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I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women Chapter 16

I Will Keep an Eye on You

‘It’s real mana…’


Vitality that fills the body.

Overflowing power.


Yes. This was it.

The sensation of mana flowing through the body.

Sylvia closed her eyes, her body trembling with memories of the past.


Although the surged mana was only a quarter of the total, it was overwhelming for Sylvia, who had lived for years without sensing mana at all.

As the strength surged, a paradoxical sense of powerlessness overwhelmed her.


‘I’ve been this weak all this time…’


She had forgotten.

How she had lived in the past, displaying grandeur.

What power she had possessed.

Efforts to forget it had barely worked, but now they were revived by the mana flowing into her body.

Ironically, the ones who made her forget and the ones who revived her were Vermonts.


‘When did they shatter my mana core and turn it into ash…’



Sylvia gritted her teeth, making a harsh sound.

Unpleasant memories resurfaced along with sensations from long ago.

Memories of having her power taken away, of being bound to this family.


Living for Vermont.

Swearing to wield a sword for this disgusting lineage until death, she had heard the proposal to erase her mark and give up the mana two years ago.

However, Sylvia could never utter such a false oath before a sword.


Money and status were raised many times, but Sylvia’s heart did not waver.

But ironically, even though she said she hated joining Vermont more than dying, she didn’t have the courage to tear off her stigma.

She couldn’t summon the courage to die.


‘You know best what it means to give me mana…’


In the meantime, Aslan injected mana into her.

Casually, willingly.

It was as if he was offering her a toy.


Mana, the fuel of all magic.

And Aslan knew better than anyone that Sylvia was adept at the stigma magic.

That’s why he meticulously monitored Sylvia to prevent her from contacting mana stones or spirit masters.


But giving mana like this?

What if she destroyed the stigma and fled?

Even if defenseless, he was too defenseless.

No. Maybe he was pretending to be defenseless…


‘You’ve changed. Definitely changed.’


At first, she was unsure.

Aslan seemed the same as usual but somehow different.


Despite the ominous atmosphere and the creepy smile, Aslan’s appearance hadn’t changed at all.

But he was clearly different somehow.

Of course, whether it was a positive change or the opposite, she couldn’t tell.


‘What exactly are you trying to do…’


She wondered if there might be some trick to Aslan’s mana injection.

She suspected if there was a magic trap that would trigger when used, but there was nothing like that.

It was just ordinary and pure mana.


Does he want me to escape?

Did he suddenly have a whim and sympathize with me?

Aslan was not that kind of person.

In an instant, Sylvia’s mind became complicated.


There was a way to simplify all of this.

Immediately marking, destroying the mansion with the remaining mana, and then fleeing.

That way, she could be free without a trace.


“It’s time for the duel to begin. Stop hiding in the shadows like a child of darkness and come out now.”



Aslan ordered without looking back.

He seemed confident he would win, showing no intention of even watching the duel.

His usual indifferent attitude.


He clearly knows she could remove this stigma right away and even take his life.

He knows that the fate of himself and his family depends on her.

Her mind is so complex and dizzy, how can he be so indifferent…



Her teeth gritted again.


‘Damn brat. What’s with the trick this time? What are you fussing over the kids for? Why are you handing over your own life to me?’


Aslan had many times before schemed a strange plot.

There were countless times he pretended to be reborn.

But they all didn’t last long and were caught or Aslan revealed his true colors from exhaustion.


But what is this time?

It’s been four days already.

Why hasn’t he shown his true colors yet?

Why can’t she imagine what kind of trick it is?


Could it be, truly?

Has he really changed?

Deep inside, to his very core?




There’s no way.

It can’t be.

Sylvia felt a surge of irritation.

She was angry at herself for clinging to a thread of hope, even as she repeated this to herself like brainwashing.


“Hahaha! You actually showed up on time without running away! Or was it because the stigma prevented you from running? Hahaha.”

“…Shall we start the duel?”

“Why are you in such a hurry? If you kneel before me right now and beg sincerely, I might show you some mercy. Considering the embezzlement charges, you’ll almost certainly be sentenced to death. But instead, becoming my concubine…”


Ugh. How annoying.

Her mind is already overwhelmed with thoughts of Aslan.

Why is this mosquito buzzing around?


“It’s 8 o’clock. The duel is considered to have started.”

