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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 3

Be Strong (3)

When he decided to obtain Neltalion, he harbored one concern in his heart.


‘But what if this guy doesn’t cooperate with me?’


It was quite an important issue.


There could be troublesome situations if someone who wasn’t qualified tried to handle it. And there were even those who might try to kill their master.


‘The bigger problem is, I know how to contract Elysion, but I have no idea about this one.’


He only knew the location and the method of contracting. He knew nothing else.


So, he couldn’t help but worry.


If this guy didn’t listen to him, there was no solution.


‘And from Neltalion’s perspective, I’m just another offspring of the guy who killed it.’


Isn’t it asking to sign a contract on purpose just to stab him in the back? He had thought about it.


However, Neltalion’s behavior was far from that.


– Ian… had a tough life. Ariel, selfish woman. Even the family are bad people.


Reading the diary in his arms, a slime jumping around, Ian couldn’t help but smile when he saw Neltalion.


‘It seems my worries were groundless.’


Fortunately, there was no malice left in Neltalion.


Just to be sure, he asked, but Neltalion’s answer was always the same.


– Don’t worry. Different body from before. So, don’t care.

‘Different body from before… Does that mean it’s a completely different entity?’

– Yes. Lost the previous personality after resurrection, so no need to worry. Will help diligently. Now, important part comes. Don’t interfere…


Ian didn’t need to worry about dying because of Neltalion’s different personality.


With that said, Neltalion turned its gaze back to the diary.


Where did the figure with thousands of arms go? As Ian petted the small slime that Neltalion had become, he looked around.


‘Well, that went well…’


Ian, returning from the memorial park, came to the training ground to check Neltalion’s strength.


He had created this situation now.


Armor shattered beyond recognition piled up around Ian’s fists.


And the maces he had wielded to test his defense lay scattered on the ground with their handles and heads separated.


And there was another benefit.


Ian checked the faintly visible system window in his eyes.


[Curse, Hatred of the Blade (Curse weakened by Neltalion), Curse Removal 0.3%]


It was still weak, but there was a possibility that the curse could be lifted.


This much would be sufficient as an achievement.


‘All that’s left is life at the Academy.’


The Academy would open in three days. So, he would have to go there too.


‘It’s going to be quite a tough road…’


Having played at the Heroic Academy more diligently than anyone else, he knew better than anyone else what Ian’s life at the Academy would be like.


‘I didn’t throw punches at the academy. Still, I’ll be a target of jealousy.’


As someone who hadn’t received even a hint of expectation from his family, he had taken over the Academy with his innate talent.


Thanks to that, Ian was the subject of jealousy among the students.


Those who harbored jealousy were always on the lookout for an opportunity to drag Ian down, especially now.


Knowing that, Ian’s eyes glowed with murderous intent.


‘Becoming a fool blinded by reputation, and now turned into trash cursed by his mentor.’


And wasn’t he also unable to use his most powerful weapon, swordsmanship?


There couldn’t have been a better time than this.


Of course, Ian wasn’t just going to be beaten up.


He never had any intention of just taking them.


‘I’ve never gone somewhere and just taken a beating.’


Whether it was in his past life or now, that fact wouldn’t change.


With his thoughts concluded, Ian flopped onto the bed. Feeling the cold air of the northern region and the cozy bedding, he murmured softly.


‘I’m looking forward to it.’

– Is Ian looking forward too? I’m also looking forward to the next chapter!


Ian smiled as he listened to Neltalion’s meaningless chatter.




Time passed faster than expected.


Ian, having hurriedly prepared, used the family’s teleport to move to the Imperial Capital.


In the blink of an eye, Ian arrived at the Academy and looked around, raising the corners of his mouth.


‘Being a noble has its perks. It’s convenient to commute from home.’


Most academy students, unlike Ian, preferred to stay in dormitories.


Unless they were high-ranking nobles, they couldn’t afford accommodation near the Imperial Capital, and even if they were, they valued spending time in the Academy together.


‘Every day feels like a social gathering. Eating dinner together, sparring, and getting closer.’


That was a value that couldn’t be ignored.


