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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 31

Ariel's Passion (2)

Ian was quite taken aback by the sight of Ariel staring at him like kitten drenched from the rain.


Seeing such a sight was unfamiliar and thus even more bewildering.




He wanted to approach her and ask if something was wrong, but he knew they weren’t on those terms.


So, he decided to leave her be for now.


‘Yeah, what can I do by going over there.’


It was safe to assume that Ariel herself played a significant part in whatever caused her current despair.


Going to comfort the very person who caused distress? That would just be comedy.


‘Even if I try to console Ariel right now, there’s nothing good that could come out of it.’


Even if he sincerely delivered comforting words, they would likely be interpreted by Ariel as something like, ‘See, you know you messed up, right?’


Ian wasn’t foolish enough to approach Ariel knowing it would be awkward.


Comforting was best left to those already by Ariel’s side.


‘Yeah, there’s Reina too.’


Reina. Currently just a skilled commoner with a bow. But she would later earn recognition from the High Elves of the Great Forest and ascend to a Divine Archer.


In the original game, Ian often employed Reina as a main damage dealer in Ariel’s party and knew well how warm her personality was.


‘She’ll handle it well on her own. Let’s not worry about it.’


Realizing it wasn’t his place to intervene, Ian positioned himself as far away from Ariel as possible.


Ian sat by the window corner, with no one around him.


Normally, Igor or Eri would be there with him.


But Igor couldn’t stand such boring classes, and Eri always had Fridays off.


‘I’ll be attending class alone after a long time.’


In that moment of feeling loneliness in the vacant seat,


“Um… Can I sit next to you?”


A sudden voice came from a woman with pink hair, cautiously addressing Ian.


She was someone Ian knew well.




Lia Hurst. Seeing her standing next to him with a somewhat troubled expression, Ian’s pupils dilated.


“You attended this class too?”

“Oh… I always stay quiet in the corner, so you probably didn’t notice. I don’t talk much during classes…”


Even as Lia said that, her face flushed.]


Admitting that she, a high-ranking noble of the empire, didn’t actively participate in class seemed embarrassing.


Of course, Ian didn’t care whether Lia spoke during class or not.


‘It’s not something worth caring about in the first place.’


Given that she would eventually be a leading noble of the empire, it was essential for Lia to take an interest in state affairs. However, there was no reason for her to show enthusiasm for such lectures.


After all, important matters regarding state affairs were taught separately within their families, and the focus was more on discussing and interpreting the state affairs based on a single topic rather than studying the flow of the state affairs.


‘It’s not something important for people like Lia, aspiring officials, or border nobles.’


In fact, just attending class without skipping was praiseworthy enough.


As Ian looked at her seemingly indifferent, Lia, now feeling more at ease, took her seat.


As a moment of silence followed, Lia, who had been fidgeting with her hands, spoke up.


“I wanted to thank you for back then.”

“Are you talking about the war game?”

“Yeah, I felt like I caused unnecessary trouble… I felt guilty for requesting support so early.”

“There’s no need to consider it as causing trouble.”



Lia looked puzzled at Ian’s nonchalant response.




In truth, she had been worrying a lot.


She wondered if she had caused harm to others by not performing her best during the training, the only one who didn’t meet expectations.


Although the training ended well, it was not easy for her to overcome self-doubt.


That’s why she wanted to sincerely thank Ian when she met him.


However, Ian had already let go of what happened then.


Watching Lia’s perplexed expression, Ian spoke up.


“You managed to withstand the unexpected attack from the 1st Platoon well, and even though it wasn’t your doing, we managed to avoid annihilation through the support request. There’s no need for you to apologize in that situation.”

“I see…”


Although it was a mistake to lose the only communication device that could be used between squad leaders, there was no desire to scold her so harshly when the outcome was favorable.


With a crestfallen expression, Lia bowed her head deeply.


“Thank you, Ian… really.”

“There’s no need to praise me like that. It’s embarrassing.”

