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I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women Chapter 1

Kidnapping (1)

[Khahaha! Welcome to my laboratory! From now on, through experiments, you will become ‘complete’!]

[Huh, huh?! Yuri, what should we do now?]

[Don’t worry. I will definitely… definitely kill that bastard and we’ll all escape together!]


So cliché.

So cheesy.

Is this your true intention?

Even though they claim they’ve prepared for five years for this new game, is this really the story they came up with?


“Are they trying to twist clichés here?”


No? Just when it starts feeling cliché, they’ll hit you from behind with a shocking twist.

That’s their specialty, after all.

Maybe this isn’t the end.

The more it seems to lean on worn-out clichés, the more my anticipation grows. What kind of epic twist are they trying to build up to after all this time?


Before I knew it, playtime was pushing past two hours, but I persisted without turning it off.

Once it goes over two hours, you can’t get a refund, but it doesn’t matter.

The moment this first episode ends, it’s clear they’re going to explode all the built-up boredom in one go.


[Aargh! Aaargh! How is this possible! How did you escape?! You were definitely supposed to be bound by the black magic’s restraint spell, unable to use mana!]

[You fool… I broke it with sheer force! Listening to my friends’ screams! I’ve been training tirelessly for the past three years!]

[How could this be! I never imagined you could break my magic barrier with sheer force! That abnormal strength! Could it be…?]

[Know nothing! Just shut up and die!]


[Kwah! Kwagwah!]


[With that, I defeated the dark magician Aslan Vermont with a newly awakened, unknown power. Finally, I escaped this hellish place with my friends…




A “wow” filled with complex emotions.

Is this really the ending of Chapter 1?

Is it just about a young protagonist and friends getting captured by a crazy dark sorcerer, enduring torture, awakening power, and ending it all?


And even the awakened power isn’t some cool ability, just brute strength.

It’s honestly so bland, isn’t it?


“Rating: 0 stars. Wait, can’t give 0 stars? Then 1 star. Selling this kind of thing for money. This is when you should be exerting positive influence as a pioneer.”


I immediately posted my review.

Under the question “How much of the game did you play?”, I naturally selected “I’ve seen all the endings.”

This should boost the credibility of my review.

I hope as many people as possible see my review and think twice before spending their money, out of a benevolent desire.


[…I wondered if there could be more to it, but the final ending was really… wow. Only the wealthy will play till the end.]


After writing all that, it turned into a lengthy review of about 5,800 characters.

First upload on the review board, bam.

As soon as it went up, comments like “Is this for real?”, “How did you manage to see the ending just 3 hours after release?”, “Did this guy already do a speedrun?” flooded in, but I deleted and blocked them all.

Soon after, comments like “I played for an hour and then refunded it lol”, “Wow, this kind of development keeps happening till the end?”, “Thanks for saving me money, dude” turned the tide of public opinion.

Yeah, that’s right.

The more likes my review gets, the wider my grin.


“You’re going to take a hit in Korean sales. Alright. Which crappy game should we make a killing off of next? Huh? What’s this?”


I got an email notification.

Curious, I checked it.

It was an email from the game company.

What, these guys. How did they get my email address?

Kind of creepy.


[Hey, you gamer bastard, I looked at your logs and you’re only up to Chapter 1. What kind of ending is that? Look, you’re not going to make it. Not for you especially-]


That’s it. Enough.

Admitting to using collected personal information for such nefarious purposes?

Prepare to face the consequences.

Think the Personal Information Protection Act is a joke?

You messed with the wrong person.

After being called into court so often for hacking, I’ve become thoroughly versed in every law.


“Huh? Why is there light coming from the monitor?”


At that moment, the monitor filled with blue light.


[This is a special reward for the first user to clear all the endings.]


“Hey. I didn’t see the endings…?”


[You said you did.]


The light emanating from the monitor enveloped me, sending chills down my spine.

Ah. Could this be what I think it is?






Vermont Mansion.

The imposing building rising from the barren ground remained busy even on ambitious nights.

Maids bustled in the kitchen making food, and quietly, with soft steps, headed towards the study.


It was all because of Aslan Vermont, the eldest son of Count Vermont.

Recently immersed in mysterious magic, Aslan was locked in the library, not coming out.

It wasn’t that his day and night were reversed, he just didn’t sleep.


“How did this happen? It feels like people are getting weirder as time goes by…”

“Shh! Shhh! They might hear you…”


Just as hunger pangs began to gnaw, even in the dead of night, I summoned the maids with a clamor.

