Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 6

What is it about being a prodigy?

While Ryu and Sebastian were beginning their review of the Landmark family’s finances, a man came to visit.

He was a tall, thin man with dark hair and black eyes, wearing glasses, which were rare in this world.

He was Professor Saiten, with whom he had made an appointment the other day.

As he recalled, he was supposed to be a very smart professor who could “appraise” a person.

“Thank you for coming, Saiten-sensei.”

“No, I’m indebted to everyone in the Landmark family.”

He smiled softly and kindly at Farza, the head of the family.

“Today, I would like to ask you to evaluate the skills of our third son, Ryu.”

Farza said, as he reached over to Ryu, who was standing alongside the other brothers.

“You had your baptism ceremony the other day, right?”

“Yes, Father-sama had never seen such a skill before. Even the members of the family are puzzled by the skills they have never heard of before.”

“Even the priest? That’s unusual… Then let’s have an appraisal. Ryu, may I appraise you?”

It seemed that there was a certain courtesy in appraising.

It was a first for Ryu, who has been activating it since he was born, but he couldn’t appraise a person…


Upon hearing the answer, Saiten began his appraisal.

“Ah, this Gokudo? Yes. I have certainly never seen or heard of this. It is a skill that has not been reported even in the capital. Very interesting indeed.”


Ryu was quiet and still.

But it certainly felt like he was peeping at him, n*ked as a sheet, when he gave him an appraisal.

“I’m going to use ‘Analysis’ with ‘Appraisal’.”

Is this a skill that comes with Appraisal? As a person who had “Appraisal”, Ryu was also interested in it.

“…This one surprises me. This skill is almost impossible to analyze in my A+ Appraisal. So that means that this “Gokudo” is a special skill equivalent to rank S. The only thing I could figure out is that “Gokudo” is an abstract skill for ‘ultimate way’.”

“… Mastering the path? What in the world is that …?”

Father Farza asked Saiten an honest question.

“It seems to be the type of skill that affects other skills …, but aside from ‘Jack of all Trades’, it may affect ‘Appraisal’ in some way … Maybe this is the first confirmed such skill in the kingdom, so we’ll just have to continue to monitor the progress on this.”

“…Is that so? Well, if even Saiten-sensei can’t figure it out, then there’s nothing we can do. Ryu, keep working hard on many things in the future, and eventually you will figure it out.”

Father Furza put his hand on Ryu’s head.


After all, “Gokudo” is a word for “gangsters”, meaning “ultimate way”, but even as a former gangster himself, he couldn’t imagine what kind of power it had.

His father, Farza, invited Saiten to have dinner with them, but he politely declined.

He wanted to compile a report on the matter.

“By the way, Ryu-san, since when did you realize that you had “Appraisal” and start using it? Your ‘Appraisal’ skill will probably be upgraded soon, as the condition for its use will be fulfilled soon.”

“Really!? I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember.”

“I knew it. Appraisal takes years to develop the initial skill set, but it’s rare to improve it at that age. I thought it was strange because usually people are usually taught at six years old and then start using it, so it takes years to fulfill the requirements. Farza-san, your child is an amazing one.”

He looked away from Ryu and praised his father.

“This boy is a prodigy.”

His father, Farza, said proudly.

“Don’t tell people that, Dad!”

Ryu, embarrassed, stopped him.

“He could read and write at the age of four. Ryu is very smart.”

Father Farza patted his son’s head and boasted again.

“That’s great! Even the prodigies I hear about learned to use their skills after the baptismal ceremony at age six in a very short time, so it’s great when they learn regardless of their skills, it’s truly a prodigy!”

Saiten was honestly surprised.

“That’s right! We’ve even talked as a family about sending this boy to school regardless of his skills…”

Father Farza could not stop boasting about Ryu.

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