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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 35

The Empire Has Poisoned the Valley

Tap, tap, tap!


The sound of fingers drumming on the desk echoed quietly in the room.


The woman with dark gray hair stared sharply at the man standing stiffly.


“So Ian Volkanov is preparing for the martial arts competition on the Day of Divine Slaughter?”

“Y-yes, milady. This information was gathered through cross-verification, so it should be reliable.”

“A martial arts competition… That boy is quite impressive too, isn’t he? Going all out to gain recognition.”


Jane, contemplating Ian’s new plan, smirked to herself.


Indeed, Ian Volkanov was a capable man. He had brought an unexpected source of income to this barren land, practically a wasteland for business.


That fact was undeniable. How could one ignore the achievement of rapidly achieving what others hadn’t accomplished in a long time?


However, as supporters of Ariel, they couldn’t celebrate Ian’s success.


As Jane’s expression crumpled, the elderly man raised his voice.


“Are you just going to sit back and watch? Shouldn’t we act quickly, by any means necessary? What if that Ian ruins the family?”

“Quiet. Can’t you see the effort I’m putting in?”

“I… that’s not what I meant…”



With a swift movement, Jane grabbed her retainer by the neck. The retainer involuntarily bowed his head under Jane’s fierce gaze.


“I have no idea what you’re thinking, right? Aren’t you worried that Ian, that brat who turns everything into a bed of roses in his mind, will ruin our plan to make a fortune by fooling around?”

“Well, that’s true but….”

“Then stop fussing and trust me. Don’t mess things up by talking unnecessarily.”

“I, I apologize…. It’s just that I’m worried…”

“Just quietly do as I say. If you follow that, everything will be taken care of.”



As the tight grip of the clenched fist loosened, the old retainer let out a sigh of relief.


The expensive shirt was wrinkled, but he didn’t notice anything like that. Because it was a situation where he had to be relieved that the maid’s anger had subsided.


The power of the maid, who had a close relationship with her hostess, was so high that she could not be compared to anyone else, so she was not in a position to dare to challenge her.


Moreover, the chief maid emitted an aura that could knock one to their knees. There was nothing good for her to expect from insolence.


The vassal, who was observing her mood, asked cautiously.


What should we do then? Just stand by and watch?”

“We can’t just stand by. That would only aid him.”

“In that case… how about creating documents condemning Ian’s actions? Show the nobles who gather on the Day of Divine Slaughter the schemes he has been up to.”

“Hah. Are you trying to extort money from the family or ruin this place altogether?”


Jane, seeing the vassal blabber nonsense, pressed her forehead.


She had known he was foolish, but not to this extent.


“Doing that would not only bury Ian but tear the family apart. Do you understand what that means? Are you unaware that it would lead to our downfall in an instant?”

“Th-then what should we…?”

“Follow my lead. Assist Ian in a way that will appear honorable. Actively promote an impressive event on the Day of Divine Slaughter to the Empire’s nobles.”

“But isn’t that… aiding him?”

“How dense. If your head wasn’t just decoration, think about it… Do you believe Ian can realize his plans in time?”

“Y-you mean time is running out?”


Jane nodded in response to the retainer’s words.


According to the intelligence she had gathered, Ian’s plan was to hold a combat tournament.


Of course, it was undoubtedly a good business idea. It would surely be an exciting item for nobles seeking entertainment.


However, Jane didn’t think it could succeed. There was one reason: time was critically short.


‘As you know, there’s only about a week until the Day of Divine Slaughter. Can we prepare enough for a combat tournament in that time?’


What would be needed for a combat tournament? At the very least, a venue capable of accommodating participants, and new rules would need to be devised.


Could that really be achievable within such a short week?


After establishing relations with Edenria, the Kallos Empire had shut down all business related to the Colosseum.


It had been some time since even armor designed for combat in the Colosseum had disappeared.


In other words, everything needed to be prepared anew. Could it really all be done within a week?


‘No way. Just the rule-making alone would take ages… Naturally, the rest of the operations would be just as sloppy.’


