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I Will Be the Only One Healing at the Prison Academy Chapter 36

The Flower in Both Hands #2

「Demon Sword Tyrfing.

A cursed sword that must taste blood once drawn. Simultaneously leads its wielder to destruction. 」


This was the weapon described in D&A.


This weapon could be almost certainly obtained on Enio’s underground route.

Around Act 3 or so, Enio handed the sword to Luke, saying,


“There are some bothersome guys. It would be nice if you took care of them.”


A group of lawless individuals rampaged in Ludens’ underground market.

To confront them, Enio hired the protagonist, Luke, as a hired hand.


Why was Luke, who defeated Enrique in Act 1 and Priest Torneo in Act 2, such a promising figure back then?


Finally, after defeating the trio of lawless individuals as per Enio’s request, Luke said, “You can hold onto that sword for a while. And occasionally, if you could help me out with my requests.”


That was the story.


“In exchange for Tyrfing, Enio, I need to just take care of those guys who are causing you trouble. The ones causing problems underground.”


“…Certainly, I was thinking of making such a request. How did you know my troubles are related to the underground?”


“I know you better than you imagine.”


Enio’s expression visibly surprised at my vague and elusive response.


Then, with narrow eyes, she said, “I didn’t know what that meant, but…” trembling.


What meaning did it have?

Just literally.


Anyway, that’s how I was able to obtain 「Demon Sword Tyrfing」. Of course, it was more of a temporary possession than actual ownership.


You know those franchises that lend equipment and materials?

I wa’s like I became one of those.


But if I accepted this, did that mean the protagonist Luke couldn’t enter Enio’s route?


More importantly, what route was Luke currently progressing through?


Judging by Victoria’s attitude, it didn’t seem to be the Student Council route.


…Well, as long as he was alive, he would figure it out on his own.


My nose itched.




I gently pulled Tyrfing out of its scabbard.


As the pitch-black blade reflected my face, a shivering chill ran through my entire body.


Was this the passive ability of the cursed sword that affected even Victor’s «Steel» Quirk?


It was impossible to predict how the penalty of 10% of total health per turn would be implemented in reality, but it was certainly no ordinary item.


I wondered if it felt like extracting uranium ore.


“How is it?”




“Usually, just holding it could make people scared. Indeed, Victor is different.”


“Is that so?”


Anyway, I got Tyrfing.

Now, I might be able to defeat the mid-boss in the 「Tropical Jungle」 dungeon with ease.


Not only that, but I might also be able to self-sustain against the wild monsters that came out in the field without relying on the delivery duo.


Maybe it was just my mood, but the fact that the scabbard was hanging on my hip made me feel quite satisfied.


Everything felt like it was falling back into place.

“Victor, you seem to be in a good mood. The expression is still the same, though.”


“Is that so.”


“By the way, your response was concise and nice. Would you like to try cutting a log as a test?”


“Not a bad idea. It takes time to get used to it.”




* * *




“Well then, starting next month, we would publicly announce the ‘underground’ access permit to students and civilians to investigate the remnants of Fimblevet, who might have hidden in Ludens’ underground.”


Instead of the absent Student Council President, Victoria calmly led the meeting.


Official opening of Ludens’ underground.


The future changes it would bring were uncertain.


But if “Fimblevet” targeting bounty hunters had taken action, Ludens’ Student Council also needed to use strategies that the opposing party couldn’t counter.


A new change.

This change also included something like this.


“Well then, let’s grant a weapon permit to Victor from Class A-1, the second-year student who helped in this incident. Any objections?”


At Victoria’s question, everyone in the meeting room fell silent.

Well, one person made quite a fuss.


“Victor, you…! Ignoring Arnoy’s request…! He promised to bring delicious desserts, but there’s still no news…!”


Delegate – Nymph Arnoy of the Water Trench.

Commonly known as the Eternal Youth Arnoy.

But no one paid attention to Arnoy’s words.


Eventually, with the sound of pounding hammers, Victor’s weapon permit was issued.


“Victoria, you seemed happy. Otherwise?”


When leaving the conference room, Secretary Shadi approached Victoria with a sly smile.


Victoria sighed heavily and just asked, “Why?”


Shadi added, still smiling.


“Victor can wield his sword again. This might mean he could return to the Student Council. It might be difficult, but it’s not a permanent expulsion.”