Being able to make connections with future leaders of the Empire was of immense value.


Of course, Ian found it irrelevant.


‘Leaders of the eEmpire? I’m just a castaway from my family.’


Unlike Ariel, who was loved by everyone, Ian, who had never even dipped his toe into social circles, doubted that attending the Academy would change anything.


Just going there and living without getting cursed or insulted would be lucky.


Ian knew his place well. That’s why he chose to commute.


‘I never thought I would live a lonely life without any friends.’

– Friends? Ian doesn’t have friends? I don’t have friends either! They’re all dead! Shall I be your friend?

‘Yeah, what difference does it make when you’re here? Anyway, I’ve already prepared for it.’


Ian stroked Neltalion, who was trying to sympathize with him.


Since he knew he would be fighting countless enemies after the possession, he had already made up his mind not to care.


‘And with Neltalion around, there’s nothing to be afraid of.’


With Ariel’s Holy Sword and his own talent combined, if he obtained an Artifact that could overwhelm them, there was no reason to be afraid anymore.


With his thoughts concluded, Ian headed to the auditorium where the opening ceremony would take place.


As soon as he opened the huge door, all eyes turned to him.


Ian smiled as he faced the gazes mixed with envy, resentment, and criticism.





The main stage of the Heroic Academy, “Ark”, was different from a typical academy.


To be precise, its operation was slightly different.


‘If a typical academy feels like a school, the Heroic Academy is more like a mix of school and military.’


The biggest difference was in how the classes were divided.


Unlike other academies, they didn’t divide into classes like 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Instead, they divided into 1st Platoon, 2nd Platoon, and 3rd Platoon.


‘Unless there’s a special reason, the platoon you’re assigned to at the beginning is pretty much fixed until graduation.’


Ariel was in the 1st year 1st Platoon, while Ian was in the 2nd year 3rd Platoon.


As Ian glanced around, Neltalion’s eyes lit up.


– Ian! There’s a pretty person over there!

‘Uh… Are you talking about the one with the blonde hair taking the oath over there?’

– That’s right! There and on the left!


What caught Neltalion’s eye was Ariel Volkanov.


As the representative of the 1st year, Ariel stood in front of the podium, taking the oath with representatives from other years.


Seeing her, Ian couldn’t help but furrow his brows.


‘It’s the first time I’ve seen Ariel like this…’

– Ariel? Is that your little sister?

‘Yeah, she’s my sister.’


With her elegant long platinum hair, fair skin, and innocent expression, there was no mistaking it.


The girl who caught the attention of both professors and students was Ian’s younger sister, Ariel Volkanov.


‘I’ve always seen her standing still… Seeing her move like this feels different.’


However, unlike in his past life, Ian didn’t feel entirely fond of her. From Ian’s perspective, she was also an enemy.


His favorable impression of her had vanished long before that moment.


‘There’s no excuse for her ignorance. Her true nature was shocking.’


Ian shifted his gaze from Ariel towards the direction of the 1st Platoon.


There, a woman with a sky-blue ponytail was smiling at Ariel.


‘Celia Wignoron’


The youngest daughter of the esteemed spear technique lineage of the Wignoron Duke family.


She was Ian’s childhood friend.


‘Born with a weak body, Celia sought permission from our family to reside in the healthy air of the Volkanov territory… That’s how she became close to me.’


The Wignoron Duke earned the nickname Dragon Slayer by killing a Red Dragon. In return, his daughter had to bear the curse [Resentment of Fire].


Born under this curse, Celia endured excruciating feverish conditions every day. Unable to bear her suffering any longer, the Wignoron family sent their daughter there to the harsh climate of the Volkanov territory. This marked the beginning of Ian’s interaction with her.


Both Celia, who suffered from congenital health issues, and Ian, who was rejected by his family, shared the common experience of being outcasts. This commonality quickly forged a close bond between them.


In reality, they were not just ordinary friends.


For the sake of the duke’s daughter, Ian worked tirelessly like a butler.

When she was sick, he nursed her through the night, and he was so devoted that he would even go to the mountains teeming with monsters to gather herbs for her.