“Don’t be so cold, Sylvia. You act straightforward, but if you just put some effort into dressing up…”

“Shut up and pick up your wooden sword, you piece of trash.”



As Sylvia gathered mana to a single point, her eyes widened, and her hair stood on end.

The moment Leon met those eyes, his body froze.

Anyone with even a bit of experience with mana would feel it.

The aura spread from Sylvia’s body, coloring the entire surroundings.


Aslan, unaware, simply buried himself in a book in the library.

Charlotte and Julia felt their hairs stand on end, a chill running down their spines.

And Leon, who had to face the full brunt of the aura, turned pale.


‘What, what is that! She was supposed to be crippled!’


What filled Leon was pure fear.

Strictly speaking, nothing had happened yet.

Sylvia had merely stirred a bit of mana with murderous intent.

But Leon instantly lost all will to fight, his legs giving way beneath him as he collapsed.





A dark stain spread across Leon’s pants.

Collapsing into a yellow puddle he created, Leon foamed at the mouth and fainted.

Sylvia let out a hollow laugh at the sight.


Hah. It ended before I even used mana.”


Just the prelude to using mana had caused this mess.

She felt embarrassed for trembling at the thought of losing to such a guy yesterday.

But now she had leftover mana.

The amount she received yesterday remained completely untouched.


‘It’s not too late yet.’


Even now, if she decided, she could erase the stigma, destroy the mansion, and escape with the children.

She could be free.

At that moment, Aslan’s words came to mind, and Sylvia shut her eyes tightly.


‘You have talent, so you’ll figure it out. Those children aren’t ordinary. If you take them outside, can you protect them from falling into the hands of villains’

‘Your ability to think straight and honestly is lacking. Rather than uncertain dangers where any kind of villain could lurk, wouldn’t it be better to leave them beside a certain villain within your reach? That’s what I’m saying, you fool.’


Really, is this the right thing?

Is taking them away the right choice?

Will the children truly be happier that way?

Has Aslan really… changed?


“Ugh! I don’t know anymore!”



Sylvia’s mana gathered at a single point again, and her aura began to radiate.


“Aslan! What on earth are you planning! What scheme do you have! I don’t understand at all! Just like you said, I’m stupid and foolish, and I don’t understand!!!”


What is Aslan thinking?

Why did he return this power to me?

I can’t understand any of it.


If that’s the case, isn’t it a matter of finding out?

Waiting until I understand?


“You! You said I was impatient! I’ll try to change! I’ll endure and wait! I’ll watch what you choose to do! I’ll wait and keep an eye on you!”


She can’t stand the curiosity.

If she beheads him and runs away now, she’ll be left with a lifelong sense of dissatisfaction.

She must find out his true intentions. She will stay by his side until he reveals his true colors.



The mana gathered at a single point combusted and exploded.

A light burst forth from Sylvia’s outstretched palm.


And then flash.

The area was covered in a bright flash, turning the world white.

When the light subsided, what was revealed was a massive crater in the center of the training ground.




The area within a ten-meter radius of where Leon had collapsed was reduced to ashes.

Not even a trace of his body could be found.

It was the first time in two years that Sylvia, a Sword Expert and unofficial 8-circle mage, had cast a spell.

It was clearly an excessive use of magic.

With a hollow laugh, Sylvia collapsed.


“I really am… a fool.”


She had exhausted all her mana with this.

She had returned to a body incapable of removing the stigma.

As she cooled her head and thought again, she realized it was too impulsive.

She considered that perhaps she should have saved at least a little mana for emergencies.


“But I feel relieved…”


For some reason, she did not regret it.

Instead, she felt much lighter.

Everything became simple without the need for complexity.

For a fool like her, this was the right way.

Sylvia closed her eyes and laughed convulsively.


“To think you dared to mess up my training ground like this… I don’t recall telling you to fight so extravagantly. Another pay cut. Foolish girl.”


Why is she smiling so foolishly?

Looking out the window, Aslan clicked his tongue.

He couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.


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I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women

I Kidnapped the Hero’s Women

용사의 여자들을 납치했다, 저 빌런 아닙니다
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I’ve possessed the mid-boss who tortures the protagonist and receives true education. Am I crazy? How dare I do such a thing to the person who is supposed to be the protagonist? I even planned to treat all the protagonist’s friends hospitably… “Everyone, wait for me! I will definitely become stronger and come to save you!” Oh. Running away.



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