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My Wife May Be A Pe*vert Chapter 54

Suzuka's Adorable Denial of Gaining Weight

Suzuka, who sent me a provocative selfie, lies beside me as usual on the bed.

Yet, restless thoughts keep me from falling asleep.

Since tomorrow is a day off, it’s not a problem if I don’t wake up early.

I quietly slip out of bed and head to the living room, deciding to fiddle with my phone until I get sleepy.



I sit on the sofa without turning on the TV.

While playing with my phone, I realize that using my computer would be better since it can provide much more information than my phone due to its larger screen.

I get off the sofa, place my laptop on the table, and start watching videos, researching, and doing various things until I feel sleepy.


“…Oh. I was about to fall asleep.”

I nearly fall asleep in front of my laptop.

I close the laptop and head towards the bed, but I’m too sleepy to make it there, so I lie down on the sofa instead.



I let out a weird breath.

My nose was pinched, making it hard to breathe, which woke me up.

Such a weird breath escaped.


“Good morning. Why were you sleeping on the sofa instead of the bed?”


“Stop waking me up by pinching my nose. Do you have a grudge against me?”


“When I woke up, my husband, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, wasn’t there.”


“Yeah, I’d probably cry if I woke up and found you weren’t next to me either.”


“Right? So, I pinched your nose! Ehehe, sorry about that. Now, let’s have breakfast together?”


I still feel sleepy because I went to bed late, but there’s no way I can refuse Suzuka’s invitation for breakfast.


“Alright, let’s eat.”


“I set the rice cooker timer last night, so we can have rice this morning. How about rice balls?”




We prepare water to wet our hands and salt for the rice balls.

Suzuka transfers the cooked rice to a bowl, wets her hands, and starts making rice balls. I watch her happily making them from behind.


“Hmmm, hmmm hmmm.”


“Humming, you’re in a good mood.”


“Well, I found out Yuki’s weakness now.”




“Yuki, did you delete your browsing history before bed?”


“…How much did you see?”


“Hehehe, that’s a secret.”


I forgot to delete my browsing history.

I remember researching a wide range of topics last night.

Tips to make your wife happy. How to avoid falling into a marital rut.

And, most embarrassingly… some erotic stuff.

Well, as a man with normal desires, I ended up researching things on my computer that I usually do on my phone.


“So, what are you planning to do after seeing what I looked up?”


“I’ll use it to seduce you! For example… Onii-chan! The rice balls are almost ready!”


“…Can I go back to my parents’ house?”


My wife found out about my browsing history.

To top it off, it was about little sister stuff.

Well, it’s not a big deal, right?

It’s just incredibly embarrassing, that’s all…


“Oh no, Onii-chan is going home. Suzuka will be so sad~”


“…Please stop. It’s too embarrassing.”


“Ahaha, sorry about that. Okay, the rice balls are done!”


Suzuka finishes making the rice balls.

She washes her hands, heats a frying pan, cracks some eggs, and makes a tamagoyaki.

I watch her cut the freshly made tamagoyaki into bite-sized pieces while munching on a rice ball that looks too delicious to resist…


“No snacking!”


“I couldn’t help it. It looked so good.”


“Well, I made those rice balls, so of course, they’re delicious.”


We move the rice balls and tamagoyaki to plates and bring them to the table in the living room.

After finishing the meal with Suzuka, feeling immensely satisfied, Suzuka cruelly comments…


“Hey, Yuki, have you gained some weight?”


“…I know it myself, but yeah, I guess.”


“Then let’s start eating less from tomorrow. I’m probably making too much food, and you’re trying not to waste it, right?”


“That’s part of it. But, I’ve been gaining weight since I quit the soccer club.”




“I started gaining weight after quitting soccer. It’s just that the rate of gaining weight has increased recently. But I should avoid becoming too fat, so I’ll start doing some light exercises…”


After injuring my leg and not being able to run as I used to, I quit soccer and stopped exercising almost entirely.

Whenever I exercised, I’d be reminded of my regret over quitting soccer, which I loved so much.

But I think it’s finally time to move on.


“Exercise, huh… Can you do it with your injured right hand?”


“I can focus on strength training.”


“I see. Let’s clean up the plates.”


The plates with rice balls and tamagoyaki are still on the table.

I watch Suzuka’s back as she carries them to the kitchen and can’t help but say…


“Have you gained weight too?”


“…N-No, I haven’t.”


“Ah, sorry. Did I upset you?”


“N-No, I haven’t gained weight at all, so I’m not bothered!”


Suzuka’s forced bravado is kind of adorable.

I wouldn’t mind if she gained weight, honestly.


“Alright, since we’re at it, join me in my light exercises.”


“If Yuki insists, I guess I have no choice. Even though I haven’t gained weight, if you’re asking, I’ll join you.”


“Geez, you’re not honest.”


“…I don’t want you to think I’m fat, Yuki.”


Her full-on girlishness makes me smile.

Before we got married, if I asked her if she had gained weight, she’d say “Die!” and get mad.

But now, she tries to hide it cutely.


“You’re adorable. I wouldn’t dislike you just because you gained a little weight.”


And so, another day begins happily as usual.


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My Wife May Be a Pe*vert – My Childhood Friend, Who Had No Interest in Me, Fell in Love With Me as Soon as We Got Married

My Wife May Be a Pe*vert – My Childhood Friend, Who Had No Interest in Me, Fell in Love With Me as Soon as We Got Married

Ore no Oyome-san, Hentai Kamo Shirenai: Zero Kyori datta Osananajimi, Kekkon Shita Totan Sokuochi Shite Ore ni Muchuu desu, Yomecchi, 俺のお嫁さん、変態かもしれない —ゼロ距離だった幼馴染、結婚したとたん即落ちして俺に夢中です
Score 8
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , Artist: , Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Although I was a high school student, I married my childhood friend for some reason. It’s not that I dont like her or anything like that, but I still considered getting a divorce However, she got married … I said ” I don’t know” “Would you like to marry me for the time being?” “That’s right. If all goes well, we don’t even have to get a divorce.” This is how the newly-wed life began. At first, it felt a little strange, but it wasn’t so bad. ….. “Yes, ahh! Ehe, is it delicious?” Isn’t it great to live a lovely life with your wife who spoils you so much?



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