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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 76

It Shouldn’t Be Like This

“I had a good meal.”


With a flushed face, Sena wiped the corners of his mouth with his long sleeve.


I’ve done it again.


Can I really leave?


Setting aside whether Astria would let him go, Sena was recently content with his current life.


He seemed to be good at physical activities since Astria’s kisses had increased daily.


Honestly, it felt like an addiction.


‘Ugh, I don’t know anymore.’


Sena sat quietly on the sofa. As he glanced sulkily at Astria, who had just kissed him passionately a moment ago and was now engrossed in her work, he saw her precious little face.


“Your Majesty…?”




“When will you be done with work?”


Sena stood up and stood next to Astria for no reason.


He saw the bright red lips perfectly placed on Astria’s tiny face.


He unconsciously covered his mouth.


She kissed him for an hour just now, and she already wants to do it again? Was she a p*rvert?


“Go to sleep. It will take a while today.”


“But I already slept a lot earlier.”


“Didn’t I ask you to come with me?”


“How could I go there? It’s the Empire’s main conference hall.”


“As a marquis, you have enough status to attend the meeting.”


Sena blinked.


“You knew?”


“…Do you think I wouldn’t?”


“There are so many nobles in the Empire, I didn’t think you’d know. Besides, it’s not well-known.”


Astria looked at Sena in disbelief.


“Physician, what is your status in the royal court right now?”


“I’m just Sena.”


Sena looked disgruntled. She wanted to be called by her name properly.






“What is your official capacity beside me?”


“A physician…?”


“Would I appoint someone who doesn’t know their status as my personal physician?”




Sena scratched her head with a sheepish smile. Thinking about it, that made sense.


Astria sighed faintly and turned over a document.


Even though he knew he shouldn’t, Sena kept glancing at the documents. It was understandable since anyone would be curious about the Empress’s work.


“…Just look at it openly if you’re curious.”


Astria said softly, feeling Sena’s gaze. Sena’s eyes sparkled.


“Is that okay?”


“You are my queen. You need to be aware of the current situation.”


“Haha, I don’t really need to know, but I’m curious, so I’ll just take a peek.”


Sena placed his hands on his knees and bent forward.


His silver hair touched the desk. Astria, half-awake, grabbed Sena’s wrist.






“On me.”


Without waiting for a response, Astria pulled Sena onto her lap. She then wrapped one arm around Sena’s waist.




Sena’s face turned red. Astria was wearing thin clothes, so Sena could feel all her curves.


“… Your Majesty can’t see like this. We’re the same height.”


“I am taller.”


Astria said confidently. Sena glanced back and smiled softly.


‘She can be cute sometimes.’


Even though Sena was small, Astria was just as petite.


“…What does that smile mean?”


“Nothing. Can you see well?”




Astria’s vision was filled with Sena.


That was the most important thing.


So, yes, she could see well.



“It’s a memorial. Several nobles are complaining.”


“That pile is trash. There’s no need to read it.”


‘Is that okay?’


…Astria would handle it well.


Sena shifted his gaze to another document.


“Monsters…? Oh, is this the monster report from yesterday?”


In an instant, Astria became serious.


“This is the most important issue recently.”


“Indeed. It seemed a bit odd to me as well. Trolls living in groups… and in such unusually large numbers.”


“What do you think is the cause?”


Sena pondered for a moment.


“Could there be an ecological problem in the mountains?”




Astria blinked at Sena’s completely different perspective.


“For example, a very powerful monster could have recently entered the mountains. The trolls might have chosen to coexist with it to survive.”




It was quite an interesting interpretation. It hadn’t occurred to her, but once she heard it, it seemed the most plausible.


“Is it still possible that humans are involved?”


“Yes. Considering the timing, if it were a naturally introduced species, it wouldn’t have evolved this quickly.”


Astria stared at the back of Sena’s head, lost in thought.


Appearance, intelligence, talent. Not a single aspect is lacking.


Is there a more perfect candidate for a husband?


‘There can’t be. There’s only one in this world who encompasses everything.’


Astria’s smile deepened.


“In that case, the officials’ seemingly nonsensical remarks might have some validity.”


“What did they say?”


“They suggested that a group with a grudge against the Empire might be behind it.”


“That makes sense. It’s impossible to release monsters without anyone noticing unless it’s a group effort.”


“They pointed to Labella as that group.”


“La-Labella? It can’t be Labella.”


Sena had been to Labella’s headquarters.


Labella, the Empire’s largest rebel force.


