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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 24

Old Friend (1)



As soon as Sena returned to his room, Serilda greeted him excitedly. Sena, taken aback by Serilda’s sparkling eyes, took a step back.


“Why are you like that…?”


“Didn’t you have a love affair with Her Majesty yesterday?”


Does the word “privacy” not exist within the palace?


It was just yesterday, and it was early morning now. But Serilda seemed to already know about it…!


“Sena-nim, are you going to become Her Majesty’s consort?!”


No, Her Majesty was sleeping. He had just bathed and gone to sleep. Besides, she hadn’t mentioned anything about it in the morning.


But her eyes were so full of expectation, it was a face he didn’t want to betray.


“Should I tell you?”


Sena turned mischievous and whispered to Serilda with a wicked expression. Serilda gulped nervously.


“Yes, yes…”


But when Sena actually started speaking, Serilda was taken aback. She had no immunity to such conversations.


Taking a step forward, Sena said meaningfully.


“It’s about Her Majesty….”


Gulp, Serilda swallowed saliva.


Indeed, Her Majesty was the lone star of this magnificent empire.


What might Her Majesty look like in bed? Sena was surely the only one who knew.




“… Yes?”


“What do you do with the patient?”


Serilda’s shoulders slumped in disappointment.


“Just do the cleaning.”





Sena recalled the morning’s events as he watched Serilda get the broom.


It was the morning after that awkward incident yesterday. Sena had been pondering what to say for the morning greetings, but those thoughts became meaningless fantasies.


-Your Majesty, it’s time to wake up.


It was Chris who had come all the way to the Empress’s bed in the morning.

He didn’t even flinch when he saw Sena, bowing and speaking calmly, but the expression on Chris’s face was incredibly solemn.


Because he had the expression of someone who was about to go to war.


-It took a long time for this day to come.


Even Astria’s response was somewhat unusual.


‘It doesn’t seem like an ordinary morning greeting.’


Although Astria had a curious expression that seemed to ask, ‘Aren’t you curious?’ Sena didn’t bother to inquire.


…It’s definitely not an ordinary event.


Above all, there was an important matter to attend to today.


“Where’s Luna? And Sylvia.”


“Luna is collecting the herbs you mentioned, Sena-nim, and Sylvia is training in the morning.”


“Oh? Still collecting herbs?”


“Among the herbs you mentioned, ‘Luden Grass’ seems hard to find.”


Luden Grass was a type of herb unique to this world. It bloomed on clean grounds rich in mana and had an ‘adaptive’ effect.


Like a living being, it automatically filled in the target’s deficiencies. Sometimes it enhanced the effectiveness of other herbs.


That’s why it was often used in compound medicines.

It was so rare that even Sena didn’t have high hopes. Therefore, he had left a note to either acquire it if available or return.


“Luna always works diligently, no matter what! She’d risk her life for any task you give her.”


“But there’s no need for her to go that far.”


It was starting to feel a bit burdensome. I told her to come back.


At that moment, Sena flinched. Luckily, Serilda, who was cleaning, didn’t notice.






Serilda stopped cleaning and turned to Sena. Sena awkwardly smiled and said.


“There might be a guest coming today.”


“A guest?”


“Yeah. Would you like to prepare for the reception?”


“May I ask who it is?”


“Yeah. A close friend. From my Academy days.”


“But if it’s for receiving guests, isn’t your room already prepared enough?”


“Black Tea from Rendel. I like that.”






Rendel. It was a name Serilda had never heard of.


“I’ll go out and buy it. How many should I prepare?”


“Prepare until the afternoon. Probably… for one person.”




After Serilda resolutely responded and left the room, Sena waved with a smile.


As soon as she left.


Sena closed the door with a strained expression.


Swoosh, his body collapsed against the door. Sena’s pupils dilated. He covered his mouth with his hand and coughed.




A considerable amount of blood seeped through his fingers.




His heart tightened, and he felt insanely suffocated.


He coughed as quietly as possible, but it only intensified the pressure on his lungs. He gripped his chest tightly.


Since earlier. Actually, since last night.


Sena endured the urge to cough up blood. It wasn’t just enduring; it was more like he couldn’t help it.


‘It’s coming soon. This is why my body…’


Chloe, Seria, Chris, and Sena.


These four were the closest friends at the Academy. They were always together, experiencing many things together.


When Sena left the Academy, he didn’t say a word to them. He had avoided the pursuit trying to find him.


Staying with Labella for a year had made it easier to avoid pursuit.


He didn’t want to meet them. From the moment he first thought of becoming Her Majesty’s personal physician, meeting those two was his greatest concern.


In the end, it turned out like this. In fact, he might have expected it from the moment he set foot in the capital. Even though wandering priest Seria probably didn’t know, he knew Chloe was also in the capital.


‘What should I say?’


Maybe she would get angry.


The Chloe Sena knew had a fiery personality. There was no restraint, and she always returned any harm received.


But, she was warm in that way.


No, not just her. Sena had built close relationships with many good people. Sylvia, Chris, Seria, and Chloe were all precious connections.


…That’s why he couldn’t say it.


With not much time left, after tomorrow, he would leave again.


The ball was coming.


After tomorrow, Sena wouldn’t be here.




