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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 67

I’ll Make You Feel Pretty

After that, the test continued.


Seeing Garumel’s pitiable state, no knight dared to point fingers at Sena.


“I wish to challenge Her Majesty.”


Instead, someone pointed at Astria.


Sena’s eyes sparkled with anticipation.


But the result was disappointing.




Astria snatched Sena’s wooden sword in one second.


Astria, walking leisurely as if returning from a stroll.


“Now, make the announcement.”


“What are the criteria for pass and fail?”


Sena smiled warmly.


She had already thought about it.


“The test isn’t over yet.”


“What more is there to do?”


“The final test is an interview.”


“…An interview?”


“Yes. I want Her Majesty to personally speak with each candidate and make a decision.”


They had assessed everyone’s skills through duels.


However, Sena believed that the character of a knight was crucial.


Loyalty was more important than skill.


If a criminal who casually disregards life became a knight, problems would eventually arise.


Above all, Sena had one goal from the start.


‘In the end, Her Majesty should make the choice.’


Astria chuckled.


“What a surprising argument.”


“Is it not allowed?”


Sena spoke cutely. It would be a problem if it wasn’t allowed.


Fortunately, Astria, who had seen enough of the “interesting stuff”, seemed somewhat satisfied.


She turned her back.


“Chris, call them to my garden one by one.”




The interviews were conducted in reverse order of the tests.


Just as the duels had ended with a single bout, the interviews were quick and easy.


“Get out.”


“Pathetically incompetent.”


“My sick old mother could swing better than you.”


“A knight, you say? Go be a mercenary.”


“A knight of Carmot? Judging by your skills, I could single-handedly destroy it tomorrow.”


“Disappear from my sight immediately.”


“Your abilities were so poor they were hard to watch.”


Astria was practically a troll.


She never said anything nice.


Even those whom Sena thought deserved to pass received the same treatment.


‘This isn’t what I expected.’


Sena smiled awkwardly.


“Is this the last one?”


Sena was bewildered.


“You haven’t selected anyone.”


“I told you, if I make the choice, this is what happens.”


Astria spoke proudly.


‘This golden one, really.’


Sena trembled. There was nothing to be proud of.


“Then let’s do this.”


Sena proposed a compromise.


“If Her Majesty spoke more than two words, they pass. If it was just one word, they fail.”


“What are these standards?”


“Her Majesty doesn’t speak at length to those who don’t interest her. You just tell them to leave.”


It was something even Astria didn’t know about herself.


I just said that because I really thought so.


Sena just honestly thought it and said it.


“I only called them trash because they were trash.”


“No bad words allowed.”




Sena poked Astria’s cheek.


Astria’s eyes narrowed.


“Cheeky furball.”


“I’m not a furball, I’m a person.”


“You cried well last time.”


“T-That’s cheating.”


Sena blushed and took a step back.


It was already a forgotten memory.


So unfair.


Hoo, really?”


On the other hand, Astria had an amusing thought.


“Cry. Then I’ll do as you say.”




Astria spoke firmly.


“If you don’t cry, everyone fails.”


“That’s not fair.”


“Then cry.”


Astria raised the corners of her mouth and approached as if she was going to eat him.


Sena broke into a cold sweat.


‘We can’t not select knights.’


He looked around.


Honestly, showing it to Astria once was fine.


But not in front of anyone else. Not Chris, or Chris, or Chris.


‘Oh, he’s not here.’


Gulp, Sena swallowed.


Slowly, he brought his hands to his cheeks.


“Nya, nyaa~.”


Astria’s eyes widened.


“Come here.”


“Don’t come any closer!”


Sena hastily ran and hid among the nearby bushes.


Astria smiled and crouched in front of the flowers.


She didn’t bother to chase.


After all, Sena would eventually return to her bedroom.


‘Tonight will be interesting.’


Besides, Astria liked to savor good things.


-Your Majesty, the final knight candidate.


At that moment, Betty’s voice interrupted, dampening Astria’s excitement. She spoke in a cold voice.




The last knight entered.




Seeing his face sparked a bit of interest in Astria.


Garumel approached with slightly nervous eyes and stopped at a distance.


Still gazing at the flowers, Astria spoke.


“The knight who got beaten to a pulp by Sena.”




“Do you think a knight who loses to a physician can become an Imperial Knights? Then here’s my question.”


Astria stared coolly at Garumel.


“What did you think when you were defeated?”


