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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor Chapter 85

Fallen Sena (2)

He had done it now.


The first thought that came to mind when he opened his eyes was exactly that.




Sena struggled to sit up. Just that alone was quite taxing; he keenly felt how weakened his body had become.


‘How much time is left…’


He managed to light a lamp and stand before a mirror. He would quickly find out what had happened, but he didn’t want to go that far.


Honestly, it was frightening.




He turned at the familiar voice. Even in the dark night, Astria’s figure was clear. Sena felt relieved. But had it been stretched out like this all along? His hair was quite disheveled.


“I’m glad you’re safe. Are your wounds all healed?”




Astria bit her lip and lowered her head.


“You, uttering such words even in this situation.”


“Ahaha, I’m sorry.”


Sena scratched his head in embarrassment.


“How’s your body?”


“I’m completely healthy.”


He said firmly, clenching his fist. Astria followed his head.




An awkward atmosphere passed.


Sena clapped his hands to lighten the mood.


“Oh, I’m hungry. Is there anything to eat? Baguette, perhaps.”


“Here you go.”


Astria handed him a baguette. Sena took a bite. Strangely, it had no taste.


‘…Has my sense of taste dulled?’


That would be troublesome. There are so many delicious things in this world.


“…Are you not going to ask?”


“About what?”


“Why Isabella attacked me. Didn’t you trust her quite a bit as the leader of the just Labella?”


Astria clenched her fist tightly.


“Isn’t it in your nature to trust the leader of justice, Isabella, rather than me, a tyrant? If you had trusted her, she might have spared me… If only.”


Sena hugged Astria tightly.


Astria’s pupils widened at the warm touch.


“I am your personal physician, Your Majesty. I’ve never forgotten that fact.”




“Of course, I wish Your Majesty wouldn’t be so careless with your life.”


Sena grinned broadly.


“So you don’t need to worry about that. It’s only natural for the Empress’s physician to use every means available.”


That’s how it was.


Astria smiled bitterly.


Her personal physician was such a person. Foolishly kind, perfect for exploitation.


“Still, I’m curious. What happened to Isabella? …Did you kill her?”


Sena thought that was unavoidable. What Empress would leave alive someone who threatened her life?


“No, I spared her.”




Sena opened his eyes wide in surprise.


It was the most astonishing news he had heard recently.


‘Could it be because of me?’


If that were true, it would be unbelievably joyful. Sena patted Astria’s head in excitement.


“You did well. I’m very proud of you. The most foolish thing in the world is revenge. That kind of revenge will bring about generations of sorrow, so preventing that is Your Majesty’s duty.”


“…Are you that happy about it?”


“Yes! I’m really happy that my nagging could be of some help.”


Sena looked genuinely happy. Astria felt conflicted. Could he really be this happy just because she didn’t kill someone?


‘But, the instigator must be executed without fail.’


There was a mastermind behind this incident.


The knights who annihilated Labella were the Shadow Knights. They used people who had no name or affiliation.


They are under interrogation right now, but it seems that they are holding their tongues tightly, as they are highly trained.


But there was a suspect. He has the power and authority to oppose himself.


Duke Granz Kairos. It was clear.




‘…Even if he is identified as the mastermind of this incident, the basis for execution is weak.’


Labella was clearly an anti-empire faction. The grounds for execution were weak, even though she had violated orders.


So we are preparing elsewhere. The one who held the key was Chris. Astria had instructed Chris to monitor Duke Granz within the permissible range.


The problem was that Chris was missing at the moment. There had been no contact since the incident. It clearly seemed something had happened.




Sena’s cough woke Astria from her thoughts.


“The room feels a bit chilly. I’ll turn on the heater.”


“Oh, no. It’s not that cold. It’s just a simple cough, so don’t worry.”


Astria nodded weakly, but noticed something bothering her in her line of sight.


Sena, as if hiding something behind him. His actions seemed like he was nervously guarding against being caught.


“…What are you hiding behind you?”


“W-what? Hide? I’m not hiding anything.”


Sena’s hair stood on end. Astria sighed and grabbed his wrist, hidden behind his back.


Reluctantly, Sena extended his hand, still clenched into a fist.


“Open it.”


“…D-do you really need to see?”


Sena smiled awkwardly. Astria nodded.


“Hmm. There really is nothing.”


Sena relaxed his grip with a muttered tone. Indeed, there was nothing inside his fist.


Except for blood soaking through.




Blood. Astria wasn’t unfamiliar with it to the point of ignorance. She looked at Sena with trembling eyes. Sena continued to smile like a fool.