“Just until tomorrow, please…”


Sena’s clear, clean eyes gradually lost their light.


“Let’s not get caught.”




‘What? Seriously?’




Several living armors broke.


Normally, fellow knights would joke around nearby while watching Sylvia’s training, but they were far away now.


Sylvia’s movements were unusually dangerous.


“What’s wrong with her?”


“She’s swinging like she wants to kill someone.”


“…Let’s run away today. No point in sparring and breaking bones.”


Sylvia shouted at the knights who were murmuring.


“What are you looking at!”


The knights flinched and ran away.


-What? Her Majesty and Senior had an affair?


-Yes! Looks like they had that kind of relationship!


-What kind of relationship is that supposed to be?


-Huh, why are you upset…! You’ll get in trouble with Sena.


Tears welled up in Sylvia’s eyes.


“Really, really, that bad man. Always flirting with girls.”


She gripped her sword so tightly her hand turned pale. All Sylvia could do right now was beat the training armor as if to kill it.


The living armor, emitting black smoke, looked particularly sad today.


Then, Sylvia sensed a presence and stopped swinging her sword. She sharply turned to the side. Serilda, dressed in a maid uniform and with a perplexed expression, was standing there.




“Umm, respected Lady Sylvia. May I ask you something?”


“I don’t want to.”


“P-Please! I’m in big trouble!”


Sylvia’s lips pouted slightly. Ignoring Serilda’s plea, she said.


“What did Senior say? I heard something happened yesterday.”


“Nothing happened. I was really hoping, though.”


Despite Serilda’s sagging shoulders, Sylvia’s complexion turned red.


“Oh really? Nothing at all happened? I see, I see.”


‘Does that mean… I still have a chance?’


Sylvia’s happiness circuit began to turn.


“So, what did you want to ask?”


Sylvia grinned. Serilda, taken aback by Sylvia’s sudden kindness, narrowed her eyes, but now wasn’t the time to worry about such things.


“Do you happen to know where to get black tea from Rendel?”






“Senior, it must be in his suitcase. He always hass plenty with him.”




“Surely Senior said that? ‘Get tea from Rendel’.”




Sylvia covered her mouth and burst into laughter.


Pffft, he tricked you. That’s a lie Senior often tells when he wants to be alone.”




Serilda was greatly shocked!


If that’s the case, why not just ask her to go out normally instead of lying?


“I miss it. I was tricked as well. When that happens, look at the top of his head.”


Sylvia pointed to her own head.


“The top of his head…?”


“Yes. When he lies, the hair on the top of his head stands up.”


Serilda said bluntly.


“No matter how stupid I may be, do you think I’d believe that?”


“…I feel bad. You said the same thing as me.”


Sylvia herself didn’t believe it at first.


How can human hair indicate lying?


But it’s true. While lying, the hair on this head really stands up as if alive.


“…Anyway, what should I do? Since he asked me to get it, I have to.”


“You don’t have to.”


“I have to!”


Serilda shook her head vigorously.


“How can I disobey my master’s words?”


“…Even if you don’t get it, Senior won’t say anything. He probably forgot what he said.”


“But still! He said a friend is coming. Lady Sylvia’s words may be right, but Sena’s expression was genuine.”


Sylvia’s eyes widened.


“A… friend?”






“I don’t know that yet. But… he said they were close friends. They were friends from the Academy.”




After a brief thought, several names came to Sylvia’s mind.


Sena knows many people, but he didn’t really get close to many.


If he said they were close friends, it would be Chris, Seria, and Chloe.


‘Senior Seria is such a strange person, so she wouldn’t be in the capital. Then, Senior Chloe?’


“In that case, I’ll at least go and look around the market! Thank you for letting me know!”


Serilda lifted her skirt and hurried off. Sylvia sighed briefly and sheathed her sword.


There were many questions. She would have to ask Sena when she meets him. It was time for work, and she still had a lot to do.


As she turned to head back to her lodging…


‘The monsters really come when I call.’


Chloe was standing there.


Looking somewhat pale, dressed in a black dress.


Sylvia felt apprehensive, but seeing Chloe’s troubled expression, she couldn’t help but approach.


Chloe was staring at the ground, seemingly lost in thought.


“Are you here to see Senior Sena?”


Sylvia asked, and Chloe slowly raised her head. Her eyes were swollen. She spoke in a half-broken voice.


“Lies, aren’t they?”




“Sena is here.”




“That’s right. Isn’t it strange? He’s not far away. It’s strange that he didn’t visit even once after becoming the personal physician. It’s too, too… cruel that he suddenly left without a word and came back without saying anything.”


Sylvia couldn’t say anything.


She was quite shocked too.


-Did Senior Chloe know?


-Of course. Do you think I’m… the same as you? The trust built up over time is different.


‘That was a lie.’


Sylvia lowered her eyes.


No matter how you look at it, that’s not right, Senior.


Surely, Senior Chloe would have been told something.


“Sena. Not anyone else, but Sena. Why would such a kind person be…?”


The relationship between Chloe and Sylvia was the worst.


From the Academy. And especially after Sena disappeared.


However, Sylvia couldn’t brush off Chloe’s hand grasping her clothes.


Chloe’s fiery personality had never seemed so fragile before.


“Tell me, Sylvia. How hated am I?”

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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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