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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 41

What Did Her Majesty Do?

Silania Cathedral.


Sister Ellie, who was just appointed this year.


She paused her sweeping with her broom as she sensed someone’s approach.


Two people so beautiful that she was entranced for a moment were walking by.


One of them in particular looked like a pure white snowflake.




The thought crossed her mind suddenly.




The silver-haired boy greeted, clasping his hands together. Ellie found herself momentarily speechless.


‘The doll speaks.’


“Yes, yes. hello.”


Ellie managed a reply, taken aback.


Then she snapped back to her senses.


You can’t act like this, Ellie. It’s been so long since someone visited the cathedral; you should guide them properly.


“This is the Silania Cathedral. Unauthorized access is prohibited. If you need assistance from Justitia, would you please go to church?”


Sena cleared his throat, tousling his soft hair and casting a sidelong glance.


What’s this? Is he looking for praise?


“That… is such a beautiful color. Silver hair is quite rare, and Lady Justitia must hold Sister in special regard… Wait a moment.”


While the doctrine of the Church of Justitia was “All humans are equal”, there was also the belief that “Good humans should live longer than evil ones”.


Therefore, there existed a hierarchy within the clergy.


In urgent situations, priority was given to those who were considered morally better than others.


This priority was disseminated throughout the entire clergy, with brief personal profiles and assigned ranks.


From Grade 1 to Grade 5, with lower numbers indicating higher priority.


Of course, as a gatekeeper of the church, Ellie didn’t memorize everything, but she remembered some notable details.


[A handsome boy with silver hair. Quite cute.]


To blatantly state “cute” and “boy” was unprecedented.


The name was unmistakable.


<Special Protection Target, Sena Birkender>


-If this subject wants something, it’s best to comply.


“Um, may I know Sister’s name?”




However, Sena gazed into the distance.






The priest asked tentatively.




Sena’s expression brightened as if mocking the thought of ever appearing troubled.


“It’s Sena.”




Sena rarely got angry, except at peculiar moments that triggered his pride.


That was when his pride was hurt.


Secretly, Sena had a lot of pride. And, Astria really touched Sena’s pride.


‘That’s shameful.’


He didn’t easily dismiss it.


Astria was willful, unlike his kind academy friends; her eyes were filled with possessiveness.


So he had thought of ways to handle her. But he never imagined she would prevent him from escaping the capital.



Sena also chose a desperate method.


If he fled to the church, what could the Empress do? It was a strategy.


“May blessings be upon the future. What brings you to our cathedral?”


Reception room inside Silania Cathedral.


Sena assumed a posture of prayer and politely responded.


“I came to offer a brief prayer while passing by.”


“You are faithful as expected!”


Ellie’s eyes sparkled. That was the typical response of a priest seen through their eyes.


In reality, it was not about prayer but about exerting the clergy’s authority in a very personal matter.


‘By the way, this person seems like a good priest.’


Sena carefully picked up Ellie’s tea without making a sound, and she sipped it politely.


A priest of the church, was mostly just a dirty people, but she didn’t show any signs of that.


Normally, a rotten priest would emit a strange smell just by approaching them.






…It was slightly annoying to think that her days were numbered.


Where does it hurt?


Her complexion seemed quite normal.


“But who is this person…?”


Ellie, who had been observing Sylvia standing beside him, asked.




Sylvia let out an adorable sneeze and sniffled.


… Still not healed yet. Priest allergy.


“This is my knight. Isn’t she impressive?”


“Ah…! Yes! Very impressive!”


Ellie didn’t find it strange that a young boy had already had a sworn knight.


Special Protection Target.


Being tagged as such meant that, depending on circumstances, the clergy might need to safeguard them as a crucial figure even if it meant declaring religious wars.


Currently, there were only ‘three’ such targets.


Ellie, a novice priestess dispatched to this area just a year ago, didn’t know much about Sena, but she understood how remarkable he must be without needing an explanation.


“It’s always a pleasure to meet someone who prays to Justitia. Well then, I’ll step aside so as not to disturb your prayers.”


“Hey. Sister Ellie.”


As Ellie stood up, Sena hastily followed suit.


“Yes, what is it? Brother Sena.”


‘She called me brother… she’s really kind.’


Sena was moved. Normally, , some people stubbornly referred to him as Sister, but Ellie was different.


Isn’t this sufficient justification for treatment?


Sena clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.


“You seem extremely kind, Sister. I was so impressed that I wanted to pray to Justitia for Sister Ellie. Is that okay?”


Seeing Sena’s complete turnaround from his usual demeanor, Sylvia stared at him incredulously.


Sena felt a bit embarrassed but didn’t drop the facade.


When meeting priests, one must use a ‘cleric tone’. It wasn’t because of Cruyff’s brainwashing education… but rather because he didn’t want to cause even the slightest harm to the future Pope Cruyff. Ordinary people who spoke carelessly often stirred up unnecessary rumors.


“Do you really want a blessing prayer for me?”




“You’re just too kind…! I’m touched.”


Ellie was genuinely moved, tears welling up as she extended her hand.


…It pricked his conscience that this was just for treatment.


Anyway, Sena cautiously took Ellie’s small hand in both of his.


He meticulously examined her body with ‘Medicine’.


After a while, Sena exhaled silently.


‘There’s nothing wrong with her body.’


What he discovered was that there was an abundance of divine power within Ellie’s body, enough to make one’s insides quiver.


That was an innate abundance of divine power.


Those kinds of humans were immune to most diseases.


Was she dying from an accident instead of an illness?


What would happen in 45 days?