‘Ian! When I get better, let’s travel together! Not only in the Empire, but to somewhere else! We’ll always be together!’

‘What kind of travel can we do if you’re still unwell?’

‘Hmm… Then! Ian, you can be my knight protecting me! You’ll be the knight who will protect me for the rest of my life!’


With Ian’s sincere care, Celia grew closer to him, even making promises to travel together if her body healed, while undergoing simple training sessions.


‘It’s a story that can’t come true right now’


As the empty promise came to mind, a bitter smile formed.


The relationship between Ian and Celia began to change after she met his sister, Ariel.


The main character, Ariel, was liked by everyone, and that energy engulfed her Celia.


She distanced herself from Ian, despite his sacrifices for her.


The more she remembered what he had done for her, the more uncomfortable she felt. She ended up just doing her dirty self-justification.


‘What was it? I heard the truth about myself from Ariel… and I rationalized that I distanced myself only from people with bad personalities.’


Of course, it was sophistry. She never listened to her childhood friend Ian. She just believed Ariel’s words.


She abandoned him without ever listening to his words.


She alienated her friend who helped her whenever she was sick and made sure she wasn’t lonely.


In the end, she harbored hatred towards Ian and declared their friendship over, thus ending their relationship.


Leaving his bitter gaze behind, Ian continued to look at the heroines.


Just like the protagonist in the original story, Ariel was surrounded by key figures.


‘Bianca Matip, who is a fallen noble but will rise to the position of Archmage. Reina, who is currently a commoner but will become a divine archer after receiving teachings from the elves. And Dias, the childhood friend of Reina, who will become a mercenary king.’


Reciting their names almost elicited admiration. At the same time, he felt resentment towards the game company.


How could they cram such people into one storyline? To uncover Ian’s secret, he would have to compete endlessly with them, wouldn’t he?


‘Balance is seriously off.’


How on earth was he supposed to deal with this? While he was pondering, the school opening ceremony was underway.


After the representatives took their oaths and the headmaster caught his breath, he spoke up.


“Dear students, everyone knows that due to an unpleasant incident in the previous battle, we were unable to conclude a decisive battle with the Demon God.”


All eyes were on him.


What could he say?


‘Even if you look at me that way, I don’t know either.’


He didn’t know the exact reason either. He wanted to know what the Demon King of Sloth had demanded in return.


Ian responded indifferently.


“Failure was a great trial for us, but it was not due to our lack of passion, courage, or faith. Rather, it was a kind of test for greater challenges and growth. You still have opportunities ahead of you.”


The headmaster spoke passionately.


“Our history has always been remembered as a remarkable story of overcoming challenges and difficulties. This defeat is just one scene in our history and a catalyst to make our resolve stronger. The Demon God may be strong and fearsome, but we will be stronger and more tenacious. You will have the courage to rise again and fight against the Demon God.”


Everyone started applauding at the headmaster’s speech. There was no trace of gloom on people’s faces anymore.


‘It’s always impressive no matter how many times I hear it.’


Although he had heard countless speeches while playing Heroic Academy, it always felt new and majestic.


Having heard it countless times, he knew exactly what he was going to say next.


“To join a new party of heroes to confront the Demon King, many prospective students have come to Ark. Let’s now evaluate their skills.”

‘Now, the transfer exam begins.’


Transfer exams.


Ark adds random enemies for players to face as they advance to higher grades.


It was supposed to be an opportunity to face new characters with new patterns in battles, but it was just a game company’s whims to increase difficulty.


While it might be a chance for others to see what enemies they would encounter in the future, for him, it was not…


Since his swordsmanship had been sealed, there was a public opinion that Ian’s skills needed to be reassessed.


Therefore, he had to participate in the transfer exam to prove himself.


‘As far as I know, the one facing off against Ian is that guy.’


Igor, the ‘Iron Wall’ of Vishen, a town in the southern part of the Empire with a reputation for martial arts.


Even as if summoned by the mention of a tiger, a man covered in scars suddenly approached Ian.


Baring his teeth, he stared at Ian.


“I’m Igor. Are you Ian?”




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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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