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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me Chapter 6

It’s Up, My Punching Bag

Who are the essential characters when it comes to the Academy?


There are probably many.


Perhaps there’s a noble heiress who fusses but takes good care of others.


Or someone who is naive yet subtly charming.


Or, there may be a heroine full of fidelity who devotes herself to the protagonist despite being of noble origin.


Among them, Ian thought the student council president was important.


‘The charm is that the person who always follows the rules and stands in the way becomes obsessed with the main character and becomes abusive.’


However, unfortunately, there was no position like a class president in this game.


Instead, there were only “Squad Commanders”.


Even if the members were divided into platoons, it was difficult for the Platoon Commander to take care of about 20 members each.


The Platoon Commanders appointed outstanding students as Squad Commanders.


The duties of squad commanders were similar to those of class presidents, such as understanding the squad members and assigning tasks.


‘And I am also a Squad Commander.’


Ian was also a squad commander.


After ranking first in the entrance exam, he was appointed as the 1st Squad Commander and had not missed that position since starting his second year.


‘Now that I think about it, Ian was really lucky. Considering the reputation of the students, he shouldn’t have become a squad leader.’


After all, being a Squad Commander meant being in a position recognized within the Platoon.


Ian was somewhat distant from that.


His abilities might be acknowledged. However, his recognition was a mess.


Not believing that Ian was a good Squad Commander was partly due to that.


‘They say they appoint outstanding students as Squad Commanders, but… as with everything in the world, Squad Commanders are usually people with power.’


Just look at the other platoons and squads; aren’t they led by those who carry a family’s name?


It was strange that Ian, who was invisible in his family, was a Squad Commander.


On the other hand, there was a reason why he could be a Squad Commander.


‘That’s because of the Platoon Commander of the 3rd Platoon.’


3rd Platoon Commander Kyan.


A commoner who entered the Imperial Knights and made significant contributions in subduing the Empire’s enemies, especially perilous demons.


He was extremely meritocratic and appointed Ian as the squad leader.


Moreover, he appointed him as the 1st Squad Commander, a position only the most exceptional could hold.


‘It’s like a gift. At least this person didn’t hate Ian.’


That was why Ian had to act without military jargon at the Platoon Commander’s word.


Sitting stiffly, Ian felt drained.


“Ugh… it’s frustrating.”


Kyan, who sat beside Ian, muttered.


“I’ve heard the rumors. You failed to kill the Demon God.”

“I apologize, Platoon Commander.”


Ian involuntarily lowered his head in response to Kyan’s words.


Perhaps Ian was frustrated. Kyan smirked.


“Even nobles make mistakes… don’t worry too much. You did well on the transfer exam, right? That should suffice.”

“No… still, it’s my mistake, so I’ll accept the consequences.”

“Consequences, huh? You’ll accept them. By the way, the punishment has already been decided… What do you think it is?”


There was only one punishment he could receive.


“I think it’s being stripped of the Squad Commander position.”


To Ian’s surprise, Kyan nodded gently.


“Stripping of position. Close enough. From today, you’re not the 1st Squad Commander; you’re the 3rd Squad Commander.”

“The 3rd Squad Commander? What do you mean by that?”


Ian stood up abruptly. Changing from stripping of position to becoming the 3rd Squad Commander?


It was unexpected.


‘Are you saying I’ll continue as Squad Commander? The punishment is just changing to the 3rd Squad Commander?’


Of course, the punishment was fitting.


Compared to the important tasks of the 1st Squad, the 3rd Squad performed more mundane duties, like looking after the platoon’s rear.


However, a Squad Commander was still a Squad Commander. Its weight couldn’t be ignored.


‘Isn’t the punishment too light?’


Perhaps sensing Ian’s thoughts, Kyan forcefully made him sit down.


“Still, it’ll be easier than being the 1st Squad Commander. You won’t have much contact with the other kids, and you just need to do your job well. Isn’t that easier in this situation?”

“Did you do this, Platoon Commander…?”

“Yeah… I pulled some strings. Even if I die, they can’t strip you of your Squad Commander position, so I gave them a piece of my mind at the officer meeting.”

“Sir… I mean, Squad Commander, was there any discussion with the Vice Commander?”


The Vice Commander of the 3rd Platoon was Haley Miler, who was Ian’s former mentor.


Would she let things slide like this?


Kyan seemed to know that too.