‘Oh, no.’


Sena’s curiosity sensors were activated, along with a habit of not leaving behind a patient just like that.


At least for Astria, he had taken minimal measures before departing, which lessened his worry.


But this was a calamity.


“I can feel Sena’s warm heart.”




“You really are a good person. The thought of protecting you, it resonates deeply within my heart.”


Ellie grinned and let go of his hand.


Then, with a soft nod, she said.


“Call me when you’re done praying.”


‘Let’s think about this later.’


Sena also nodded slightly.


“Thank you for your kind reception.”





After Ellie left.


Sylvia exhaled the breath she had been holding.




“You still haven’t cured that illness?”


“Senior, think about it. For five years, from the age of seven, I was surrounded by priests and infused with divine power.”


“…That’s kind of scary.”


Sylvia recalled that she used to suffer from a genetic disease. Still, she was fortunate that her parents took good care of her.


“But why did you come to the church? Look at this.”


Sylvia grumbled and showed her arms. Indeed, they were covered in goosebumps.


‘She must be hurt for real.’


Who speaks like that because they like them …! Live as a successful clergy child!


“You’re not thinking of hiding in the church, are you?”


Sylvia thought about whether Sena would go so far as to use a drastic measure.


Sena suddenly remembered a fantastic joke and smirked, lifting the corners of his mouth.


“What’s the fastest in the world?”














Sylvia’s lips twitched.


“Senior, tell me before I get mad.”


“It’s the word of the Inquisition.”




“So, the words of the inquisitor are the fastest. They have special means of communication.”


“That’s totally far-fetched, you know?”


“Hey, wasn’t it fun?”






Seeing Sena crestfallen, Sylvia couldn’t help it.


“It was fun.”


“I thought so.”


Sena smiled again. Sylvia wanted to ruffle Sena’s well-groomed hair.


She wanted to tease Sena because he was embarrassed and straightened his hair, and once again she wanted to mess it up again.


Whether Sylvia thought about it or not, Sena continued enthusiastically, arms crossed.


“From now on, I’ll call for the Inquisitor. We’ll use that to get out of the capital. When Cruyff says ‘come here’, the clergy will take us to Hamus. So, we came to a distant cathedral on purpose.”


The difference between a cathedral and a church was simple.


The church is a familiar feeling. It treats wounds and where ordinary people or nobles pray.


It has a somewhat ‘private’ feeling. The bishop manages the church as a whole.


On the other hand, the manager of the cathedral was the ‘Pope’. Therefore, it was like a control tower.


Just as in the Middle Ages, corrupt bishops were common, and they were a place to monitor such people from doing futile things.


It is mainly used as a residence for inquisitors dispatched to various places or as a prayer place for the same clergy.


Therefore, calling an inquisitor from a cathedral was simple.


“Sylvia, would you like to try following my words?”


“Yes? Yes.”


“Magic is cool.”


“…Magic is cool?”


“Put some magic power into it. Powerfully.”


Sylvia didn’t know why she had to do that, but she tried anyway.


“Magic is cool.”


The relationship between mages and priests.


The two are not on good terms at all.


Basically, magic ‘creates’. You create fire out of thin air or create water.


In the doctrine of Justitia, only Justitia can create.


Therefore, ‘magic’ is a seizure button for inquisitors.


Since she said this with magic in mind, an inquisitor who should be very strong will notice and appear right away…




But that doesn’t mean you have to break the ceiling!


“… Who dares to contain such blasphemous words in the cathedral.”


Lucia swung her mace at Sylvia, piercing through the ceiling in the process.

Although Sylvia managed to block it, she was sent flying backward.


“Do you want to be killed?”


Sena said with great fear.


“I-It’s Sena.”


Lucia, who had been exuding a deadly aura, quickly softened upon seeing Sena’s face.


Innocently, she said.


“It was you, Sena.”


“Yes yes.”


Sena was a little scared of Lucia.


“I knew you liked pranks, but pranks like that are troublesome. I almost judged Sena’s knight.”


“What did you just say?”


Suddenly, Sylvia appeared beside them, her sword aimed precisely at Lucia’s throat.


Lucia remained unfazed.


“I’m truly sorry. I must have been half asleep and misjudged.”


“Sylvia. Sorry…”


As they both immediately apologized, Sylvia, who was suddenly struck by that unexpected blow, had no choice but to tremble and sheath her sword.


‘We’ll see about this later.’


Sylvia glared fiercely at Sena.



“I told you to come if you need help. It’s an honor to meet you so soon. What assistance do you require?”


Lucia was dressed in pajamas and spoke quickly.


‘…She must want to go to bed.’


Such an attitude was unusual for a priest.


“I have a message I want Cruyff to receive quickly.”


“Ah, understood.”


Lucia closed one eye and whispered something in a low voice.


Suddenly, a red light gathered around her, holy magic to send a message to someone far away.


“Yes, the connection is established. What message should I relay?”


“Because of the Empress Astria, I’m unable to leave the capital. Please inform him to summon me.”




Lucia closed both eyes.


She muttered for a while.


A tense moment of anticipation.


“Yes, I’ve received the response. Thank you.”


Lucia opened her eyes.


“What did he say?”


Whether heard or not, Cruyff’s response was already decided.


Sena smirked.


Sometimes unpleasant, but he could only trust Cruyff.


He resolved to treat him well next time they met.


Lucia yawned halfway through her sentence.


“He said to just stay here.”


Sena, not quite understanding Lucia’s words, tilted his head.


Realizing belatedly, he replied briefly.




As expected, it was right to hate Cruyff.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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