Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 108

Emotions are “emotions”, and moving them generally becomes “impression”

Mary-san was smiling with a satisfied smile after she had made the definitive statement.


“So, I’ll be counting on you tomorrow, okay? When I give you instructions, just do what I tell you to do… If you don’t do what I tell you to do, that girl you love might get involved, so be careful, okay?”


“Oh, of course. As long as it doesn’t involve Shiho, anything goes.”


When I nodded, Mary smiled wickedly.

Unlike … Shiho, it was not a cute smile.


I don’t know what Ryuzaki thinks is so good about this kind of smile.

Well… it can’t be helped that he doesn’t know the ‘real thing’.


I don’t believe that a person who has never really loved someone, who has always been swept along with the flow, and who is loved simply for existing, can love someone. So I am sure that Ryuzaki does not know the wonderful smile that a loved girl would have.


It is something he could have had anytime if he wanted it.

Azusa, Kirari, Yuzuki, or whoever. If he really faced her and really fell in love with her, he could have found his “happiness”.


(So much for Ryoma Ryuzaki’s romantic comedies.)


I’ve given up.

He is just a harem protagonist, nothing more, nothing less.

He will probably end up being played around with a lot by Mary and left to her own devices.


Let the reader think, ‘Suck it up!’ and the story ends without that guy ever creating anything.


What a sad human being, isn’t he?

… Well, I don’t feel sorry for him.


This is the story he spelled out. I would like to say that it has nothing to do with me,… but regrettably, I am in the position of an antagonist, so I guess I have to stay with him until the end.


Then, at least, I will see it through to the end.

As an antagonist, I will thoroughly hunt down the main character, Ryoma Ryuzaki.


That is the only thing I can do for him.


(But, hmmm, … Ryuzaki aside, after that… does she think I’d make a harem?)


However, I must say that what happens after Ryuzaki’s romantic comedy is over is, to be honest, sweet in its perfection.


Because Mary-san is ignoring the existence of that girl.

She is deliberately trying not to think about that girl who is not tied to the story.

Because she has more presence than Mary-san can handle.


Or, if she hadn’t been there, perhaps that could have been the way it would have played out.


(Shiho is a cute little Yandere-chan.)


Shiho Shimotsuki is a bit heavier in love than most people.

So as long as she is around, she will never allow a harem.


(I heard that characters who move on their own by themselves are the most annoying… Mary probably knows that, but she dares to ignore it?)


I once saw this in the afterword of a novel recommended to me by Kirari. The author wrote, “I didn’t really intend to end the story like this, but the characters moved on their own and ran amok.”


Indeed, the story was a bit distorted.

The sub-heroine, who was more popular than the main heroine, was married to the hero. This ruined the foreshadowing that had been laid out, but the author agreed that it was inevitable.


Thanks to this, the reviews of the work were divided into two halves, one for and one against. But that is proof that it is a masterpiece.


Whether in a positive or negative direction, if it moves an emotion, it is an “impression”. If it can move readers’ hearts that much, it may be a success as a work of art.


However, I don’t think Mary would want that.

She doesn’t care about the process, she just wants to say, “Suck it up.” She would probably be bothered by Shiho’s freedom of movement.


But she can’t do anything about it. She is just a leveraged subheroine …, a so-called ‘fake’. The main heroine, the ‘real’ heroine, can never be moved as she wishes.


So I’m sure I won’t be able to say ‘Suck it up’ as much as Mary would like. Because I’m not building a harem.


That means my position won’t change and Shiho and I will always ‘remain good friends’.


(See, things don’t go your way after all, do they?)


Mary doesn’t seem to have any doubt that things will go the way she wants them to.

There is always something that goes beyond what you have calculated. Keep that in mind, I told her in my mind only.


Well, I don’t have the right to tell her.

If I were to tell her now and she were to take precautions…, that would be a pain.


I honestly don’t feel bad about Ryuzaki going through hell, though.

I also don’t want everything to go Mary’s way.


I hope the two of them suffer just fine.

Well, we’ll see what happens…