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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 50

Your Majesty Was Bad

“You should have done this sooner.”


Sena, held in Astria’s arms, felt incredibly sorrowful.


Starting a war?


Who would use such cowardly and despicable methods?


“It suits you. Continue to obey me and bow down. And be this submissive while in my embrace.”


Moreover, Astria had a knack for getting under people’s skin.


Sena’s lips pouted.


There are things one should say and things one shouldn’t.


Starting a war—such terrifying talk shouldn’t be joked about.


Especially not by someone like Astria who could make it a reality.


She needed to be careful with her words.



“Do you have a problem with me expanding my empire’s territory?”


Astria asked as if even the idea of Sena having a complaint was annoying.


“Oh, what can you do if you have a problem? Are you going to cry?”


A small spark in Sena’s heart flared up.


So that’s how it is?


Even someone as seemingly weak as Sena had a few tricks up his sleeve.


‘I will never forgive this.’


Sena entered a vow of silence.




Early evening.


Sena went to the herb garden with a hoe.


The tiny garden, tucked away in the farthest corner of the Teutonic Knights’ training ground, seemed oddly out of place, yet fitting.


Perhaps because Sena had created it, the perfect symmetry was visible. The color combination of the various herbs, the psychological comfort provided by the even spacing.


As a result, the knights did not disturb it. Even without Sylvia guarding it all day with hawk-like eyes, it would have been the same.


Few people throw trash in a pristine place, and humans tend to protect what appears precious and beautiful.


“I told you before, this isn’t something you should be doing.”


Of course, Astria would never allow it.


Astria was already displeased that Sena was merely cultivating a garden.


Now that Sena’s value had increased, Astria did not want him to waste time on such trivial matters.




Sena ignored all of that. He was still squatting, tending to the herbs.


If he didn’t manage this himself, it won’t be done right.


Weeds have grown in the garden.


Sena worked diligently, but he was not taking out his anger on the weeds.


“Physician. Answer me.”


Unable to bear it any longer, Astria looked down at Sena and asked. But Sena neither stopped tending to the garden nor responded to Astria.


“Until you apologize, he probably won’t say anything.”


Chris, who was watching the scene leisurely, crossed his arms and made a simple assessment. It was a familiar sight.


“Do you expect me, the Empress, to apologize?”


Astria spoke as if she couldn’t comprehend it.


“I’ve committed war crimes and never apologized.”


An empress has dignity, and the absurd word ‘apology’ should not be uttered.


Chris gave a faint smile. He used to think like that too, he reminisced.


“Then you’ll have to watch Sena not talk and just hoe the garden forever.”


“Watch him hoeing the garden in silence forever?”


“Sena holds a grudge for a long time.”


“What the…?”


What an absurd creature.


Astria’s face was full of disbelief. Naturally, this was her first experience of this kind.



“It’s getting late. Didn’t you say the patient needs to sleep early? Let’s go back to bed quickly.”




Astria tried to coax him gently, but Sena didn’t even pretend to listen. He usually had a faint smile on his face, but now he was completely expressionless.


“Your Majesty, it may be presumptuous, but I think it would be best to apologize.”


“If it continues like this, you’ll see Sena hoeing until dawn.”


Chris respected Astria.


He firmly believed she was a perfect empress and an unprecedented genius.


But even the Empress herself couldn’t break Sena’s stubbornness. Not even if Justitia herself descended.


Chris knew this well from past experience. Even the fierce Chloe and the eccentric Seria couldn’t handle a sulking Sena.


“…The Empress does not apologize. To anyone.”


But Astria’s stubbornness was formidable too. Watching the two stubborn people, Chris sighed deeply from his core.


‘I miss Seria. If we made a bet, we could pass the time more enjoyably.’


If that were the case, Chris would have bet his entire fortune on Sena.


“Fine, I understand. You’re not in a good mood. I’ll give you a gift.”




“What do you want? Just say it. I’ll grant you one wish.”


Sena wrote on the ground with his hoe.




“That won’t do.”


Astria’s expression turned serious, and Sena pouted again.


“Ask for something else.”


Sena turned away and continued diligently tending to the herbs, stacking them neatly in the basket beside him.


“Physician. If you keep this up, I won’t take it as a joke.”


Astria’s voice grew cold.


“I will punish you severely.”


Sena turned his head, his lips jutting out even more.


“What does that mean?”


“He’s not just sulking; he’s angry.”