It was the base of a dark force. Sena had imagined a crime-ridden city filled with all sorts of rough individuals.


But it wasn’t. It was just an ordinary village. A place where people smiled over small happiness.


There were children and old people. Women laughing happily despite their impoverished lives.


‘…They didn’t seem to be thinking about rebellion.’


It was just a village where people with various wounds gathered to live happily together.


What Labella actually did was mostly threaten corrupt nobles and extort money from them.


They stood up for those who suffered unfairly and helped them. Sena didn’t agree with their methods but didn’t think they were entirely wrong.


Moreover, their village was already self-sufficient. It was hard to believe that such people would release terrifying monsters into the mountains.


“Why are you so certain?”


“The Isabella I saw… wasn’t that kind of person. The people affiliated with Labella were all kind-hearted.”


“How absurd.”


Sena gave a troubled smile. After all, Labella was a clear enemy of Astria.


Astria smirked.


“How audacious. Are you defending a rebel force in front of me?”


“That’s not what I meant. …I’m sorry. But Labella really isn’t behind this. If my judgment of people is right.”




Astria had a distant look on her face. She was briefly recalling the past.


“I also think Labella isn’t behind this.”




“Isabella isn’t the type to plot in the shadows. If she were going to oppose me, she would have come at me with a sword openly.”


‘That seems slightly off the mark…’


But since they reached the same conclusion, it should be fine, right?


Sena’s eyes wandered in search of another topic. Then she noticed a stack of papers piled up in one corner.


“Huh? What’s that, Your Majesty?”


Sena picked up one of the papers and read it. It contained the profiles of various nobles.


“These are engagement request documents.”


Sena’s expression visibly stiffened.


No way. Astria wouldn’t consider meeting anyone. It’s a miracle if she doesn’t tear them apart.


Sena tried to sound casual.


“Are you going to reply?”


“What? Me, to those trash…”


Astria paused for a moment.


She recalled the advice she had carefully read from the ladies earlier.


-There’s no better way to test someone’s love than by making them jealous! Below are detailed methods and sample scripts.



“…I am considering meeting them out of respect for their courage to propose. Who knows, I might find someone who can give me a child.”


Sena’s eyes wavered.


Forcing a smile, he spoke.


“…That’s good news.”


Sena’s body slumped. He looked utterly defeated.


It was a good thing.


Astria was at an age where she should find a partner, and it was time for her to do so.


That partner wasn’t him, who only had two months left to live.


“Ha ha, congratulations. I should find someone too.”


“What? No, you can’t.”


Astria’s shock was palpable.


“Why not…?”


“Don’t even think about it.”


“Why is it okay for Your Majesty to find someone, but not for me to…?”


Sena flinched at the cold sensation. Astria was biting his neck.


‘How many more times is this golden one going to mark her territory…!’


Sena’s body was already covered in marks. Astria’s kiss marks, to be precise.


Especially around his neck, there were three red spots visible from a distance. Now, with this new one, there were four.


This possessive Empress.


Sena felt a bit wronged.


Astria would glare murderously even if he talked to Sylvia briefly, yet she openly accepted engagement proposals?


‘Besides, the emperors practice polygamy.’


It was natural. An empress, needing to leave as many heirs as possible, would marry multiple people.


Of course, it didn’t concern him, as he would be leaving soon…


“I told you, you are mine. I won’t give you to anyone else.”


‘Why is this so irritating?’


Sena found himself inexplicably annoyed.


…And he wanted to be a little greedy.


Sena turned around. Normally, he would never do this.


Just this once. For the first and last time, he wanted to flirt back.


“Your Majesty.”


Sena turned around and held Astria’s cheeks with both hands.




Astria was dumbfounded by the audacity of someone daring to touch the Empress’s face.


“You know.”


“What are you doing?”


“Actually, I know how to do that too.”




Sena bit Astria’s neck.


He bit a very, very visible spot.


As he sucked in the air, Astria’s body shuddered.


He felt her warmth.


And her rapidly beating heart.


At the same time, Sena’s blood began to pump faster.



After a long while, he released her neck.


Feeling it wasn’t enough, he marked her collarbone as well. And another spot elsewhere.


He marked her territory messily.


Astria’s breathing became rough. In the slightly dim office, her eyes glowed a bright blue.


Sena smiled mischievously and gently touched the bright red kiss marks.


They were well marked. They should be clearly visible.


“Now, Your Majesty is mine too.”


(TLN: Btw, new cover)

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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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