“No, I heard from the others that you treated my injuries. Thank you so much, Ian.”


Seeing Ian trying to hide his embarrassment, Lia smiled wryly and finally confided her concerns that she had been holding inside.


“I want to do well like you. But it’s not easy… Haha.”

“You want to do well.”

“I was promoted to Squad Commander this time. But I’m worried that I’m falling behind you and Alan. I’m starting to feel anxious.”


With a troubled expression, scratching her head as if lost in thought, Lia left Ian with only one thing to say.


“If you’re worried about being inadequate, it’s best to learn by following someone.”

“Huh? Learn by following someone?”

“Yeah. There’s nothing more foolish than trying to solve everything on your own when there are people willing to help you. Instead of wasting time doing that, it’s better to learn from someone with experience.”

“Um, is it really okay to do that? I haven’t considered that approach before. I was worried it might be a bother.”


A bother… Ian didn’t agree with Lia’s opinion.


“Why do you think that would be a bother?”


Asking Cheryl, the former 2nd Squad Commander, for advice, how could that be a bother?


Moreover, since Cheryl handed over the Squad Commander position to Lia due to personal reasons, it was entirely within her capacity as the predecessor to help Lia adapt quickly.


Besides, Cheryl and Lia were quite close, so she would surely help her diligently.


“Don’t think of it as a bother. It doesn’t matter anyway.”

“Oh. Okay. Thank you so much. I’ll work hard to learn!”




Lia grabbed Ian’s hand in gratitude for offering a solution, her face filled with emotion.


Was she really so grateful? Ian was taken aback. Lia seemed to realize this and quickly changed her expression.


“Oh! S-Sorry. I got carried away… I’m just really happy.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it.”


Watching her embarrassment, Ian thought she was quite emotional.




As the sound of a chair being moved filled the room, all eyes turned to a blonde woman standing up from her seat.


She held a stack of papers to her chest, gazing around the classroom with a smug smile.


Behind her stood a professor, watching the students from the platform.


‘Has class already started while I was talking to Lia?’


Ian thought, focusing his gaze on the blonde woman.




Ian’s pupils trembled as he looked at where the woman was heading.


Her gaze was fixed on Ariel.


Looking at the dejected Ariel, the blonde woman confidently spoke.


“Hello, Student Ariel. May I ask your thoughts on the attitude the current generation should adopt towards the enemies of the empire, and the significance thereof?”



Smiling smugly down at Ariel, the blonde woman. It was only then that Ian remembered who she was.


‘Isabella Pinnell. Undoubtedly one of the top students in the first year… and a third-rate villain.’


Like in the original work, she was preparing to tear Ariel apart.




In truth, Ariel was not loved by everyone.


Of course, most people admired her for her beauty and her illustrious background as a hero.


But how could everyone possibly like her?


Isn’t there a saying that goes something like, ‘There will always be people who dislike you for no reason’?


Ariel was no exception. There were people who disliked her.


‘Some guys dislike Ariel because their crushes fell for her and got rejected. Some are jealous of Ariel being a warrior. There are various reasons.’


Isabella Pinnell.


She was one of the people who disliked Ariel.


But she was different from the usual.


‘Most people praise Ariel outwardly but talk behind her back… but not Isabella.’


Not only did she openly show her dislike, but she also tried to provoke Ariel whenever she could.


Of course, in the original work, she was a character who eventually overstepped her bounds in her haste and met her downfall.


Ian watched Isabella, who confidently faced Ariel, with his chest pounding.




Contrary to her usual self, Ariel seemed unusually drained of energy.


‘This could be dangerous.’



The biggest shackle of the empire is using its military power solely for defense against potential invasions. Therefore, I believe the goal the current generation should pursue is the flattening of the Northern region currently occupied by the barbarian tribes… This, I think, is the only unique solution to the problem you asked about.”

“Wow. Are you suggesting starting a war now? Do you have any idea how much pain the scars of war left in the hearts of the people of Kallos? ”

“Oh. No! That’s not what I meant.”

