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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 70

Sena's Operation (3)



Even in modern times, this term refers to deliberately engaging in negative behavior during team play to annoy others and then enjoying their reactions.


In this world, it is used similarly, originating from the actual monster known as a troll.


Among magical creatures, trolls possess relatively high intelligence and take pleasure in intentionally frustrating people.


Sena was determined to engage in this trolling.


“These are troll footprints.”


When they reached about halfway up the mountain, Chris dismounted after spotting the traces. Sena also halted his horse nearby.


“Indeed. The footprints are huge.”


Sena crouched down in front of them, marveling. The prints were obviously larger than his head.


Moreover, to encounter actual trolls while intending to troll—it must be divine intervention.


“There are several.”


“Judging by the number, there seem to be at least five.”


“Do trolls usually move in groups?”


“Not to my knowledge.”


Astria closed her eyes for a moment. When she reopened them, still looking drowsy, she pointed to the right.


“That way.”


“Everyone, tie up the horses and move out!”


From behind, Garumel quickly issued the order.


‘Is he the leader?’


Judging by how everyone responded to Garumel’s command, it seemed so. He was rising through the ranks swiftly.


Somehow, it suited him. It was hard to imagine Garumel not leading everyone.


Sena followed closely behind Astria. Chris spoke to him from the side.


“Doesn’t this remind you of the old days?”




“The first day we went out for field training. We were leading the group, chasing trolls just like now.”


Sylvia perked up her ears. She didn’t know much about what happened when Sena was in his first year. Astria pretended not to listen but was clearly paying attention.


“Do you remember?”


“Of course, I remember.”


Sena looked at Chris with a half-smile.


“You got caught kissing a female student in a corner back then.”


“We were young then.”


“…It was only four years ago.”


“Haha, anyway. It reminds me of those days. We couldn’t find the monsters, night fell, and everyone was exhausted. Then someone got hit by a poisoned arrow thrown by a troll. It was an ambush by the troll, waiting until we were worn out.”




“We have to leave her behind.”


While Sena was assessing the situation, Chloe spoke up on behalf of the group. She waved her hand in the air, igniting a fire that illuminated everyone’s faces.


“Without magic, we can barely see ahead. In this situation, we can’t handle trolls with an injured person.”


“There’s another problem. Soon, the scent of blood will attract other monsters.”


That was certainly true.


Trolls and other monster — it was difficult to deal with both even in perfect condition.


However, the thought of abandoning a friend was hard to accept. Chloe frowned and spoke sternly.


“There’s no choice. Rina is going to die anyway. That poison is lethal.”


“Did you have to say it like that?!”


Someone shouted at Chloe. She snapped back.


“If you let emotions dictate your actions and decisions, we’ll all die. You idiot.”


The seriousness of the situation began to sink in for everyone.


Sena, who had been watching Rina, stood up. He was smiling even in this dire situation.


With his hands behind his back, standing in a spot well-lit by the moonlight, he addressed everyone.


“Let’s split up here.”


“Then, what about you…?”


“I’ll support Rina and take her with me.”


The students murmured. Sena, with a confident face, whispered.


“Don’t worry. Did you forget? I’m the top student. I’m the strongest among you.”


The top student in the first year. However, he had no mana. A half-strong champion.


Escaping the forest with an injured person in this deep darkness? And in a situation where trolls are prowling?


“Still pretending to be a saint in this situation? Don’t be ridiculous. Just leave her. It’s better than all of us dying.”


Chloe’s words were true. Sena’s suggestion was akin to inviting everyone to their deaths.


Yet, Sena had an oddly compelling presence. It was strong now, but even stronger back then.


“Then I’ll go with you.”


The first to be drawn in was Chris.


“Me too.”


“We’ll manage somehow.”


“How can a knight candidate abandon their comrades?”


One by one, the hesitant students stood by Sena’s side.


No one remained by Chloe’s side. She bit her lip and turned away.


“Do as you please. I’ve said my piece.”


Chloe tried to distance herself. No one paid attention to her.


Except for one person — Sena.


“Let’s go together.”


“It’s better to be in a group than alone.”




“And thus, he became a light that shone for everyone. We completed our field training without a single casualty.”


“Should I say it was boring? It’s always the same Senior. A fluffy furball that turns rational decisions into foolish ones.”


“So how did you catch the troll? A troll isn’t something that would be defeated by mere Academy students. Sir Chris, was it your doing?”