“Does that mean the situation has worsened?”


“Yes, Your Majesty, you’re in big trouble.”


Astria was flustered.


Sena, adding insult to injury, lazily pointed somewhere with half-open eyes.


Naturally, Astria looked at Chris.


“He wants you to stay over there.”


“…I am the Empress.”


“There’s no one here who doesn’t know that, Your Majesty.”


“But, does this treatment make any sense? Am I dreaming?”


Her incredulity was palpable.


Chris cleared his throat and carefully asked if he could borrow the white cloth Sena had. When Sena nodded, Chris spread the cloth on the ground. After all, he couldn’t have the Empress sit directly on the bare ground.


Astria looked at Chris with a blank face, then at Sena. After a moment’s hesitation, she wordlessly sat down in the spot Sena had indicated.




How much time passed like that?


Before the darkness fully settled.


Sena stood up.


Astria, who had been watching Sena quietly, also stood up awkwardly.


“Is it over now?”


Sena looked at Astria, then quickly turned away. He gathered the basket full of herbs and started walking somewhere.


“Physician. No, Sena.”


Astria stepped ahead of Sena with a slightly hurried pace.


“Stop it. I understand now.”




Sena stopped walking.


‘Is it over now?’


As Astria felt a glimmer of hope, Sena took out a herb from his basket, broke off its root, and handed it to Astria.


“What is this?”


“What is this?”


Sena offered no explanation, simply bringing the herb close to her face.

It seemed like he wanted her to eat it. Astria frowned.


“I’m not a goat.”




Sena stared at Astria intently, the coldness in his gaze almost chilling.




Usually ground, brewed, and prepared to be palatable, Astria had never known this raw form of her medicine.


M*rijuana and bellflower. The only herbs that seemed to help her condition.


Astria picked up the herb, stared at it briefly. She really didn’t want to eat it.


But sensing something serious would happen if she didn’t, she reluctantly closed her eyes and gulped it down.




Her lifespan increased significantly.


‘Unrefined really is more effective.’


One new fact discovered.


Seeing Astria’s extended lifespan, Sena resumed walking.




Astria’s patience had already reached its limit.


“Do you still have no intention of speaking?”


Grabbing Sena’s wrist as he entered the bedroom with still damp hair from his bath, she threw him onto the bed.


“Do as you please. I will do as I please.”


Astria climbed on top of Sena.


She looked down at him with an arrogant expression and grabbed his arms. She leaned in closer.


Her golden hair tickled Sena’s face.


“If you don’t speak, something severe will happen.”


Sena remained indifferent, thinking she might just want to cuddle and sleep.



Astria unbuttoned Sena’s shirt. Sena turned his head away and remained still. Undressing a non-resisting Sena was easy.


When she had half-unbuttoned it, revealing his collarbone, Sena still appeared resigned.


Astria’s eyes darkened.


Strangely, she felt no excitement.


Previously, she had been consumed with the thought of wanting a child.




Astria got off Sena’s body. Sena and sat on the edge of the bed. Sena also awkwardly sat up, holding his loose clothing.


Astria’s small head came into view. Sena considered giving her a light smack but hesitated when Astria muttered very softly.


“I’m sorry.”


Sena’s eyes widened. So, she can apologize.


“…For what?”


“For saying I would start a war.”


“Right? Her Majesty was bad.”


“Yes, I was bad.”


Astria’s golden hair drooped as she answered softly.


Her eyes looked a bit sad, and her vigor had diminished significantly.


Sena’s lips twitched into a slight smile.


What’s this? Cute.


Ahem. You mustn’t do that again.”




“Your Majesty is the Empress of a hegemony. You shouldn’t say such things even as a joke.”


“I understand. I won’t do it again.”


Sena cleared his throat and then spoke slyly.


“But there’s a condition.”


“What is it?”


“Give me three hours of free time every day. It’s too much to be stuck together all day.”


‘Otherwise, I can’t even hope to escape.’


Of course, Sena never gave up hope of escaping.


Astria looked at Sena, thinking, ‘Isn’t that a different story?’ but then sighed weakly.


More than anything, she wanted Sena to return to his usual self quickly.


“…Okay. So, stop being angry now.”


Sena hesitated a little, then gulped.


He patted Astria’s drooping head.


It felt nice, like petting a retriever.


“I forgive you.”


Sena smiled brightly.






Alright! Tomorrow, he’ll go out and plan his escape route!


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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