The Love Comedy Where You’ll Die if They Find Out Who’s Your Crush

In this academy, we will have you flirting with the opposite s*x. However —

Aoyama Natsumi and Sakurame Haruka, who during time they were infants held hidden in their hearts a mutual feeling of ‘love’ but ended up separated, finally have their fateful reunion at the ‘Institution for the education of geniuses’, Haou (supreme ruler) Academy.

They resolve themselves to express their feelings this time, but the mandatory class in their new school, ‘Love Studies’, gets in their way!

If someone finds out about your crush, instant expulsion = death! However, if you take first place in ‘Love Studies’, you’ll be allowed to date any person of the opposite s*x. As soon as they heard that —

“It won’t work on me!”

“You look like you’ll get excited if someone performed your favorite actions.”

Natsumi and Haruka, who actually have a requited love but mistakenly think the other has someone they like that’s not them, end up competing with each other for first place!?

In an academy where they’re forced to flirt with others, challenge a life-and-death mental battle of love!


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