“I don’t know about that.”


“Maybe your broken engagement might also be repaired.”


“…That’s really not true. Who would get engaged again with that guy?”


“Well, you never know. But Victoria, you seemed sincere in persuading the Delegates.”


“That’s because Victor is quite powerful. If he wields the sword, he might be able to work with the Student Council in the future…”


“Yeah, yeah. Victoria, you’re right.”


With a wave of her hand, Shadi said, “Well, I’m busy.”, and quickly disappeared down the corridor. Thanks to that, Victoria had to carry the heavy documents alone.


Then, a document fell with a flutter.

On the floor was the just-signed “Weapon Possession Permit” for Victor by the Delegates.


‘If he sees this, will he like it?’


No, he would probably act indifferent as usual.


“Even if he has the permit, it’s meaningless without a weapon. Victor’s old sword, Balmung, the Arkwright family already retrieved it.”


Weapons suitable for Victor were quite expensive.


‘He could easily break an ordinary sword, right??’


So Victoria thought it would be okay to give Victor a swords as a gift.


‘Well, it’s a gesture of gratitude for handling things in place of the Student Council during the Enrique incident. No other feelings. I can’t return Balmung, after all.’


—Use it well.


She went to the Weapon Shop and bought a sword.


Victoria, unlike her brother or Victor, was ignorant about swords, but she thought a sword purchased for 5 million Rene should be good.


‘Even if it’s not as good as Balmung. 5 million Renes is my monthly living expenses, so it should be a decent item, right? I’ll have to save more for next month and the month after that…’


hough her hand felt heavy, she headed to the club room where Victor was.


“I didn’t buy this for you. I just brought something from storage.”


After practicing some appropriate lines in front of the club room, she opened the door. However, the club room was empty.


‘Where did he go?’


Then, she heard murmuring nearby.

Leaving the club room, she headed towards the nearby courtyard and saw people standing in front of logs.


“Cutting the light.”




“Victor, it’s all good, but do you have to say ‘Cutting the light’ so explicitly? If you say it like that, the opponent will figure it out easily.”


“I can’t help it. I have to say it like this.”


“What are you doing there…?”


About to approach Victor, Victoria stopped abruptly when she saw his back.


This was because the blade in Victor’s hand reflected the moonlight and the light of the bonfire in the drum, shining with an especially magical feel.


‘Is that Tyrfing…?’


The magic sword obtained from Blackstar.


For some reason, seeing Victor holding it made Victoria feel that the one month’s living expenses she held in her hand was too meager.


‘What are they doing?’


Suddenly, everything she had done felt foolish, and something warm seemed to well up in her chest, ready to burst through her eyes.


‘…Why am I feeling like this?’

(TN: I know, makes me want to cry as well.)

Trying to hide the hefty weight behind her back, she was about to leave when Enio’s red eyes recognized Victoria.


“Who is this? It’s Miss Victoria, right?”




* * *



Tyrfing’s performance was excellent.

It was so good that even as a beginner in swordsmanship, I could effortlessly chop logs like fish cakes.


In fact, it was too good, posing a problem.


…If I swing this at someone, it’ll be quite gruesome.


Absolutely can’t draw this on campus.

A non-drawable sword.

Was there any meaning to this?


Of course, there might have been meaning.


Just by having a sword at my hip, I, Victor, would receive less criticism.


The probability of surviving night assault events would increase.

It would be quite useful in places like dungeons.


Then it happened.


“Victoria, what are you doing there?”


Enio shouted towards the courtyard.

When I turned my head, Victoria standing amidst the cherry blossoms under the bright moonlight came into view.




Did she see my sword just now?

“Cutting the light.” I said.


Once during Enrique’s incident. Just once.


From what I felt after swinging the sword twice, this Victor guy was the type of person who couldn’t cut without shouting the ‘technique name’.


Honestly, I was already over twenty, and shouting, “Cutting the light.”


…Honestly, I thought it was cool.

Trying out in-game techniques is the fantasy of every gamer, right?


However, thinking that Victoria saw it made me feel a bit embarrassed.


Enio said.


“Miss Victoria, why does Victor have that sword? Wasn’t Miss Victoria a Magic student?”


Victoria, looking at the sword in her hand, replied.


