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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 38


“Your Majesty, I feel like I’m going to die.”


Rafiel was groaning. It was the night of the ball, or perhaps even before that, Rafiel hadn’t slept properly.


Endless heavy tasks, especially dealing with the mess that Duke Wilhelm caused, were a real headache.


“We really need to hire some competent people now.”


Astria fiddled with her pen in disbelief. Scan, sign, scan, sign. If it didn’t please her, it was discarded. It took less than 10 seconds per page.


“All we have to choose from are corrupt nobles.”




Rafiel looked at Astria, who had been working for hours without changing her expression, with a tired expression.


But Astria felt exasperated too.


“There is no mess like this. “There is a limit to how much it hurts.”


The commoner’s tax is 39%, and the noble’s tax is 9%.


Crazy b*stards.


Astria made a cool decision.


0% tax for the commoners, 60% for the nobles.


They’ve had it good enough; it’s time for them to cough up. On the flip side, the commoners, who had been exploited for so long, deserved some time to build their wealth.


Smart move.


While engrossed in paperwork, a knock on the door was heard. Rafiel tried to get up, but Astria stopped him.


“Come in. Rafiel, stay put and get back to work.”


Rafiel’s hope of taking a brief break to greet the guest was shattered. He slumped back into his chair, tears welling up.


“Your Majesty, are you free for a moment?”


“Ah, sit down if you have the time and lend a hand. You must know the basics having attended the Academy.”


“I mostly hung out with girls and drank, so I didn’t attend classes much.”


Astria raised her head.


“That’s not why the Academy was created.”


“Your Majesty, you once said to enjoy our youth.”


“It’s a military academy, for goodness’ sake.”


“But I did learn swordsmanship properly. That’s how I became Your Majesty’s Guardian Knight.”


Astria lowered her gaze momentarily. Her bright blonde hair seemed slightly disheveled.


“…Did Sena do the same? He’s a friend of yours.”


The Perfect Empress Astria.


However, she also had a few minor concerns.


That was, her lack of experience.


Of course, Astria hadn’t been idle. Even amidst her busy schedule, she sought out potential husbands to produce heirs.


But they kept doing unpleasant things, so she ended up killing a few, and eventually, there were no nobles left who wanted to marry Astria.


“Friends can be influenced, but Sena was too bright for me to influence.”


Chris reassured Astria in a way that seemed comforting.


“In fact, it was I who was influenced. Being black, I was dyed myself white, so Sena truly is a magician.”


Astria regained her confidence. With a proud expression, she asked.


“So he is really pure?”


“Yes, I guarantee it.”


“I guess he passed.”


Astria smiled with satisfaction. Chris blinked. Did he just hear that correctly?


Rafiel felt the same. Astria seemed like someone who would never marry in her lifetime.




Chris stroked his chin. Since his academy days, he’d been most curious about who would win the ‘War for Sena’.


Considering their actions so far, it seemed most likely that his childhood friend, Seria, would quit her job as a priest and marry Sena.


He never imagined that the latecomer, Astria, would use her power to claim Sena.


‘You’re in trouble, Sena.’


Chris smiled delicately. At this point in the Empire’s history, Empress Astria, having suppressed the rebellion, had truly become the most powerful ruler in the Empire’s history.


When such an empress proposes marriage, no matter how much Sena likes to run away, he can’t escape and will inevitably be caught.


“So, why did you come to me? Chris. Didn’t I tell you to check Sena’s movements?”


“I was curious whether Your Majesty intended to monitor Sena instead of Duke Granz during this chaotic situation after suppressing the rebellion.”


Chris spoke seriously, without jest.


“It seems Sena secretly acquired the identification of his personal maid, Serilda, and a maid uniform that fits his size.”


Astria tilted her head.


“Maid uniform?”


“Probably to escape. Just hearing about it, I never thought he would run away by dressing up as a woman to cause trouble.”


Astria quietly put down her pen.


With swift, concise movements, she closed the documents and stowed them away.


She rose from her seat, put on her coat.


Her smile reached up to her ears.


“I can’t afford to miss this.”


“It seems Your Majesty thinks the same way.”


“Are you of the same opinion?”


“Of course. I’ll remember it forever and recall it whenever needed.”


Astria and Chris smiled at each other like villains.


At that moment, Rafiel quietly raised his hand.


“I, I want to see too.”


Fortunately, Astria was merciful at the moment.


“Well, alright.”




Rafiel was simply happy to have a brief respite.



The three walked leisurely.


“If we catch him this time, how about at least having him imprisoned so he can’t escape again?”


Half-jokingly, half-seriously.  Chris was displeased with Sena, who continued to run away without saying a word, just like he did at the Academy.


Wasn’t he his closest friend? If Sena had mentioned it beforehand, Chris would have helped. But since he didn’t, Chris was determined to catch him desperately.




However, Astria’s response was unexpected for Chris.


“If Sena wants to leave, let him go.”




“Wouldn’t it be alright for him to experience leaving my side once? To understand what it means.”


Astria, fundamentally a tyrant, swiftly eradicates anything she doesn’t like and if anyone rebels, she’ll strangle them.