“Sigh. Fine. I never imagined that you, the beloved daughter of Count Volkanov, the shield protecting the Empire, would hold such views.”


Ariel trembled, not knowing what to do in the face of Isabella’s words.


Watching her, Ian also furrowed his brows.


‘Something happened.’


Isabella’s question was truly sharp.


How should one deal with the barbaric tribes in the north, which were practically enemies of the empire? This question was by no means easy to answer.


Especially for Ariel, a member of the Volkanov family, a renowned hero.


She had to consider the position of the Volkanov family, which had been defending the empire’s enemies, as well as the perspective of a warrior fighting for continental peace.


‘But no matter how the answer, Isabella will try to twist it somehow.’


If she suggests befriending the enemies, she’ll be accused of reaching out to the empire’s foes. If she suggests attacking them, she’ll be criticized for advocating for war and the suffering it brings.


And what if she chooses to do nothing? That would be a problem too.


‘In that case, would Isabella accuse a member of the Volkanov family of turning a blind eye to the empire’s enemies? She’ll come up with some nonsense like that.’


In this situation, there was only one best option for Ariel.


To defer the answer, to explain that she’ll provide a response later as it’s not something she can answer immediately. She had to ask for understanding in that regard.


But sadly, Ariel didn’t have the composure to think of such a solution.


She was mentally distressed and felt compelled to answer quickly due to the pressure of having to respond promptly.


And the price she paid was truly bitter.


“Oh. Th-That’s not what I meant! I didn’t mean to suggest war, I…”

“Didn’t you just say that the flattening of the barbaric land was necessary? Everyone here heard it, you know?”



Ariel looked around, feeling as if her soul had left her body.

Only now did she realize the gazes of the students around her.


“Did you all hear that just now?”

“Isn’t that a bit too militaristic? Quite extreme, isn’t it?”

“Of course, we should respect such opinions… But it’s not something a warrior should say.”


Doubt and ridicule mixed in their words… Of course, they weren’t openly criticizing her like Isabella, but to Ariel in her current state, their words felt no different from Isabella’s.




Slumping into her seat, Ariel trembled weakly.


Sweat trickled down her forehead, and she struggled to catch her breath. Her pale face clearly showed that she wasn’t in a normal state.


Watching her silently, Ian furrowed his brows.


‘I can’t just leave her like this.’


Thinking about everything she had done so far, Ian felt like joining in to mock and ridicule her, but… that wasn’t an option.


‘While confirming the secret, I learned something. To become stronger, Ariel needs to be happy.’


If she’s left in this situation, wouldn’t she just repeat the same past mistakes?


To survive, Ariel needed protection.


‘But just comforting her isn’t enough.’


She might find it suspicious that Ian, who contributed to her current state, suddenly started advocating for her.


‘Is he mocking me right now?’


In the end, Ian needed to find a compromise.


‘To keep Isabella at bay while subtly nudging Ariel back on track…’


If he could pull it off, the third-rate villain Isabella would shut her mouth, and Ariel would regain her resolve.


It was the moment Ian had been waiting for, plotting his chance.


‘Oh, right! Senior Ian, you’re also attending this class, aren’t you?’


As Ariel remained distraught, Isabella approached Ian with courtesy.


With a pleasant smile, she posed her question.


“How do you feel about Student Ariel’s opinion, Senior Ian?”


Isabella’s gaze was fixed on Ian, her smile never faltering.


‘How should I handle this…’


There were many approaches. He could give an unexpected answer that Isabella hadn’t considered. Or he could elaborate on Ariel’s flimsy opinion to make it seem more convincing.


But Ian didn’t want to do any of that.

There was no reason to let the third-rate villain prattle on without knowing the topic at hand.


Ian needed to firmly tread on her while boosting Ariel’s morale.


For that purpose, there was no better response.


Having made up his mind, Ian locked eyes with Isabella.


The students awaited his response with anticipation. But instead of delivering what they expected, Ian blurted out an answer they could never have predicted.


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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