“She was already going ballistic… Do you know what the Vice Commander said? Either she leaves the 3rd Platoon or you get expelled. We argued about that.”


“We couldn’t come to an agreement, so we decided to part ways. She said she would go to the 1st Platoon to teach your sibling, and we agreed to operate with a vacant Vice Commander position.”


Ian had only one thing to say to his candid remarks.


“Why did you do that? Even now, wouldn’t it be better to exclude me from the Squad Commander position?”

“Enough. It’s done. And I don’t want to work with someone who abandons their disciples.”

“But still… Platoon Commander, won’t you suffer because of me?”


At Ian’s worried words, Kyan chuckled and pulled out a cigarette.


Lighting it up, he looked at Ian.


“Do you mind if I smoke?”

“It’s fine.”

“Alright. It’ll be tough as you say. Without a Vice Commander, my workload will increase… But Ian, I’ve never had an easy life. I’ve always struggled.”


“When I brought you into our platoon, do you know what others said? They thought I was crazy. They said, ‘What’s the use of bringing that guy? He’s useless.'”


The words of the professors advising him still lingered in his mind.


“Bring in a noble child, nurture them well… That’s the way to success, they said. But why do you keep an unwanted child from a family around, they asked…”


The way for commoners to succeed was to catch the eye of nobles.


If they nurtured them well and placed them in suitable positions, it ensured a secure life within that family.


Thanks to this, most instructors only took care of high-ranking noble students.


Kyan hated that.


“Damn idiots…”


Seeing those in honorable positions leading students to success made his blood boil inside.


Perhaps they were dim-witted. They stubbornly insisted on the difficult path while neglecting the easy one.


But even so, Kyan never regretted it once.


After sucking in the pungent smoke, he glared at Ian and said,


“Do you remember what they said at the party when you joined the Hero Party after receiving the prophecy of the Holy Sword? They said, ‘I knew Ian would do well! I recognized his swordsmanship skills. I knew he would do well from the start! They kept saying that.'”


Did that even make sense?


“If they thought that, why didn’t they take you in from the start and nurture you? Now they’re saying that after seeing your success?”


They knew nothing about Ian’s efforts. They didn’t even try to understand how hard he had worked.


They recognized his talents as soon as he succeeded? They knew he would do well?


“Those idiots don’t know anything! Even though you worked so hard to achieve your success, they’re downplaying it as just talent! But I know. I know how hard you’ve fought! That’s why even if it’s a gamble, I trust you and appoint you as the 3rd Squad Commander…”


It might be risky? It didn’t matter.


“It might indeed be risky. If his Majesty the Emperor doesn’t keep his promise after the agreed period, I might be cut off. So what? I’ll just live with it.”


He could go to the fields and farm, train the neighborhood kids whenever he had time. That was the right path for someone born from commoners’ blood.


After exhaling the smoke, Kyan looked Ian in the eye and said.


“When His Majesty promised me a title for my achievements in the mine clearance, I refused it, even if I died. Do you know why?”

“I don’t know.”

“Because the people who followed me died because of my wrong judgment. The world might think I went in alone and killed the demons, but it wouldn’t have been possible without my subordinates. They died.”


At that time, he was at a crossroads.


Should he return with his injured subordinates, or should he sweep away the demons?


He chose the latter and successfully eradicated all the demons in the area. However, his subordinates had long since become cold corpses.


He killed his subordinates with his misguided choice… and he was offered a reward.


“When I refused the title and came out, I vowed that I would take full responsibility for my subordinates. I told you that too, didn’t I?”


There was a scene that came to mind at that moment.


When he suppressed Ariel, who was trying to ambush Ian, she said to him as she screamed.


[“Why! What do you know that makes you protect that guy!”]

[“I don’t know. What’s going on between you and your brother.”]

[“But why!”]

[“Even so… when my child is about to die, I can’t just stand by and watch…”]


“I remember.”

“Yeah. You’re my subordinate. You’re no different from my child. No matter how bad you’ve been, if you’re my child, I’ll take full responsibility till the end, right?”


Finishing his words, the Platoon Commander flicked his cigarette and put it out.


As he turned away, he said to Ian.


“From now on, you’ll have to prove yourself countless times. You need to convince not only the students but also the officers within the Ark. Can you do it?”


“Then prove it. That’s all. I’ll go ahead first, so take your time.”


With those words, Kyan entered Ark first. Ian blankly stared at his back.




‘I have to prove myself…’


Walking towards the classroom, Ian echoed Kyan’s words.