“This is that. After the last bounty hunter incident, I felt something. I also didn’t want to rely solely on my magic. Since the Arkwright family is originally a family of greatsword users. Practice? I thought I’d give it a try.”


Even to me, it seemed like some kind of gibberish.

Enio, raising her thin eyebrows, spoke ambiguously, “Hmm.”


“I thought you were going to give a gift to Victor, who can now carry weapons. It looks like a good sword. About 5 million Rene?”


“That’s not it. It’s just a cheap sword. I’ll just use it and throw it away.”


A 5 million Rene sword?

Wasn’t that the most expensive thing in the weapon shop?

The one that was the most expensive but had low attack power, so it was strangely inefficient?


So, you are treating that thing like junk, and you’re barely using it for practice?


Are you flaunting your money in front of me right now?

You bourgeois.


It was infuriating.


“If you’re going to throw it away, give it to me.”


Tyrfing was useless on campus anyway.


But that 5 million Rene 「High-Grade Longsword」 was oddly good precisely because of its lower attack power.


You could swing it around freely.


However, Victoria insisted.


“You call it junk. And you, that’s Tyrfing, right? If you have that, you don’t need this kind of cheap sword, do you? I’ll just use it for practice or throw it away.”

“No, that is needed too. Also, Victoria, you’re more suited for magic than a sword. You’re someone completely unrelated to swords.”


Victoria seemed anxious after the Enrique incident.

Perhaps she was worried that her skills weren’t improving.


Well, that Luke guy didn’t enter the Student Council route, so Victoria’s growth might have been delayed too.


Luke, where are you and what are you doing now?


You need to grow steadily to unlock episodes in daily life fields.


I cursed Luke silently and tried to persuade Victoria.


“Victoria, I, who have watched you longer than anyone else, am saying this. Trust me, more than anyone else. You’re more suited for magic than a sword.”


So if that was something you were going to throw away, give it to me.

Oh, please.


Whether my persuasion worked or not, Victoria seemed shaken.

“Since you’re so certain, what should I…?”


Perhaps due to her mood, Victoria seemed slightly happier.


Come to think of it, she looked oddly unhappy a moment ago. Why was that?


“Anyway, if you don’t need it, give it to me. It’s second-hand, so I’ll pay half the price.”


“Give? Second-hand? It’s still brand new, and I haven’t even used it once.”


“But according to Ludens’ item classification, it’s second-hand.”


I remember the shop system being incredibly irrational, even for unused items.


In the end, Victoria handed me the sword, saying, “Then, take it or leave it.”


As I accepted it, this time, strangely, Enio looked a bit upset.


“… Chi, Victor, are you really doing this on purpose?”




What was I doing?


Anyway, with two swords on my hip, I felt incredibly secure.

Switching weapons as needed was a basic for a veteran.


Seeing me like that, Victoria’s eyes shook slightly.


“Dual wield… Just like Father…, the Family Head.”


Family head, like Cain?

Come to think of it, Cain was a dual swordsman too.

In the end, he was a strange character throwing 128 swords with his ultimate skill.


But for now, I didn’t really mind.


“I have to go to the dungeon tomorrow.”


How about trying to enter the 「Tropical Jungle」?


If I prepared a lot of fragrance soup, I would have enough potions.


At that moment, Enio said.


“Dungeon? Where monsters come out? Víctor, can I go with you? I’ve never been to a dungeon before.”


“Me too! I want to go too!”


At Enio’s words, Victoria requested to join with an excited expression.

This time, I didn’t have to worry about making a team quickly.


“Miss Victoria, weren’t you busy with Student Council work tomorrow? You don’t even have time on weekends.”


“Tomorrow, the Student Council President is coming back. It’s a good opportunity for me to gain some experience in a dungeon during that time, right?”


“Is that the real reason?”


“Isn’t that why you want to go to the dungeon, Enio? Weren’t you the one who didn’t like fighting yourself and preferred using others to get the job done, the Blackstar way?”


More than that, these two really didn’t get along well.

It seemed even worse than I thought.


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I Will Be the Only One Healing at the Prison Academy

I Will Be the Only One Healing at the Prison Academy

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I barely just paid off a 200 million won debt and now I’m inside a game? And I owe another 200 million? Even if it’s unfair, I’m definitely going to heal this time!



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