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Rose Princess of Hellrage Volume 3 Chapter 43

From the Northern Country

Near the southern border of the Cadennis Principality.

In the town of Traunil, headquarters of the Khenis Empire’s Blue Army’s Gaisenfall Great Forest conquest unit.


The castle of the local lord who ruled the town had been requisitioned by the Blue Army.

In one room. It was originally a room where gaming tables were placed, but it had been renovated to resemble a reception room for the time being.

Seventeen minutes late for the appointed time, Sekichin burst into the room where the guests were waiting.


“I apologize for keeping you waiting. The examination took longer than expected.”

“No, we’re grateful for your time even though we suddenly intruded.”


The four guests, enjoying tea and a mountain of sweets (the Blue Army’s budget was ample enough to offer that to guests), stood up from their chairs and bowed lightly.

Sekichin, in turn, bowed with his hands wrapped in fists.


“I am Sekichin, belonging to the Khenis Empire’s Blue Army, Special Combat Team. I hold the position of the lead special combatant in the current conflict suppression.”


The Special Combat Team to which Sekichin belongs is comprised solely of individuals with exceptional combat abilities.

To eliminate extraordinary strong individuals beyond the norm of standardized soldiers who cannot be dealt with, they deploy equally extraordinary individuals.

The opponent may not necessarily be human. They may also battle powerful named monsters.

At such times, they may also hire adventurers as reinforcements. Just like now.


“Thank you very much for your courtesy.”


A young man in light armor, seemingly the leader among the four, extended his hand for a handshake.


“We are the adventurer party ‘Sub-Zero Crystal Spear’. I am the leader, Zeft.”


Sekichin shook Zeft’s hand in return.

From the handshake, Sekichin, a skilled martial artist, could gauge the opponent’s strength to some extent: the feel of their hand, the strength applied, the balance of their body.

He was strong.


“Sub-Zero Crystal Spear” hadn’t responded to the Blue Army’s summons; they had approached the Blue Army through the Adventurer Guild.

If there were enough manpower, it would be acceptable to turn them away, but currently, the budget is plentiful and there’s a shortage of manpower.

On-site personnel would assess those who come in to pitch and hire them if there are no issues.


Sekichin had already obtained information from the Adventurer Guild and had reviewed the achievements of “Sub-Zero Crystal Spear”.

There seemed to be no issues with their conduct… the standards for adventurer conduct were quite low.

If there was something concerning, it might be Zeft’s tense atmosphere.

His eyes were too steady.


-This man has a dangerous look… I can’t say I’m any different…


Sekichin had wandered on the verge of life and death due to severe poisoning.

And when he miraculously survived, he thought he looked terrible in the mirror.

He sensed something similar from Zeft.


“First, let’s start with formalities. We, the Blue Army of the Khenis Empire, pledge to adhere to the ‘Adventurer Charter’ and vow not to use any adventurers for inter-state or political conflict resolution. We confirm here that your rights and obligations to the Adventurer Guild take precedence over any contracts and instructions from us, and are inviolable.”


Sekichin repeated the words he had memorized to the point of excess. It was an extremely deceptive explanation. They would have adventurers exterminate monsters, making the battlefield easier for the Blue Army to engage in invasion. Well, this was common enough. As long as adventurers weren’t forced into combat against other armies, the Adventurer Guild would turn a blind eye.

The four seemed to be aware of similar oaths they had heard somewhere before.


“We are only requesting monster extermination.”

“Very well. We came all the way from Ciel-Terra for that purpose. ‘Rose Princess of Hellrage’… I, or rather, the ‘Sub-Zero Crystal Spear’, will defeat her.”


Zeft clenched his fist in a manner that seemed like he was seeking something.


“I heard Chenxi appeared and fought with you.”


With a grip on Sekichin’s shoulder as if he were capturing him, Zeft looked at Sekichin.


–’Sub-Zero Crystal Spear.’ The party to which Chenxi belonged…


Sekichin had a rough idea of the situation.

Information about the Blue Army’s battles had circulated among the Adventurer Guild, and ‘Sub-Zero Crystal Spear’, which had come here chasing the ‘Rose Princess of Hellrage’, had seized upon it, using it as a pretext to pitch themselves to the Blue Army, and half of it was to request a meeting with Sekichin. That’s how it went.

Sekichin responded accordingly.


“Shall we talk for a bit? There must be things we both want to know.”


Sekichin offered chairs to the four and took a seat himself.


* * *


Although they had met while the sun was still high, by the time the conversation paused, the red twilight light enveloped everyone like blood.


