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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 2

Terminal Life (1)

Sena, discovered at an orphanage, was an orphan.


No one knew his parents. There was just a baby crying in front of the orphanage one day.


Discovered late in the morning, the name ‘Sena’ was given, meaning ‘just before dawn’.


“Who’s that child?”


“Oh, that’s Sena. He’s our orphanage mascot. Isn’t he adorable?”


“What a cute child. And he’s incredibly talented, too.”


Sena was unusually shorter than his peers. But his talent was better than anyone else’s.


The talent referred to here was the talent of a ‘priest’. The one who first discovered it was a priest named Cruyff, who came to the orphanage for regular inspections.


“How about it? You can have something tastier if you come to church.”


It was a natural procedure to make a talented child a part of the Order.


The Order of Justitia. A religious group that even the emperor of the empire had to be cautious of. If chosen, there would be no greater blessing than that.


Sena was different.


“I don’t believe in religion.”




“Go preach somewhere else. But this is delicious. One more, please.”


Cruyff mentioned seeing such a disgusted expression on a child’s face for the first time.


So curiosity arose, and despite his busy schedule, he increased his visits to the orphanage from once every six months to once a week.


One day, Cruyff made this proposal to Sena.


“Be my disciple.”


Sena was 7 years old at the time.

An orphan born into a strange world.


Living without any background in the medieval era was very difficult.


Sena didn’t have much ambition and would be satisfied with an ordinary life, but he was beginning to realize that even that ordinary life would be impossible as an orphan in the medieval era.


So he accepted Cruyff’s proposal.



From Cruyff, he learned many things.


How to live in this world, basic knowledge, miscellaneous herbology, and unique diseases found only here.


But he didn’t teach Sena how to use the ‘holy magic’ he wanted to learn the most.


“Fake priest, teach me holy magic.”

“I have no knowledge of holy magic to teach you.”


‘That damn fake priest.’


If he really wanted to learn, he should enter the church or something.


Sena didn’t like religion anyway, and now he had grown even more disinterested.


Anyway, it would have been quite difficult without him. Despite calling him names, Sena was grateful enough to him.


On a personal level, he thought of him as a ‘father’.


Overall, time passed satisfactorily. No, it was even better than his previous life. Cruyff was a good person. The nuns at the orphanage were all good people too.


Except for one thing, except for the fact that his name sounded like a girl’s.

Even though he was an orphan, didn’t they give him too sloppy a name?


With only such trivial complaints, Sena realized that his childhood was quite happy.


Then Sena turned 15.


“Arrogant little brat. You’ll go to the academy starting tomorrow.”

“But I don’t want to.”

“A child should play with peers to be happy.”


Cruyff sent Sena to the ‘Academy’.


The Imperial Academy.

The best educational institution where the empire’s key talents gather.

Magic, swordsmanship, scholarship.

The best people in each field were invited as professors to teach the students.


Not only high nobles but also imperial royals attended this academy.


So it wasn’t easy for commoners to attend the academy.


Not only were the tuition fees astronomical, but those without high status had to have qualities that could be called ‘genius’ to attend.


“Is that him?”

“He’s actually Cruyff’s disciple.”


At that moment, Sena realized that his parent and mentor, Cruyff, was quite a remarkable priest.


With the recommendation of the high-ranking clergyman, he obtained the opportunity to learn at the academy.


“Is he really a commoner? What commoner has skin that fair?”

“Aww! He’s so cute!”


Life at the academy was somewhat enjoyable.

He made quite a few friends and met many precious connections.


“Thank you for saving me.”

“An accomplishment that no priest could achieve…”


Above all, at the academy, he learned a lot of knowledge that would be helpful for future treatments.


Thanks to that, he saved many people and healed many people.


That’s probably why. He couldn’t take care of his own body properly.




Third year at the academy.

With graduation just a year away.

Sena coughed up blood in the morning.


“W-What’s happening?”


His head was dizzy, and his chest felt tight.

At first, he thought it was fatigue.

As he washed his face and dried his hair—


Sena saw something strange.

It was a number. Just a number written above his head.




“Do I also have esotropia?”


At first, Sena thought his eyes were playing tricks on him.

But it didn’t take long for him to realize that the number represented his ‘lifespan’.


“Someone collapsed!”


A man walking down the street collapsed.

And that man died before Sena could even try to help him.


There was a number above that man too.

The man’s number was zero.




“So, the time given to me is….”


4 years, 6 months, and 5 days.

Sena realized that he was living on borrowed time.




On the way to the Imperial Chamber.

Chris looked back and asked.


“But Sena, why did you suddenly disappear from the academy?”


“Oh, that, um…”


‘Well, knowing that I’m living a terminal life, I couldn’t just calmly attend school.’


Sena evaded the question.


“Because it was boring.”


“It was boring?”




After realizing that he was terminally ill, Sena began to cherish each day.


It was inevitable. The academy was ultimately an educational institution. Since the same day would repeat, there was nothing else to do.


