Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 157

Kururi Kurumizawa fell in love

Maybe it was the first time in her life that she had ever felt that way.

(Oh, maybe I like it.)

It was the first day at her new school.

When she stood in front of the class and introduced herself, her eyes happened to meet his.

At that moment, Kururi Kurumizawa got nervous for no reason.

(Nice eyes…)

At first, she was only somewhat curious about him.

She thought he was a beautiful boy, with eyes clearer and more translucent than the rest of them.

Of course, that is a figurative expression, not that he is actually a beautiful boy. In fact, if one were to speak of the level of his looks, he would be in the middle of the range. He is not handsome, but he looks in a way that she would be reluctant to describe as uncool.

However, he was by far clearer than the other boys.

Kururi Kurumizawa was instantly captivated by the boy’s unique atmosphere.

So, she requested to sit next to him. It was a forceful measure, but Kururi was very happy to be able to get close to him without incident.

(Somehow, I wish I could talk to him…)

Thinking this, she boldly carried out her plan to steal the boy’s phone.

If she was her usual self, she would never do such a thing. She is a sensible person who would refrain from behavior that would bother others, but … she wanted to talk to him so badly that she took his phone away from him without a second thought.

That’s how much the girl was crazy about him… Kotaro Nakayama.

(I… something is wrong…)

She knew she was being strange, but it was a pleasant sensation.

But it was a pleasant sensation. For the first time in her life, she felt ‘alive’. That was how much she liked him.

That feeling swelled up after speaking with him after school.

(It didn’t matter if I liked him or not.)

After talking to him, she learned that he had someone he liked.

But even so, Kururi Kurumizawa’s love for him did not wilt. In fact, it burned like a flame.

(I don’t want to lose.)

Although she did not know who it was, she had a rivalry with the girl who was favored by Kotaro Nakayama. She was confident that she could make him happier than she could.

(I want Nakayama to love me …)

She would love to receive his love with all her heart.

How happy she would be if that happened, she had fallen in love with Kotaro Nakayama to the point that she could grin just by fantasizing about him.

Other boys were not good enough.

For example, she felt that even her classmate Ryuzaki something, who had a reasonably good face, was not as good as Nakayama Kotaro.

(I can’t even compare him to that guy…)

She even thought it was wrong to compare them.

Because Ryuzaki something is so cloudy in his eyes. His eyes are muddy, he has no emotion, and he looks like a mob character, which is creepy.

Kururi Kurumizawa likes people with clean hearts.

She likes people who are sparklingly clear and transparent.

If you want to use an analogy, she loves people who are like the “protagonist” without any … evilness at all.

That is why she fell in love with Kotaro Nakayama.

She cannot stop this love anymore.

(I want to get along with Nakayama, no matter what it takes!)

In the morning, after finishing her preparations, she made up her mind to do so and headed for school.

As usual, she tied her pink hair into twin-tails and braced herself.

(It’s my first love… I’m going to win it!)

And so she heads off to school.

In order to charm the hero’s heart and make herself a true heroine… she threw herself into the arena of the romantic comedy.

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