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Secret Side Business Reincarnation Chapter 65

Spending Time with Brothers, But What?

The completion of the new mansion of the Landmark family was greeted with celebration from the residents of the territory.


And every day, sightseers visited.

Farza, seeming quite delighted, would guide visitors to the top of the tower overlooking the town of Landmark, enjoying the view together.


“Are we going to Marquis Sugoella’s place soon for the year-end greetings? Is it okay to be doing such things?”


The eldest son Tauro was astonished as his father Farza.


“The preparations seem to be already underway.”


Jiro followed.


“He said he’d give a custom model of the ‘Carriage No.1′ they developed, with the Sugoella Marquis family crest on it, as a souvenir.”


Ryu nodded to Jiro and informed Tauro.


“I see, well, that’s fine then. But still, it’s something unimaginable a few years ago.”


Tauro nodded, reminiscing about the past.


“Yeah, back then we were not only struggling to prepare souvenirs but also worrying about covering the expenses for inn stays and transportation.”


Jiro recalled, casting a slightly melancholic atmosphere over the conversation, reminiscing about their fathers’ hardships.


“During those times, Ryu would go hunting in the forest to gather food we could eat.”


Tauro expressed gratitude towards Ryu.


“It’s not like that’s changed much even now.”


Ryu chuckled in embarrassment, saying he’s still doing the same thing in the Demon Forest.


Haha! Ryu is sturdy. We should also train with Ryu during our breaks.”


Tauro said, and Jiro and Sima nodded in agreement.

Tauro and Jiro were taken aback to find a settlement at the boundary of the Demon Forest and even more surprised to see the Landmark family’s fields right in the heart of the Demon Forest.


“…What’s going on here?”


Tauro, speaking for Jiro and the others, pointed out, but that was all he could muster.


Ryu explained the circumstances and the potential for the Landmark family’s income to become one of its mainstays.


“Did you offer this at this year’s festival?”


“Yeah! It was very well-received. So now, research has begun in earnest to cultivate it.”

Ryu said, taking out Choco-Bananas from his Magic Storage and offering them to Tauro and the others to eat.


Tauro and the others initially sniffed and touched the peculiar food, but upon tasting it, they were astonished.


“It has a different sweetness from Rigo candy, but it’s delicious in its own way!”


Jiro and Sima exclaimed, quickly finishing their portions.


Seeing Leanne, who should have eaten it before, looking enviously, Ryu chuckled and took out Choco-Bananas from his Magic Storage again and handed them over.


“I’m planning to sell these by wrapping individual pieces of chocolate-cut bananas and packaging them together. Since the cocoa beans are still limited in quantity and processing them takes time, it’s going to be a luxury item. I’ll give you three as souvenirs when you return to school, so you can distribute them there.”


Ryu said, adding that Leanne would get a separate one for her.


“Yeah, thanks Ryu. Miss Ellis will definitely be happy.”


Tauro replied with a smile without embarrassment.


Things seem to be going quite smoothly with their relationship, Ryu thought, hoping that there might even be an engagement announcement when they reach adulthood (16 years old).


After reuniting with Kamiza, they immediately began to hunt monsters.

The school group, including Tauro, had become more efficient in monster hunting since their last mission.

It seemed they had been simulating even during school breaks.

They managed to defeat and ogre, which they couldn’t defeat last time, mainly focusing on magical attacks.

Ryu and Leanne were surprised since they hadn’t mentioned its weakness, but apparently, they had researched about the ogres in the school library.


Kamiza was also impressed by this.


“If you know the weaknesses of strong enemies, even those stronger than you can be defeated. Studying at school, where they also have past adventurers’ works, is beneficial, you know? Of course, knowing and experiencing are different things. From now on, you’ll become even more efficient in defeating them.”


As Kamiza said, Tauro and the others grew by experiencing the knowledge they gained during their break when they returned to school.


A few days before Tauro and the others returned.


“By the way, recently, there’s been a trend of ‘Kendama’ in the school and in the city of Sugoella. Wasn’t that something Ryu came up with?”


Huh? Just now?


Surprised, Ryu was happy, so before returning to school, he taught Tauro and the others some Kendama tricks.


After Tauro and the others returned to school, they demonstrated the techniques Ryu had taught them in front of everyone, resulting in them being dubbed the Landmark family’s Kendama Masters Trio and receiving peculiar nicknames.


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Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

Secret Side Business Reincarnation: Former Yakuza Expands Territory for Family, But What?

Score 6.4
Status: Ongoing Type: , Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
A man who has lived a lonely life as a yakuza is reincarnated into another world as Ryuu, the third son of a knightly family. Growing up surrounded by the love of a family he never had before, he soon realizes that his kind-hearted relatives have been poor for generations due to their strong fighting abilities but weak business skills. Determined to make a difference, he utilizes his unknown skill “Gokudou” and his knowledge from his past life in the underworld to create and sell coffee, chocolate, and hand-pulled carts. He improves the harvest yields of their fields and establishes a thriving stall at a local festival, successfully launching one new venture after another. However, as he steadily expands their territory, the family faces danger from resentful nobles who dislike their growing influence. Will they be able to overcome these challenges and secure their newfound prosperity?



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