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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 6

Saint of Larden (1)

Sena hates mornings.




The diminishing hours each day felt like a burning in his throat.


“Nevertheless, let’s live healthily today.”


Stress is the root of all illnesses!


Even though the remaining time is short, shouldn’t we live with intensity?


Sena finished preparing to go out, wearing a white coat.


He checked himself in the mirror to make sure there were no out-of-place hairs, then headed outside.


“Hello, physician.”


“Hey, hello. What’s your name?”


He ran into some maids on the way.


“I-I’m Luna!”


“I’m Serilda!”


“It seems like the maids are busy since the morning. Good luck everyone.”


After throwing a light compliment, Sena was about to pass by, but it seemed like they had something to say.


“I heard that recently someone very young was appointed as Her Majesty’s personal physician, is that true?”


“Oh really? Thanks.”


“And um…”


Serilda, who had revealed her name, blushed slightly as if it was a bit embarrassing to speak.


“I heard you haven’t chosen a personal maid yet, is that correct?”


“That’s right. I haven’t chosen one yet.”


“I’m good at what I do!”


With that, Serilda showed off her biceps. Luna, standing beside her, also timidly added.


“I, I too…”


“What’s this? Are you asking to be chosen?”


Sena grinned.

He waved his hand as he walked away.


“I’ll think about it.”


From behind, there were murmurs of the maids.


“The new personal physician is so cute, isn’t he?”


“Yeah yeah. It’s been a while since we’ve had such eye candy…!”


If given the choice, ‘handsome’ would be better than ‘cute’, but you get the idea.


‘Indeed, I am quite impressive.’


With a narcissistic thought, he walked confidently towards the Empress’s chamber.




He drew back the curtains, then with Betty’s help, opened the window.


“…It’s cold.”


Astria shivered in the chilly breeze and murmured as she crawled back under the covers.


“It’s time for your medicine.”


Today was another battle.


Astria threw a tantrum again about not wanting to eat, and Sena had to coax and soothe her to somehow get her to take the medicine.


After she had taken all the medicine, Astria let out a sigh with a vacant expression.


“I have to do this every morning…?”


‘Yeah, you have to do this every day.’


Sena sighed, not just in response to Astria’s words but with a different meaning altogether.


“Of course.” “And, physician. My leg feels worse. It’s more uncomfortable.”


Astria wiggled her leg as she spoke.


“You had surgery yesterday. There’s nothing much I can do.”


“But still, I didn’t even feel anything in my leg before, but now I do. It’s a good change. I won’t kill you.”


Astria laughed softly.


“I’m really thankful for that.”


“Now, go on.”


As soon as the conversation ended, Astria immediately turned cold.


“Don’t always drop the bomb like that. I have something to tell you today.”


“That ‘something to tell’ seems to happen every day. Is it because of your mood?”


Astria seemed to give up, her tone becoming more subdued.


“You’re right.”


“…I permit you to speak.”


“Could you clear your evening schedule a bit?”


Astria’s small head tilted slightly.


“Why’s that?”


“Because rehabilitation is half the battle with Achilles’ tendon surgery.”


“Explain it so I can understand. Anyway, it sounds necessary for treatment. Alright.”


‘Whether it’s cool or not.’


Still, contrary to what one might imagine from the name ‘tyrant,’ she was surprisingly cooperative.


With a polite nod, Sena left the Empress’s chamber.




“This should be enough herbs.”


Sena meticulously inspected the herbs brought at his request.


Although there were heaps of herbs, only a few were useful.


For treating Parkinson’s disease, only high-grade m*rijuana would suffice.


Sitting down for a moment, he began sorting through them.


‘If it’s 5 to 6 days from now, I should be able to move around decently.’




He thought as he snapped the stems of useless herbs.


‘Then our contract is over.’


From the start, it wasn’t about curing Parkinson’s disease.

It was about getting her to move her legs.


Even though he didn’t understand why she was fixated on her legs to that extent—


He would turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to anything beyond.


He had no intention of spending the rest of his life in the imperial palace.


He wanted to leave the imperial palace as soon as possible.




A minimal sense of ethics held Sena back.


“…Even just consistently taking medicine can delay death as much as possible.”


Among the herbs used in the Empress’s medicine-making were some with short expiration dates.


Most of them were the herbs Sena originally had. These herbs were not easy to obtain.

Just knowing the name didn’t guarantee they could be obtained—they were a kind of mutation that couldn’t be found easily.




About halfway through sorting, he gauged the number of herbs.


Even if he used all the herbs he originally had, it would only last about 15 days.


However, to delay the Empress’s condition, not a single day could be missed in making medicine.


“It might be meddling. No, I shouldn’t say that. Let’s just do what we can.”


Sena stood up instead of continuing to sort through the herbs.


Why did he say such a thing?


Even if the world were to end tomorrow, he would plant an apple tree.


Sena decided to grow the hard-to-find herbs in the imperial palace.


And if he passed the recipe to Betty, it would be at least a minimum of decency.


It had been two days since he became the Empress’s personal physician.


Sena decided to prepare to leave.




There were about five types of herbs to plant.


As with anything beneficial to the human body, these seeds grew in very particular environments.


Rich soil.

A place with good wind.

Somewhere where the sunlight shines down but is slightly cool.

Above all, a place where what could be considered ‘magic’ flows well.


‘The last condition is the hardest to find.’


The land where the imperial palace was built.

It was inevitably good in terms of Feng Shui.

But the people of this world weren’t that simple.


All the spots where magic flowed well were already taken.


“Where would be good?”


So Sena wandered around to find a suitable location.