“I see… She was from a distant land… No, I never thought she was in Ciel-Terra.”


Imagining a world map in his head, Sekichin muttered deeply.


Feeling a sense of exhaustion as if he had experienced the years of separation all at once.

Zeft had recruited comrades in Terra Ruale to establish the party. Chenxi rolled in. They eventually rose to become the country’s top adventurer party, and then…


“Please tell me one thing. Did she… smile?”



To the quiet question, came a quiet answer.

The emptied teacup cast a black shadow like a sundial.


“At first, she was as prickly as a stray dog, snapping at anyone, but somehow, she opened up. She seemed carefree almost to the point of thoughtlessness. I was curious why she never spoke of her past, though.”

“I see…”


Various emotions surged within him.

Relief and joy that she was happy.

A sense of being let down that someone else did what he should have done.

Sadness and anger that what she gained in her new land was taken away.


“She was someone who smiled like a flower. True to her name… If only she could have regained her smile… above all else…”


Not knowing whether he was happy or sad, Sekichin wiped his eyes.


“I apologize. I want to express my gratitude not as a soldier but as someone who knew her.”

“It’s an honor… And we must bring her back.”

“Bring her back? Do you mean bringing back her body?”


There was a weighty implication in Zeft’s words, and Sekichin couldn’t help but ask.


“On our way here, we made a detour to the Holy Kingdom to investigate. By clinging to the miracle of God, purifying the undead’s body, and returning it to a ‘mere human corpse’, followed by a revival… it’s possible.”

“Is that… even possible!?”

“A few cases have been recorded. Normally, the longer a corpse remains, the lower the success rate of revival drops. But Jiangshi are originally created as an undead for the preservation of the corpse. There may be hope.”


His own blood seemed to echo in his ears.

Sekichin had thought it was all over. That everything had become irreparable.

But if there was still a chance to save Chenxi now!


“…I apologize for being a wet blanket, but just to be clear. Regardless of the feasibility of her rescue, the issue lies in reaching the miracle required for purification. Whether it’s rare or limited, it will only be realized when the Holy Kingdom plays its national-level trump card…”



The magician, wearing glasses (probably just for show), interjected.

But Zeft cut her off without even looking in her direction.


“The path is not closed. So… I will only aim for it.”


Claire fell silent as if she was embarrassed.

Zeft had an air of devilishness about him that made one hesitate even to raise an objection.


Sekichin could sense the budding hope rapidly deflating.

You could tell from Zeft’s demeanor. He only saw ‘possible or not,’ without considering the realistic feasibility. His hope was like a needle in a haystack. And Zeft was so cornered that he clung to such uncertain things.


-It’s disastrous. For adventurers who started strong but faltered midway, this was common. They probably thought they could save the world. But when they faced a threat beyond their capabilities for the first time, they lost their way. This guy is a pawn that will collapse even if used carefully. He’s a valuable man, but there’s no other option but to let him burn out…


Setting personal feelings aside, Sekichin, as a warrior and a soldier, gave Zeft a cold assessment.


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Rose Princess of Hellrage: Although I got Killed for Political Reasons, I got Revived as the Strongest Undead

Rose Princess of Hellrage: Although I got Killed for Political Reasons, I got Revived as the Strongest Undead

Engoku no Bara Hime: Seiji no Tsugou de Korosaremashita ga Saikyou no Undead Toshite Yomigaerimashita, 怨獄の薔薇姫 政治の都合で殺されましたが最強のアンデッドとして蘇りました
Score 8.2
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: , , , Artist: Released: 2018 Native Language: Japanese
In the small country of Ciel-Terra, the Royal Prince staged a coup d’etat, killed his own brother, the former King and took control of the throne with the backing of the Four Great Kingdoms. On her 10th birthday, René was apprehended by the knights of the Royal Prince faction for being a cursed child with silver hair and silver eyes and learnt that she was the abandoned Princess of the country. And so, branded as one who ‘was related to the depraved once-king’, she was put through hellish torture before being executed via guillotine. As her head parted from her body, René remembered. That, she once already lived life as a man by the name of Nagajiro Satou on Earth, and, falling victim to this world’s God flattery, was forcibly reincarnated. And whilst in such a state, a woman who called herself an evil goddess appeared before her. “Do you not detest him? The God who only kept half his word and reincarnated you in this form?” “Do you not detest them? The people who pushed you to your death for their own convenience?” “If you wish for vengeance, I shall bless you with a special Divine Protection.” Thus René, in the name of revenge, rose as the strongest and most fearsome undead. Named Monster: Rose Princess of Hellrage. And eventually, she will end the world…



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