Entering the study, any slightest noise would provoke their ire, disrupting their work.

Even the faint aura emanating from the magic under research was enough to unsettle the servants, whose anxiety only grew as days passed.


“It definitely seems like black magic, doesn’t it?”

“Looks obvious. Ugh. At this rate, we might get caught by the royal family and exterminated. Scary, so scary.”

“Shouldn’t we stop Aslan before it comes to that?”

“Hey, you’re new here? You’re going to stop Aslan? Hah. Give it a shot then. We’re curious to see how that turns out.”


‘Gets whipped until bloodied, vote,’ ‘Sacrificed to black magic, vote,’ began the betting as the new maid turned pale.

I’d heard they were ruthless, but to this extent?

They hire uneducated commoners for peanuts, so I came, but the job’s difficulty level reached the sky.


“Newbie. Take this tray with the tea set.”


“Since we’ve been hearing orders to memorize so often today, your throat will dry up quickly. The moment you cough, we all have to slap you once, so hurry and bring it without making any noise. Be cautious, though, because if you hurry and make a sound, you could end up getting slapped indefinitely until you’re numb.”

“Hee, heek. Yes…”


Taking the tray with the teacups and teapot, the newbie trembled.

Let’s go. Let’s go.

Quietly opening the door, placing the tea set on the side table, and quietly leaving should be an easy task.

Mentally preparing herself, the newbie timidly stepped forward with trembling feet towards the study door.


“Status window! Status window! Status window! Status wi-ii-ii-ind!!!”


Ah. This person’s a bit strange.

Uttering incomprehensible incantations today as well.






When I opened my eyes, I was under a strange ceiling.

A dark room filled with bookshelves.

The floor was covered with unknown hieroglyphs and pictures.

My hands…

What’s with them? Why are they so pale and slimy?




Even to my own surprise, I couldn’t help but gasp at the absurdity of my voice.

A strange place and a strange body.

This, that thing, is that right?

In such situations, one must remain calm without panicking.


“Status window! Status window! Status window! Status wi-ii-ii-ind!!!”


I immediately called out for the status window.

If this is what I think it is, the status window should naturally follow as a basic perk.


[Status Window]


[Name: Aslan Vermont]

[Age: 19 years old]

[Doomed to become a villain. Everything around you is pushing you towards the path of evil.]


“No way. They catch people…”


I had roughly expected the possession from the moment light emanated from the monitor.

But instead of the protagonist, it was Aslan, the villain from Chapter 1?

That was completely unexpected.




Wow, this guy’s laughter is chilling.

Even though it was just amusing, he already seems like a villain.

Why did the protagonist and their friends follow such a guy home, believing in him?



“Yeah. That’s the root of all evil.”


Looking back, everything that happened to Aslan was because he meddled with the protagonist and their friends.

The protagonist, still a powerless orphan, and the other children from the same orphanage.

As the orphanage collapsed and fell into the hands of sl*ve traders, it was Aslan who had picked up the protagonist and their friends.


If Aslan hadn’t done terrible things to the protagonist and their friends.

No, if he hadn’t picked them up in the first place, they wouldn’t have been split in half and killed by the protagonist.

Even though the whole household smells a little suspicious, the survival rate of eliminating all traces of black magic books or whatever will increase.


‘Is it worth more than I thought?’


For a “f*ck you” possession, it’s actually pretty friendly.

If you really tried hard enough, you could have possessed a villain who appears after Chapter 1.

But forcing me into the role of a villain who appears only in the part I played and dies, does that mean you want me to survive?”




Thud, thud, thud, thud.

Footsteps loud enough to echo into the library.

Not just one, but two, three··· I’m not sure. Many.

Just as I wondered who it could be, the door opened roughly and a gruff voice burst out.


“Aslan, this sister of yours has specially procured the materials for your experiments! I was passing through the sl*ve market and saw the perfect ones, so I snatched them up!”





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I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women

I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women

용사의 여자들을 납치했다, 저 빌런 아닙니다
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2024 Native Language: Korean
I’ve possessed the mid-boss who tortures the protagonist and receives true education. Am I crazy? How dare I do such a thing to the person who is supposed to be the protagonist? I even planned to treat all the protagonist’s friends hospitably… “Everyone, wait for me! I will definitely become stronger and come to save you!” Oh. Running away.



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