wasn’t easy for Sena to behave like that. Perhaps every action felt like it was for himself.


“Now it’s done.”


After applying the medicine, Sena wrapped bandages around and then properly dressed her.


And then, at that moment, Sena’s hand caught Astria’s eye.


Red burn marks that seemed to scream at first glance. There were also slight scratches.




Astria grabbed Sena’s wrist and asked with a serious look.


“What’s this?”


“…Huh? It’s just a slight burn.”


“While you can’t just pass by someone else’s bruises, you don’t even properly heal your own wounds?”


Astria was incredulous, even angry. Sena’s injuries were worse than her own bruises.


But she didn’t even notice a common bandage.


Of course, Astria didn’t know that putting a bandage on such a minor burn could actually hinder natural healing.


But seeing how upset Astria looked, Sena remained silent.


“How did you get hurt?”


“I… hit myself with a pot.”


“A pot? Did you boil it yourself?”


“W-well, yeah.”


Astria stood up with genuine anger.


“Sena Birkender.”


“Why are you suddenly…? You’re scaring me by using my full name.”


She grabbed Sena’s wrist and pulled him over. Sena hesitated halfway and sat down half-heartedly. Astria looked fiercely down at Sena.


‘Did I push you too hard?’


At times like this, when death seems imminent.


Astria spoke in a chilling voice.


“If you don’t choose a personal maid by the end of today…”


Getting closer with her face, she spoke with a rhythmic accent.


“I won’t take any medicine from now on.”


Sena was taken aback.


…Is this what they call a threat, Your Majesty?




“What kind of maid do you prefer?”


Sena walked with Betty. Astria had ordered Betty to find a maid because she was about to lose her temper.


‘Even though it’s only three days away.’


He really didn’t feel like it. But since the Empress had said so, there was no choice.


“Well, I’m a healer, so I’d like someone with at least basic knowledge.”




“Yeah. It would be nice if they could read and write.”


Well, it’s better to choose properly since they’re already choosing.


“I think everyone can read and write. After all, this is the royal palace.”


“Is that so? Then it doesn’t matter who it is.”


‘Oh, now that I think about it.’


The maids he met in the corridor yesterday came to mind.


Since they appealed to be chosen, maybe they would be good?


“Then, choose a maid you like. It’s roll call time anyway.”


‘Is this an army or what.’


About 30 maids stood in formation.


Betty approached the head maid and bowed. The head maid greeted her warmly. Betty whispered something to her.


-That person?




-My my. Such a pity to die with such a face.


‘…I can hear everything.’


Maybe it’s because he’s known as the tyrant’s physician, but the treatment was harsh. Well, considering that only five physicians have died so far, it’s not surprising.


“Everyone, pay attention.”


The head maid clapped her hands and focused everyone’s attention.


“This person is the new physician of Her Majesty. He’s looking for a new maid, any volunteers?”


The maids just murmured and no one stepped forward.


‘Well, he’s going to die soon anyway, isn’t he?’


But surely no one would step forward.


Sena felt a pang in his heart!


‘Those maids I saw back then were unusual.’


In the world, there are people who are okay as long as they have a pretty face.


Sena had no intention of forcing someone he didn’t want. He carefully examined the maids.


But the maid he saw at that time was nowhere to be found.


“Are these all the maids here?”


When he asked Betty, she nodded.


“Yes. Unless they have a specific duty, these are all of them.”


“Since we’re busy, can you choose quickly?”


The head maid said with a smiling face. Her words weren’t friendly at all, but still.


‘Even if you say that, if no one wants to, what can we do.’


Sena was also in a quandary. Everyone was looking down, probably afraid to meet his eyes.




Just as he was thinking about what to do.


A clumsy sound. Everyone’s gaze shifted to one side.


“How many times have I told you to fetch water quickly? Get out of sight now.”




Maids with buckets in hand, whimpering, were seen leaving.


The face looked familiar.


These was the maid he saw last time.






Sena’s face brightened. They must have been working somewhere. Luna was also there.


Sena pointed at the two of them.


“I’ll choose those two.”




The head maid covered her mouth in astonishment, and Betty said with a worried expression.


“Um, Sena-nim.”




“They probably can’t read or write.”


“…Is that so?”


Sena blinked. Serilda spoke confidently.


“But I have a good memory instead!”


And grabbing Luna’s shoulder, who was timidly looking at the ground, she said.


“This one can read and write!”


“Oh, is that so? Then it doesn’t matte—”


“What kind of insolence is this from you?”


Interrupting Sena, the head maid spoke.


Serilda awkwardly lowered her head.




“Stay on topic.”


‘…Who’s being insolent here?’


Even though it was their first meeting, Sena didn’t quite like the head maid.


“Excuse me, physician?”


The head maid approached with a smile.


“These two aren’t suitable.”




“Because they’re not maids.”


Sena looked at Serilda. Sweat was trickling down her forehead. Whether it was from fetching water or the situation, he wasn’t sure.




As the head maid spoke gently, Serilda awkwardly smiled and said:


“Yes, we’re not maids, we’re servants.”


‘Ah, I see.’


In medieval times, there was a difference between maids and servants.


Maids mainly assisted their masters. They fetched water, assisted with bathing, or attended to their masters’ needs during the night.


Servants performed simple household tasks like cleaning, laundry, or errands.


Most maids were nobles. Since this was the royal palace, most of the maids here were probably from noble families.


‘Anyway, what I need doesn’t require a maid.’


It was a matter of little concern to Sena.


“It’s fine. I’ll choose those two.”


“Ar-Are you serious?”


The head maid was extremely taken aback. Sena couldn’t understand why she was so shocked.


‘Why such a reaction when no one wanted to in the first place?’


Anyway, Sena had already made up his mind.




When he looked at Betty, she slightly lifted the corners of her mouth and bowed her head.


Unlike the head maid, it was a genuine smile from the heart.


“Yes, Sena.”


However, the head maid couldn’t accept it.


“It’s inappropriate. As the head maid, I must say it’s impossible.”


Sena just stared as if urging her to continue.


“As the physician, you serve Her Majesty. It’s unacceptable to assign a commoner instead of a noble to someone like her.”


By now, he was getting a little annoyed. He said he would, but they kept saying no.


But Sena smiled kindly without reddening his face. Anyway, as long as it’s not a servant, right?


“Then they’ll be maids from today.”


Sena is Cruyff’s adopted son.


And Cruyff was a priest, and before becoming a priest, he was ‘Marquis Birkender’.


Cruyff was already having a hard time because people around him were worried because a priest had a noble title.


When Sena was adopted by him, he suddenly threw the burden of being a ‘Marquis’ on Sena.


In other words, Sena was a noble with an official title.


He had every right to promote a servant to maid.


“From today, these two are maids. Maids of Marquis Birkender, officially.”


With the sudden promotion news, Serilda and Luna looked dazed.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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