That was exactly Jane’s point.


If Ian’s ambitious event, eagerly anticipated by many, turned into a disaster, what would happen?


It seemed Ian’s reputation was about to be dashed to the ground.


‘No need to rush; we’ll expose it when the time comes.’


It’s been a long time since Ian’s actions so far were organized.


Revealing this at a humiliating moment could further bring him down.


Of course, that was unlikely. Even if the martial arts competition was successful, it wouldn’t pose a problem.


After all, they had worked hard, so Ian wouldn’t have anything to say. They just needed to prepare to push Ian out through other means.


‘If that’s what you want, we’ll raise the stakes, young master.’


Jane stroked her face while looking at the bright sunlight coming through the window cracks.




He always used to think like that.


‘Is it really better to live while following tradition and customs?’


Of course, there may be some benefits. Tradition often passes down habits containing the wisdom of ancestors to their descendants, right?


If it’s unnecessary, there’s no reason to pass down those habits over generations.


‘Well, of course it’s good to pass down good habits. But I mean, isn’t it right to adapt traditions to the times?’


Ian looked at the stream flowing down the mountain range right in front of him.


Despite the harsh weather, the stream flowed steadily without freezing. This was the famous valley called ‘Tears of God’ in Volkanov territory.


This place, located in a huge mountain range, never froze no matter how cold the weather was.


‘This is because the water in the valley is full of mana flowing from the earth.’


Ian recalled the time when he was playing Heroic Academy.


While managing the territory. Because the economy was so bleak, there was a time when he had no choice but to use brokers to make money by running a scam claiming that drinking water from the Tears of God Valley improved vitality.


Of course, he faced quite a bit of trouble later when exposed… but that wasn’t important now.


What mattered was that this valley water served as a potent weapon to subdue barbarians.


What was Tears of God to the residents of the territory? Ian pondered.


‘There’s a saying that Tears of God should never be defiled.’


A valley that never froze even in the harshest climate? Wouldn’t anyone find that suspicious?


Because of this, the people of Volkanov always considered defiling this valley a grave sin.


In fact, there were records of hunters being executed simply for drinking the water here due to thirst during hunts.


Because of this, even long after, people never attempted to polute this valley.


‘Yeah, I don’t really care to maintain such tradition. Whether the valley water is good for the body or not, it doesn’t matter. But the problem is that our enemies are using it.’


The people of Volkanov never defiled this valley. That fact was widely known—even reaching the ears of the barbarians hiding beyond the mountains. They used this valley water as drinking water.


In a situation where the worst enemies were using this valley water as drinking water, what choice should the lord who must protect the territory make?


‘Of course, we should either block the valley or contaminate it to cause confusion among our enemies, right?’


But no one had ever thought such a thing. Why? Were the vassals foolish? No. It was merely because of the tradition handed down over generations.


‘Maintaining tradition means not defiling it? Nonsense.’


Ian couldn’t just stand by and watch because they were extremely reluctant to touch Tears of God, considering it a sacred promise between ancestors and descendants.


Ian couldn’t ignore that view.


‘Tradition is nonsense. Protecting tradition has ruined our family.’


Indeed, people should know their limits. Is it reasonable to provide enemies with drinking water just to uphold such a trivial tradition?


For Ian, who faced those who perpetrated baseless terror, showing mercy instead of retribution was unimaginable.


That was why.


Huff… huff. It’s so dirty. Higher than the mountain I climbed every day in Vishen!”


The reason for carrying such a heavy load up the mountain.


To hold a perfect event, they needed to subdue the barbarians. That’s why Ian decided to use this valley.


Upon reaching the valley, Igor threw down the bag he had been carrying.




As he placed the hefty load of up to 20kg on the ground, Igor opened his eyes wide.


“Hey, Ian! What on earth did you pack?”

“I packed something good.”

“Don’t lie! I secretly checked the contents while climbing up here when you weren’t looking. But what was inside turned out to be just this!”