“Self-doubt, embarrassment, anger, but most of all…”


Garumel smiled broadly.


“It’s the least he could do for me to die for him.”


“You’re insane.”


Moreover, utterly ridiculous.


Before meeting Sena, Astria would have surely said that.


It hadn’t been long since the rebellion.


Swearing loyalty to someone other than the Empress?


Even setting that aside, it was arrogant to talk like this after losing.


“Are you the mercenary Garumel?”


“Yes. But not just any mercenary, the Mercenary King.”


Astria smirked.


“Then, Mercenary King, slash at me with your best strike.”


Without a moment’s hesitation, Garumel drew his sword and executed his finest strike.


It was the same strike he had shown Sylvia before. His ultimate move that drew four simultaneous lines, making it impossible to counter.


Astria took a single step back and dodged it.




With an expressionless gaze, she looked at Garumel.


His pupils shook. This was not an attack one could simply dodge.



Astria spoke briefly.


“You pass.”


Meanwhile, a cat peeking through the bushes watched nervously.


‘Well done.’


Sena smiled warmly.


Garumel would make a good knight.


He had a kind heart for the weak.


Even with his strength limited, he was skilled enough to corner Sylvia.


Without a doubt, he will fulfill his role.


Especially, he believed there won’t be any absurd situations like before, where he turned his back on the Empress.


That’s enough.


Even if it’s just a little, having someone on his side within the palace without self-doubt.


Sena was satisfied with that.




Although the selection of the Imperial Knights was completed without any issues, Astria’s work was not finished.


“Who will you appoint to oversee the Knights?”


Rafiel reported to Astria.


While signing and flipping through documents, Astria casually responded.




“The temporary commander will be Garumel.”


“Garumel, the… hmm. Will the others follow him?”


Everyone had seen him get severely beaten.


“They call him the Mercenary King. Let him prove himself as much as he uses such an arrogant title. If he can’t handle it, that’s his problem.”


Sena was sitting there, munching on a baguette with both hands.


All the while, with an innocent expression, not knowing he might be the root of all problems, he tilted his head.


“…Don’t mind it and just eat.”




Sena focused on eating the baguette again.


It took him quite a long time to swallow a bite, so it seemed it would take a while.


“And next are the nobles. The central noble seats are largely vacant, causing disputes over who will fill those positions.”


“They say territorial wars are breaking out every day. What will you do?”


“Let the nobles fight. After they keep killing each other, half will survive, right? Appoint the survivors as central nobles.”


Sena paused while eating his bread.


He looked at Astria, startled.


At that sharp gaze, Astria sighed.


“Tell them to settle it with rock-paper-scissors. If they can’t do their jobs well, I’ll dismiss them then.”


Sena reassured, continued eating his bread.


“The next issue is the tax rate. The nobles are starting to complain.”


“It hasn’t even been a month yet. After all they’ve embezzled, they should return some of it.”


“But it seems to be a heavy burden. Setting a deadline might be necessary.”


‘Have I been too quiet lately?’


Astria couldn’t imagine that there would be anyone who would dare complain.


Astria was furious.


“Bring the one who dared to voice their complaint. I’ll cut their heads off immediately.”


Sena, with his mouth full of baguette, stared at Astria.


What? Cut off heads?


“…Tell them to endure for about three months.”


Sena, relieved, gulped down some milk.


With white milk around his mouth, he took another bite of the baguette.


By now, Astria was amazed. Who knew someone could eat a single baguette for 30 minutes?


The next agenda moved along smoothly.


Rafiel’s ability to summarize the core points was excellent, and Astria’s decisions were quick.


But there was just too much to do.


It took a long time to finish all the work.



‘Have we handled the urgent issues for now?’


What remained was simple paperwork. Stabilizing the Empire was next.


Before starting the next task, Astria glanced at Sena.


No matter how slow he ate, he should have finished by now.






He was dozing off on the sofa.


Watching him for a moment, Astria approached the sofa.


She sat down next to him and gently laid his body down.


Sena, lying on Astria’s lap, soon fell soundly asleep.





Astria brushed the hair off his face and carefully stroked him.


Sena, just by being so pure, made her feel good just by looking at him.


Like seeing a pristine snowfield where no one had yet walked.


Astria’s face softened into a gentle smile.


“Live like this forever, Sena.”


“In my arms, only looking at me.”


“I’ll make you feel pretty.”


And so, Sena’s 58th remaining night passed.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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