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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 8

Saint of Larden (3)



Anyone who hears that grand name is surely delighted, besides the Saint, of course.


Sena denied the few names attached to him. Even more so now.


‘So, am I a bad person for wanting to retire to the countryside because I feel my remaining lifespan is wasted?’


Sena sighed and poured out some pills from his pocket.


“Take one pill a day.”


These were vitamins.


Blood was a crucial nutrient in the human body.


He poured out plenty of that nutrient, so supplementation was needed.


“Ah, understood.”


“And the remaining treatment, I’ll handle.”


This time, he spoke towards the absent-minded priest.


Honestly, Sena had no good feelings towards the priest, but he had to admit when it was due.


Sacred medicine could sometimes tread lightly on modern medicine, depending on how it was used.


Then, bowing towards Astria, he said.


“You’ve arrived just in time.”




“I was actually planning to visit you. Do you have any free time?”


“The Empress’s work is never finished. However, if it’s brief, I can make time.”


“You’re unexpectedly noble.”


Astria seemed to be in a good mood.


On the other hand, Sena wasn’t feeling great.


“I saw a miracle like this, so shouldn’t I at least pay the price?”


There was something Sena was always wary of.


Performing medicine on one patient in front of another.


Especially if that medicine succeeded.


The more critical the patient, the easier it was to harbor fantasies.


If they can get better so easily, I could too, right?


“Can I witness this miracle as well?”


Look at this.


The Empress was already hopeful.



As always, Sena replied.


“You’ll only know if you try.”




Sena walked with Astria and Chris on the promenade.


While doing so, Sena’s eyes lit up when he noticed a field that hadn’t been properly tended.


“Just a moment.”


Seeing Sena suddenly grab a hoe and start working the field, Astria looked puzzled.


“…What’s he doing?”


“It’s healthier not to question what Sena does, Your Majesty.”


Chris paused the wheelchair and answered as if it were routine.


“Sena says stress isn’t good for health.”


“Stress…? I see. Be careful.”


Astria, who had been impressed by Sena’s medical skills just now, was dignified.


However, when Astria saw Sena take out herbs from his travel suitcase and plant them, her expression wrinkled.


Everything has its use.


In Astria’s eyes, Sena wasn’t someone who would quietly plant herbs.


“You’re the Empress’s physician. You have the right to hire a servant. Do that instead of planting herbs.”


Sena stood up after planting the last herb.


It’s pointless to do such a thing when he will disappear in a week anyway.


Above all, from Sena’s experience, servants he spent time with tended to become attached.


What’s the use of doing something like that when he’s on a deadline?


“It’s something I can do. It’s okay even without a maid…”


Astria said with a lively look.


“Hire one.”




…Sometimes, there are things more important than logic.


That was when the Empress demanded it.




“It’s rehabilitation training.”


Astria looked at Sena seriously.


“What’s that?”


“Exactly what it sounds like, training to move your body.”


The surgical operation was a success. Now, whether he could handle the aftermath was up to her.


“I see.”


“Before the training, Your Majesty, I need to give you some instructions.”


“Go ahead.”


“Stand up from the wheelchair by yourself and walk over there, please.”


Sena pointed to a shelter installed in the middle of the garden.


Astria calmly stood up from the wheelchair.


Somewhat unsteady, but she reached the spot too easily.


Considering she just had surgery yesterday, it was surprising.


“Is it done?”


‘Insane recovery speed.’


He wondered if, at this rate, he could finish treatment even faster than he thought.


Chris clapped his hands with a kind face.


“As expected, Your Majesty. It’s remarkable how you can manipulate external mana and resonate with your body without being a magician.”


Astria’s lips twitched.


“Do you… want to die?”


“W-what mistake have I made…?”


Astria sighed.


Sena blinked several times, unable to comprehend what was just said.


Once he understood, Sena narrowed his eyes.


“You used magic?”


Astria quietly turned her head.


‘That golden girl is for real.’


Sena raised his hand to his forehead.


‘I knew this was important, but to this extent…’


He barely restrained himself from shouting, “Are you out of your mind? Don’t you want to get better?”

But managed to say calmly.


“Your Majesty, you mustn’t use mana, of course.”


“…I can’t?”


“Of course not. This is about healing your body.”




Astria clicked her tongue, looking at Chris with a disapproving look on her face.




Chris froze in place. Before disappearing, Astria commanded him firmly.


“Chris, leave. From now on, only the physician is allowed here.”