Luckily, he found a good spot.


“There, raise your sword higher!”



It was a place with plenty of good soil.


“This place should be good.”


Sena smiled contentedly. The quality of the soil was excellent.


At first glance, it seemed to be the training ground for knights, but since it’s so spacious, it should be fine.


‘Still, since it might draw some attention, let’s make the field in a corner.’


With a nod, Sena took out a hoe from his pocket.


This is a special hoe!


-“…What? A hoe?”

-“Yes. Please give me a hoe. A really sturdy one.”

-“You must be out of your mind.”


It was a prize he received during his academy days, from a ‘certain competition’.


Squatting down, he diligently dug the soil. Indeed, this hoe was very well made. It was a good decision to use the wish ticket on this hoe.





A knight approached with a bewildered face.


“I’m sorry, but civilians are not allowed here.”


He was an impressive knight with red hair.

Judging by the sweat on his forehead and the spear in his right hand, it seemed like he had just finished training.


“Why not?”


“Because this is the knights’ quarters.”


‘As expected, it won’t work?’


Sena opened his eyes slightly.

But he wanted to plant herbs here.

It was a hard-to-find spot.


“Why can’t I?”


“You seem to be from a rather well-off noble family, kid. But this isn’t a place for just anyone. Go back.”




That was definitely the number one thing Sena hated to be called.


Feeling irritated, Sena sat down heavily and began hoeing.


“Don’t you hear me?”


“What’s your affiliation?”


Hah, I’ve seen this before somewhere. I am Reston, a member of the Teutonic Knights.”


“Then it’s okay, mind your own business.”


Sena didn’t like Reston.

He occasionally mistook him for an aristocratic child who believed only in his parents’ status.


Understandable, though. Sena looked very young, and with his soft skin, he seemed like a sheltered child from an aristocratic family who hadn’t seen much sunlight.


“Isn’t it common courtesy to introduce yourself when someone else does? Noble lady whose name I don’t know.”


The corners of Sena’s mouth trembled.


Sena’s mouth twitched.


More than being called a ‘kid,’ he disliked being seen as a woman.


And the knight behind him, with a seemingly innocent expression, irritated him even more. He really seemed to mistake him for a girl.


But with superhuman patience, he restrained himself.


‘A knight is just doing his duty. A knight is just doing his duty. A knight is just doing his duty.’


Repeatedly calming his mind, he asked,


“You said you’re from the Teutonic Knights, right? What’s your name, Reston?”


‘Surely he’ll understand at this point.’


This was the imperial palace, of all places.


In modern military terms, it was a place where people with various ranks walked around.


It wasn’t proper for a knight to confront someone who was clearly an aristocrat.


“Is that so? What can you do? Are you going to cry?”


But Sena’s patience snapped at Reston’s still overbearing attitude.


“…You’re a chip off the old block, just like your master.”


“YOU! How dare you insult my lord?”


‘You’re the one?!’


Usually, this would be the time to get angry at being insulted.


Anyway, Reston’s attitude changed.

While just now his voice was that of scolding a child, now it was emitting faint hostility.


“Please identify yourself. This is your final warning.”


Reston brought his spear to Sena’s neck.



Tap, tap.


Sena just kept hoeing the ground without flinching.




Reston’s face turned an earthy color.


“Hey, can’t you hear me?”


“Don’t ignore me. I might really end up hurting your neck.”


Suddenly, Reston’s forehead wrinkled.


He put away his spear.


‘I need to intimidate him properly.’


Then, with swift speed, he swung his spear towards Sena’s neck.








“Please be quiet. This is important.”


Sena spoke without even looking at Reston.

The spear swing was blocked by the end of the hoe.


“M-my spear… with a hoe…!”


Reston rubbed his eyes. He couldn’t believe if this was a dream or reality.


Regardless, Sena was already focused.


He was planting a somewhat sensitive plant in the ground.


“Damn it, I was fooled by your innocent appearance. Why would someone as capable as you be hoeing in the courtyard of someone else’s knights?”


“It seems like another case like Sylvia. Which knight faction are you from?”


“What’s this kid doing here… But what have you been doing since earlier?”


In the end, Reston couldn’t suppress his inherent curiosity.


“I’m planting medicinal herbs.”



Sena, who safely planted the ‘Lianess Flower’ known for its digestive benefits, replied while brushing off his hands.


“Yes. I am a physician.”


“A… physician? You blocked my spear with a hoe?”


“Yes. I was recently appointed as the new physician to Her Majesty.”


Only now did Sena look at Reston.


“I’ll be going now.”


“Just a moment.”


Reston grabbed Sena’s arm.


“Are you really the physician to our lord?”


“Yes. I look forward to working with you.”


Sena nodded politely, but inwardly, he felt different.


‘Even if you come to me later when you’re sick, I’ll make sure to treat you as painfully as possible.’


He still remembered being called ‘lady’.


For the record, Sena’s heart is quite narrow.


“Can you see a patient for me?”


“Huh? Why all of a sudden?”


“Well, I don’t have high expectations, but…”


Reston smiled bitterly.


“I just feel like borrowing a cat’s paw. But still, it’s better than those who think they need to cut off the wounded area to stop the bleeding.”


‘Really irritating.’


Sena’s mouth trembled slightly.


He had been treated like a child—


Despite revealing himself as the physician, his abilities were still doubted.


‘Who would help a guy like you?’


Sena couldn’t believe it.




“…Please guide me… I’ll go now.”


The self he couldn’t ignore, who couldn’t just pass by a patient today, was particularly annoying.



(No wonder they think he’s a girl lol)



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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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