“I see. I enjoyed every day with you, Sena.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s because of you disappearing that I awakened. Now, haven’t I become the knight worthy of Her Majesty Empress Astria? Keep that in mind for the sake of other friends.”


Chris said softly as he opened the door to the grand alchemy chamber.


“Chloe was very sad. So was Seria.”


‘Such nostalgic names.’


Sena could only awkwardly smile.

Now, there were only 77 days left.

Meeting old friends in this situation would be a foolish thing to do.


“Just wait here.”


“What about you, Chris?”


“Her Majesty desires to be alone. So, I’ll guard this door, don’t worry. Remember the ‘female dormitory incident’?”


‘That was really dreadful…’


Although it was strange for him to say it himself, he looked quite handsome.


And because of that, he gained some popularity.

There was an incident (?) where a brawl broke out in the female dormitory due to treatment, and if it weren’t for Chris, who intervened at the risk of his life, it would have been a dreadful event.


“Of course, if Her Majesty requests it, I won’t be able to protect you.”


“Step on sh*t while walking home.”


“Once you become a master, you won’t ever step on sh*t while walking.”


With a smirk, Chris closed the door to the throne room.

Sena sighed and looked around the throne room. It was as magnificent as he had heard. Just taking the small ornaments on the wall would be enough to live off for a lifetime.


“Life is quite spectacular. After being kidnapped, to be dragged here by a tyrant….”


Anyway, if there is no estimate for treatment, he will run away.


If it’s something that can’t be fixed easily, he’ll run away.


Sena didn’t have time. He had helped many people over the years. For the last 77 days, he wanted to live a life for himself.


Maybe God would forgive even him for that.




As the door opened, Sena stood up.

He bowed his head and knelt on one knee.


“Raise your head.”


The voice of the tyrant was surprisingly gentle. Sena raised his head.


The bright sunlight.

The golden hair sitting in the wheelchair shone brilliantly.

She was, to an abnormal degree, a beautiful girl.


But – it was pitiful.

Her cheeks were sunken, and although she looked good in the sunlight now, her hair had lost its luster.


She was in critical condition.

Even without seeing the number [8] above her head, he could tell.


“It’s strange.”


The maid pushed the wheelchair cautiously.

The Empress’s gaze, devoid of its former radiance, swept over Sena.


“I am looking for a healer who will heal me. Not just a sl*ve skilled in nighttime activities.”


But her demeanor was as ominous as her words.

Her gestures, tone, and gaze were all imbued with majesty.


She looked like a girl who could drop dead at any moment, yet any futile action on Sena’s part would lead to his demise instead.




‘Wow, she’s really something.’


The form of Empress Astria was more severe than he had imagined. Cruyff, who never minced words, must have used the expression ‘critical’ for a reason.


“…I am Sena Birkender. Not a sl*ve.”


“Whether you’re a sl*ve or not doesn’t matter. Fix my leg. Then, I’ll fulfill any of your wishes. Noble status, all kinds of treasures, or even making you king of a neighboring country by bringing about its downfall. I can grant you anything.”


He understood why the priests accepted the Empress’s proposal even though they couldn’t help her.


It was an offer even for Sena, who would soon die. To be made king just for one successful treatment.


“May I check your condition?”


“Go ahead.”


Sena gently lifted the cloth wrapped around the Empress’s leg.


Her leg was entirely bandaged. Sena hesitated but then began to unwrap it.


‘…It seems like it’s just a simple sprain.’


But there was no way those priests couldn’t fix that.

There was something more. Something.


“Can you stand?”




“Could you walk from here to there?”


The maid by her side narrowed her eyes.


“That’s rude.”


“That’s enough.”


Astria raised her hand to stop her.


She slowly rose to her feet and moved.


She stumbled greatly, almost dragging her feet along the floor as she moved.


Her hand trembled slightly, with barely any change in her facial expression.


At first, Sena thought the lack of expression was just part of her nature, but such an absence of facial expression was indeed unnatural.


“Are you having trouble sleeping lately?”




“Do you feel discomfort in your limbs and easily get angry?”




“Is digestion difficult, and is it hard for you to pass stool?”


Astria paused for a moment before answering slowly.


“…It is as you say.”


Sena could be sure.


‘It’s Parkinson’s disease.’


A condition that causes a decline in motor function due to damage to dopamine cells.


Seeing the number above her head being 8 indicated the progression of the disease.


There are many ways to die from Parkinson’s. Heart attack, stroke, pneumonia, cancer, polyneuropathy…

The brain pathways are complex. If you touch even one thing wrong, it bursts.


“Can it be cured? My legs.”


If we speak frankly, that can be fixed.


Her legs, that is.


However, unless the underlying cause is treated, she won’t live much longer.


Then what will happen to me, who will be the Empress’s personal physician until then?


Naturally, I will be executed. This world is not so beautiful.


Swallowing hard, Sena thought.


‘Strange. I just diagnosed the Empress.’


Why is there a walking time bomb in front of him?


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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