“It’s nothing. Cough, Cough.”


Sena started coughing like mad. Each time, blood seeped out, enough to wet his lips. Astria was frozen and unable to move.




Sena grabbed his trembling body tightly.


‘How had he hidden this for so long?’


It was heartbreaking, truly.






Uncertain of what to do, Astria pulled Sena close, just as he had done.


“Rest for today. It’s late.”




Sena quietly fell asleep in Astria’s embrace.




“I never thought I’d have to reuse this.”


Astria brought a wheelchair. It was the one she used to move around. Sena looked bewildered.


“But it’s not that bad. I can walk on my own.”


“…You’ve fallen over five times already.”


“Really? That many?”


Sena laughed. He did have bruises on his knees from all the falling.


“Yeah. Sit down.”


“But… sitting there would make me look too feeble.”


He had his pride.

He couldn’t move in a wheelchair.

Above all, it wasn’t that bad.


“There’s no one sicker here.”


Astria firmly tapped the wheelchair. Seeing Sena stay still on the bed, Astria’s eyebrows slightly raised.


“Come on.”


He reluctantly sat in the wheelchair, as if afraid of angering her.


But he couldn’t hide his discomfort.


“Doesn’t this feel like the situation’s reversed?”


“That’s right. When we first met, I was sitting there, and you were pushing the wheelchair.”


Astria smiled faintly.


“It’s just that things have reversed. That’s all that has changed.”


“But isn’t it fundamentally different? By the way, I wanted to ask you since this morning.”


Sena looked up at Astria like a puppy.


Then he reached out his arm.


“What’s this?”


“It’s bandages.”


Bandages were wrapped around various parts of Sena’s body. Thighs, ankles, knees, arms.


Yesterday, he didn’t notice due to lack of experience, but this morning, it was definitely irritating.


“Even if you look at me like that, I don’t know the details. It’s a treatment by Cruyff.”


“By Cruyff?”


Sena was taken aback.


“…Why are you telling me this now?”


Why hide such an important detail now?


“You didn’t ask.”




“Anyway, Cruyff instructed me never to remove those bandages. He said they underwent special treatment.”


Sena wasn’t sure so he tilted his head.


He didn’t know it was because of the lack of magic, but he didn’t feel anything special from the bandages. At least it wasn’t related to divine power.


‘…He must have known what he was doing.’


Sena decided to keep it simple. From experience, it was usually best to follow Cruyff’s words.


Although he didn’t like the effect of making him look sicker than he actually was.




Sena cleared his throat lightly and nonchalantly asked.


“Your Majesty, isn’t it about time to start work?”


Astria felt uneasy under Sena’s expectant gaze.


But as Sena said, there was something she had to do herself today.



“I’ll finish urgent matters and be back soon. Stay quiet here. If you really want to move, call Betty or Serilda and take a walk.”


“Got it. I’ll wait quietly here.”


Sena’s hair felt like it was swaying.


It actually moved. His forehead hair was neatly combed.


“…If you do anything foolish in that short time.”


Astria decided to make a slight threat.


“I’ll put a leash on you.”


Sena stood up from the wheelchair with a slight hesitation. He sat on Astria’s bed. As if this was his own place.


“Don’t worry. I won’t even budge from here.”


His hair was still facing towards the sky.


‘…It would be impossible to escape in his current condition. Still, I should warn Betty just in case.’


Astria sighed softly and left the room.



…Is she gone?


As soon as Astria left, Sena wiped the cold sweat off his face and stood up.


Phew. I was wondering what would happen if this was discovered too.”


He was in a highly tense situation.


Now, let’s get to work.


His gaze naturally turned towards the mirror.


“…How much time is left? Judging from my condition, about 20 days?”




Slowly, he stretched his head.




“Huh? This isn’t so bad.”


To be honest, he had thought about 10 days.


It was much better than that.




‘…I don’t have much time to relax.’


Sadly, there wasn’t much time left.


He felt sorry for Astria, but he had to leave.


As soon as possible.




Sena grabbed his suitcase.


After a few steps, his legs gave out, and he hesitated to sit down.


He blinked, unable to understand the situation.




Sena brushed his hair off his mouth and thought.


…Is this a really big problem?


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I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

I Became the Terminally Ill Tyrant’s Doctor

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“As promised, I’ve fixed your leg, so I’ll leave now.” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I’ve come this far for this moment. I’ll certainly spend the rest of my days enjoying leisure in a quiet countryside and peacefully conclude my life. “I won’t allow it.” But, the empress won’t let me go!



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