It was probably an attempt to boost courage. However, it felt numbing, like being hit on the head with a hammer.


In fact, he lived a rough life. He thought that he would only avoid death, a life of possession.


Kyan’s words gave Ian a goal.


‘Yes… there is no reason to live half-heartedly anymore.’


Although he was aware of the possession. There lingered the thought that this was just a game.


But isn’t it clear that the person in his previous life was dead?


From that moment on, this was the real reality.


‘I shouldn’t just strive to survive, but to live well.’


Although countless methods of proving himself lay ahead, Ian believed he could overcome them.


Lost in thought, Ian found himself on the second floor of the main building.


Turning away from the classroom of 2nd Platoon towards the right end, he spotted the classroom of the 3rd Platoon.


The moment he opened the classroom door.






The gazes of the people inside the classroom pierced through his heart.


Even as he was engulfed by their intense stares, Ian remained expressionless.


There was no need to give them fodder.


In such a situation, there was nothing he could do anyway.


‘Proving myself can be done gradually.’


According to the original work, rigorous training was scheduled at the beginning of the semester to discipline the new recruits.


There was still an opportunity.


– Ian! These guys are giving us weird looks! Should I tear them apart?

‘Neltalion, what on earth are you talking about…’

– I don’t like it!

‘But there’s no need to provoke them unnecessarily. We’ll be the only ones at a loss. We’ll show them when the opportunity arises. Patience until then.’

– Okay. I’ll be patient until then…


While trying to calm down the irritated Neltalion, Ian made his way to his seat.


His seat was at the far end of the classroom, by the window.


Sighing deeply as he sat down, Ian pondered,

‘But how should I improve my skills from now on…’


After the battle with Igor, Ian decided to adopt a boxing style for combat until he resolved the Hatred of the Blade problem. Using fists would be the best option until then.


However, there was an important issue at hand.


‘A punching bag… No, where can I find a sparring partner?’


Sparring was essential in boxing.


One might suggest shadow boxing, but it was merely a process of practicing techniques by imagining an opponent.

It wasn’t training for real combat.


‘Simply shadow boxing won’t improve my skills.’


To hone his skills for real combat, Ian needed a sparring partner urgently.


‘What should I do? I can’t just go and ask those guys…’

– Ian… That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

‘I think so too.’


It would be fortunate if he only received a dismissal when asking.


It was at that moment when Ian was pondering what to do.


Thud! Thud!


Heavy footsteps approached, accompanied by a sturdy voice.


“Hey, Ian Volkanov.”


Turning his head, Ian found Igor there.


Ian was taken aback by Igor’s heavily swollen face.


‘It’s not easy…’


His already menacing appearance, coupled with stitched-up wounds and purplish bruises, made him unbearable to look at.


‘But why did he suddenly come to me? According to the original work, those from Vishen are supposed to be assigned to the 2nd Platoon. Why would he come to a platoon that’s not his own? Could it be that he’s trying to make amends for the punch from earlier?’


He comes to a platoon he doesn’t even belong to? Could it be that he feels unfair about being treated that way and wants to punish him?


“Do you have any business?”

“Business… Of course, I do. You have no idea how much I’ve struggled since this morning because of it.”

“Struggled? What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you remember?”


What does he mean?


As Ian seemed to ponder, Igor casually spoke.


“You offered to teach me how to become stronger, didn’t I?”

“Did I say that?”

“Surely, you said so, didn’t you? That ‘you can’t win like that’? Wasn’t it meant to be understood as ‘I’ll teach you next time’? So, I purposely came to the 3rd Platoon. To learn from you.”


Ian couldn’t easily accept what the guy was saying.


‘What’s this guy up to?’


He had just thrown in some trash talk. But he took it upon himself to interpret it, even changing his affiliation…


Despite feeling absurd, Ian felt a surge of joy in his chest.


If only he’s here… Couldn’t the problem be solved?


‘There’s my punching bag.’


As things seemed to work out better than expected, a smile naturally spread across Ian’s face.

(TLN: Okay then, illustrations will also be put on chapters, do note that they are the same from the illustrations chapter. Only one added is Ariel in Ch.3)

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I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

I’m the Main Villain, but the Heroines Are Obsessed With Me

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed the older brother of the main character in a yuri game. A villain who obstructs with the main character and is hated by the heroines. I only worked hard to survive. But then, they began to take an interest in me.



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