But sometimes, she was lenient. Depending on the target, depending on the situation.


Like reducing taxes for commoners.


When a war breaks out later, won’t they need to collect more taxes?


To prepare for that, you need to create breathing room in advance.


In other words, when Astria becomes more lenient –


It was to tighten the grip even further.




“Changing your hairstyle makes you a different person? What kind of creature are you?”




Upon seeing Sena in maid attire, Sylvia laughed so hard she held her stomach for 30 minutes.


He’ll remember this for a lifetime. This grudge.


Anyway, Sena’s change wasn’t just about clothes.


He cut his bangs into what was called a goddess hairstyle and put on cute hairpins.


…He even did some makeup.


After looking down at the floor, Sena quickly moved, clutching the skirt hem.


‘But it’s better not to meet anyone I know.’


Even with this effort, meeting someone like Chris would be disastrous.


This alone had significantly changed his impression, but still, close friends would recognize him.





“Who’s blocking the way?”


“W-Who are you?”


“I’m Sylvia of the Teutonic Knights. Here’s my identification. And this is the personal maid of Her Majesty’s physician. We need to go outside briefly for an urgent matter, so step aside.”


Sena blinked while looking at the floor. Sylvia is amazing… the best…


“Ah! It’s an honor to meet a Teutonic Knight!”


“Take care.”


“Take care!”


He passed through the gate with surprising ease.


This gate was the innermost part of the palace.


Once through here, there were hardly any people he knew outside.


In essence, he had passed the biggest hurdle necessary for escape.


After walking a bit further away, Sena breathed a sigh of relief.




“…Why are you holding your breath?”


“I felt like I had to.”


Sena glanced hurriedly behind him.


In the dark night, he could see the torches and lanterns burning in the imperial palace.


And he smiled brightly.


“We did it, Sylvia. It seems like we’ve escaped properly.”


“We still have three more gates to go.”


“Haha. Once we’ve made it this far, the rest is easy. Victory after victory.”


With a slightly excited gaze towards Sylvia, Sena took a few steps back. Sylvia looked at Sena with satisfaction, then glanced beyond him, her face draining of color.





Sena bumped into someone and instinctively twitched his shoulders.




‘I must have been too careless.’


As he turned around, he saw a familiar black-haired knight and his expression froze in a smile.


Chris was standing there, emitting an ominous aura.


‘W-What should I do?’


Sena’s eyes were spinning in disbelief. He never imagined he would end up standing here.




“Yes, sir.”


Sylvia quickly snapped to attention. She was considering sacrificing her senior and making a run for it.


“Who is this beautiful lady?”


Sylvia’s eyes widened. Did he really not notice her altered bangs?


Could something as drastic as a dragon’s tail splitting happen?


“I, um, I’m Celine.”


Sena quickly replied.


He couldn’t turn back now.


Fortunately, Chris didn’t seem to recognize his disguised appearance.


‘I guess I usually seem more manly.;


It was a relief that the disguise worked. His transformation was so convincing that even his friend couldn’t recognize him.


“Celine. It’s a lovely name.”


Chris lowered himself slightly and locked eyes with Sena.


“Yes, sir.”


“But, what are you doing out so late at night?”


Chris asked with a smiling face.


But there was an edge hidden in his tone.


“Oh, um, I-I was sent by my master.”


Sena’s heart raced, unaware of how high his hair was.


Sylvia was astonished and bit her lip in disbelief.


Senior Sena, he could even imitate a woman’s voice.


Today, she saw a new side of Sena.


“To be sent on errands at this late hour. It’s absurd to demand something like that.”


“Heh, heh.”


Sena laughed awkwardly and sidestepped like a crab.


It was in preparation to run at any moment.


“I also work under such a master, so I understand the predicament. It’s really troublesome.”


Chris’s eyes narrowed. But it was momentary, and he chuckled.


“Please hurry back. The night is not as carefree as a lady might think.”




Chris got down on one knee in front of Sena.


He looked Sena straight in the eyes and said.


“Well then, I’ll be going. Please, stay safe until you return.”


Then he stood and walked away.


Chris never looked back.



Sylvia approached Sena, trying to calm her pounding heart.


“Senior, that was amazing. Did it really work? I honestly didn’t believe it… How did he not recognize you?”


But Sena said nothing.


‘He recognized me.’


It occurred to him later.


Chris was more sensitive to magic than anyone.


Sometimes, without even looking, he could tell who was who.


Did he say that the wavelength of magic power is different for each person?


And Sena had no magical presence.


Chris once said that among living humans, only Sena lacked magical presence.


It wasn’t that he was deceived. This was something Chris arranged.


He didn’t know why.


It could be out of consideration or simply because Chris was naturally cool-headed.


Either way, Sena felt the same emotions.


“…Senior? Are you listening?”




He had already abandoned Chris twice.


No, not just Chris. Astria, Serilda, Luna, Chloe too.


He was turning away from them and trying to escape.


But this was already decided.


He had no intention of changing his mind now.


Suppressing his wavering heart, Sena watched Chris’s retreating figure and whispered softly,




64 days remaining.


Sena fled from the Empress.


This was the second time he had abandoned precious relationships.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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