Igor reached into the bag, reluctant to even touch the dirty rock covered in mold.




He couldn’t understand why Ian had asked him to carry such a thing all the way here.


“If you don’t have a good reason, I won’t leave you alone!”

“Arthur. It’s not like it’s useless.”

“Then tell me. Why did you make me carry this stupid rock?”

“That’s not an ordinary rock. It’s a Corruption Stone.”

“Corruption Stone?”


Startled by Ian’s words, Igor hastily tossed the Corruption Stone.


Seeing Igor’s worried expression, Ian smirked lightly.


“Don’t worry too much. Holding it tightly for a few hours won’t do any harm, just handling it briefly.”

“Ugh. Anyway, why did you bring this filthy thing?”

“Why did I bring it? Because I plan to corrupt the water of this valley from now on.”

“Corrupt the water?”


Seeing Igor’s shocked and confused expression, Ian responded by nodding his head.


By placing Corruption Stones here where the valley begins, the water will soon become contaminated.


The polluted water will flow downward, and the barbarians, oblivious, will drink it without suspicion.


Listening quietly to Ian’s plan, Igor frowned in confusion.


“Couldn’t you just leave some animal carcasses instead? Why buy Corruption Stones in such dire circumstances?”

“Using carcasses would indeed save money. But then the barbarians might catch on.”


The difference between using carcasses and corruption stones lay in how quickly the contamination occurred.


Storing carcasses to pollute the water would take time, and the water would visibly become dirty. Moreover, in harsh weather, they wouldn’t decay easily.


But Corruption Stones were different. Despite the expense, they could swiftly pollute the water without any noticeable change.


Since the goal was to subtly subdue the barbarians, a method that wouldn’t arouse their suspicion was imperative.


If they used carcasses to induce corruption, the empire might suspect foul play and retaliate.


‘That wouldn’t work.’


It had to be insidious. It was crucial to cunningly trap the enemies.




The Corruption Stones, full in the bag, plunged into the valley water.


Soon, the valley water would be contaminated, and the barbarians would be fighting diseases.


In the meantime, Ian could focus on preparing for the Day of Divine Slaughter.


‘Since the Academy has declared a week-long break due to Lilith.’


Though time was tight, it wasn’t impossible.


Ian smiled grimly as he watched the flowing valley water.




Before he knew it, a week had passed in a blink.


Reflecting on the insane schedule he had overcome, Ian let out a bitter laugh.


‘It’s been tough.’


Selecting participants for the main event, drafting the rules of the comprehensive martial arts as he remembered them, setting up the arena, and preparing to welcome the guests—all these tasks had to be accomplished in just a week.


Of course, he couldn’t have done it alone. Fortunately, Ian had good allies around him.


‘There was tremendous help from Oliver, Eri, Igor, and Lia as well.’


Oliver gathered laborers for potato sales and prepared food and drink.


Eri commanded her following spirits like a madwoman, and Lia utilized skilled artisans from the Hurst family to craft equipment.


‘Igor, who had to judge, had to memorize the rules of the matches.’


And that wasn’t all.


– Ian… My hands hurt…


Neltalion even helped Ian transcribe the rules, executing his laborious duties.


Understanding how noble their efforts were, Ian was determined to make this event a success.


And then, the moment arrived.


Clatter, clatter!


A carriage adorned with the royal emblem approached from afar.


Soon, the carriage halted in front of Ian. As the door swung open, a man cautiously stepped out.


Ian’s eyes widened as he beheld the scene.


‘Why is this person here…’


Certainly, it was planned that His Majesty the Emperor would come, but the man before him was not the Emperor.


Seeing a man of his own age with white hair and golden eyes, Ian’s eyes widened.


‘Is Prince Bedon Arcana here instead of His Majesty?’


Bedon Arcana, the Empire’s Second Prince, a so-called fighting maniac, smiled at Ian.


“Are you Ian Volkanov? I’ve heard a lot about you. They said there’s a special event on the Day of Divine Slaughter today, so I came in place of His Majesty.”


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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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