Astria, pretending not to listen but paying close attention, crossed her arms and asked.


Sena awkwardly smiled.


“Trolls target the weakest-looking person first. So I became the bait. Everyone worked together to barely capture it.”


Chris chuckled, recalling the time. The troll they encountered wasn’t just an ordinary one—it was a Troll Gladiator, an awakened species with mana.


Even Chris, aspiring to be a Master, had to prepare for mutual destruction against such a formidable foe.


It was an undeniably overwhelming monster. Sena scratched his head and reluctantly spoke up.


-Please keep everything you see here a secret.




The way the troll was sliced into pieces was the first and last time Chris had seen such a thing.


‘I’d like to see it again.’


Chris was deeply moved back then. The sight of the severed troll left him in awe.


It was the most beautiful slash imaginable, closer to art than swordsmanship.





‘That’s it! Thanks for the hint, Chris.’


Sena wore a cat-like grin, inspired by Chris’s words. Back then, Sena had kept his mouth shut, avoiding harsh words, but—


Even Sena had to admit the actions of a classmate seemed cancer-inducing.


‘Let’s do it.’


Sena’s eyes sparkled as he approached Astria. He cleared his throat to draw attention.


“It’s so dark and eerie here in the forest, don’t you think?”


Astria gave him a sidelong glance.


“An insignificant furball.”


“…I’m not a furball. No, that’s not the point.”


Sena was a little nervous, but since he was terminally ill, there was no backing away.


He said as he held Astria’s arms, his eyes shining brightly.


“If a troll appears, will you protect me, Your Majesty?”


“Let go of my arms. It makes it difficult to draw my sword.”


‘…Is she a psychopath?’


Of course, this reaction was somewhat expected, but Sena was still a bit disappointed.



“Your Majesty. There is a group of trolls ahead.”


At the front, Chris raised his fist and spoke quietly. Sena looked through the foliage at the trolls.


There were indeed about six trolls sitting around a campfire. The scene was strange. Trolls were known to be solitary creatures, yet here they were, gathered together.




“What are your orders? In my judgment, they might be a bit too much for novice knights to handle.”


“Sir Garumel.”


Astria glared at Garumel with disdain.


“What do you think?”


Garumel was already drawing his sword.


“Leave it to me. I’ll show you that I’m more than capable.”


Astria’s lips curled into a smile. It was a satisfactory answer.


“Insignificant one. Let’s see you put on a little show.”


‘This is it!’


Sena felt it was the perfect timing and clung to Astria.


“Your Majesty, I’m scared…!”


Astria was genuinely curious about what absurd idea Sena had come up with this time.


As she stared at him, Sena spoke with his eyes tightly shut.


“I think it’s best to go back. If we fight such terrifying trolls, we’ll surely get hurt.”


‘He must be up to some strange plan again.’


Astria was certain. Scared? A person who could deliver a Master-level slash without any preparation?


Moreover, worrying about getting hurt didn’t make sense. Sena never worried about people getting hurt. He could just heal them.


But saying something so nonsensical meant…


‘Could he be trying to run away again?’


Astria’s expression turned cold.


She had tolerated a lot. But if Sena disregarded this kindness and tried to escape again, Astria had no choice.


She would literally put a leash on him and drag him around.


“Don’t make me angry. This is your last warning.”


Sena inwardly smiled victoriously.


‘Right? This is infuriating, Your Majesty, isn’t it?’


This was Sena’s idea of the ultimate trolling.


Whining in the face of a monster. Not even Justitia could stand this without grabbing her head.





Meanwhile, Sylvia swallowed as she watched Sena acting cute.


‘He’s adorable… I wish I were the one he was clinging to.’


Sylvia felt depressed.


On the other hand, Chris was dissatisfied.


‘Those trolls wouldn’t even make a meal for my friend.’


Why was Sena hiding his abilities?


Chris couldn’t understand this one thing.


That divine slash should be shown to everyone and praised.


Especially if Astria saw it, she would surely be delighted. Astria loved competence. She particularly cherished those skilled with the sword.


Sena deserved more appreciation.






Chris grabbed Sena by the nape and lifted him up.




Sena looked blankly at Chris.


No, Chris? I trust you.


I’m trying so hard.


You’d be a real jerk if you did this.


“Go and tear them apart.”


Chris put all his strength into his right arm and threw Sena into the troll group.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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