Chris straightened up and replied.




Before leaving, he whispered to Sena.


“…Please tell her properly.”


“I’ll write it in the will and pass it on to the family.”


“Was our friendship nothing more than this…?”


After the sad-eyed Chris left.


Astria whispered softly.


“Is he gone?”




At that moment, her blonde hair cascaded down.


Thud. Astria collapsed to the floor.


Sena’s pupils dilated.


Astria stretched her arm towards the sky.


“I can’t move without using mana. Quite something.”


‘Was it like this the first time too?’


Was she using mana even then to move?


He didn’t notice. Well, Sena didn’t know how to handle mana.


He started to think that Astria’s condition might be worse than he thought.


“Hiding it isn’t always the answer.”


Sena went over to Astria and crouched down.


“How about telling Chris at least?”


Astria stared at Sena with moving eyes.




She reached her hand towards the sky.


“An Empress is a figure who shows fantasies to her subjects.”


And then, she clenched her fist as if grabbing the sun.


“They followed my fantasies and became my subjects. When those fantasies shatter, it’s over.”


“…Being an Empress must be tough.”


How can you understand the mind of someone who became an Empress at the age of twelve?


Even considering it was impolite.


But one thing could be said for sure.


At least it wasn’t a human life.


“How long are you going to keep the patient lying down, physician? Help her stand up.”


“Ah, sorry.”


Astria grabbed Sena’s collar and managed to stand up with difficulty.


‘A nice scent.’


Her skin was as soft as a girl her age.


He felt a warmth too.


The Empress is also human, he thought.


But come to think of it, he had never seen the ‘tyrant’ side of her despite her fearsome reputation.


Indeed, rumors are unreliable.


Just like the nickname ‘Saint of Larden’.


“I’ll walk slowly following you.”




The rehabilitation training progressed gradually. Astria silently followed Sena’s instructions.


Though she merely walked with support, Astria’s blonde hair was drenched in sweat.


How much time had passed?


Suddenly, Sena asked Astria what he had been curious about.


“Your Majesty, why do you want your legs to heal so badly?”


“I must move forward.”


Astria looked at Sena with a determined gaze, her tone exuding strong will.


“To do that, my legs must improve. The sooner, the better.”


The crucial marrow was missing.


But somehow, Sena felt for the first time that he wanted to fix Astria’s legs.


“Not completely, it’s okay.”


The Empress of the Empire.

Astria commanded more powerfully than ever.


“Fix them.”


There was only one response Sena could give.


“Yes, Your Majesty.”




On a lazy afternoon, they were enjoying tea time.


Knock, knock.


“Come in.”


He thought it might be Chris coming to discuss the matter from earlier.


But the person who entered was someone completely unexpected.




That name wasn’t pleasant to Sena, whose life was at a terminal stage.


‘Can’t be helped.’


Living here, he couldn’t avoid interactions with the palace knights.


Since it turned out this way, he greeted her warmly.


“Long time no see. How are the wounds?”


Sylvia avoided Sena’s gaze and mumbled.




She fidgeted for a while before whispering.


“…It’s fine.”


“What did you say? Couldn’t hear you.”






“The… The chronic illness is still there. I can’t see a speck of dust.”


Sylvia entered the room abruptly.


‘What is she doing.’


But in Sena’s perception, Sylvia was still a patient.


After examining her condition, Sena turned her around to check her pupil response.


Knights often claimed not to be in pain even when they were.


“Are you really okay?”


“…It doesn’t hurt anymore. And please, stop staring at me like that.”


‘It’s not a lie. Thank goodness.’


“But your face is red, and you have a fever…”


Sylvia pursed her lips and clicked her tongue.


“Annoying. As expected, I hate Senior the most in the world.”


Sena grinned and patted Sylvia’s head.


Then she turned around and headed for the table.


“Do you want some tea, even though you’re a knight now?”


Sena asked as he took out an extra teacup.


Sylvia hesitated, looking at the floor.


Puzzled, Sena looked at her, and when she followed his gaze, she sat at the table.


“So, what’s the matter?”


“Yes, um…?”


Sylvia looked flustered, raising her head.


“Weren’t you here to say something?”


It didn’t seem like she just came for a casual visit.


But Sylvia’s face turned red.


“Who, who would thank Senior!”




Then she abruptly left.


After a while of silence, Sena tilted his head.


“…So, why did she come?”


She was still as impolite as ever, his junior.


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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