Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 159

If I Could Be Your Special Person

Her pink hair was an eyesore.

I had never felt so annoyed at being liked before.

“Sorry? I just spoke to you out of the blue…, but I just wanted to make sure you got this.”

Even though she spoke to me, I continued walking without stopping.

However, Kurumizawa-san followed behind me soundly.

“My feelings are as I told you yesterday… Well, I wanted to clarify who my rival is.”


No, I’m sorry but … this is a romantic comedy that isn’t even a competition to begin with.

For me, it is absolute that Shiho is the best.

There is no way that that ranking will ever change.

“Yes. Shiho is my special someone that I love… We are not dating, but she is also a girl who is as close to that relationship as possible. So I can’t accept… Kurumizawa-san’s feelings.”

I tell her that clearly.

I refuse to say any more nonsense.

A normal girl … or even a normal human being would be depressed and give up if the opposite gender she has feelings for said something like that… Any further bumping into me will only hurt her. To protect yourself, it is natural to back off at this point.

But, Kurumizawa-san is stubborn.

“Now, maybe so …, but you don’t know what the future holds, do you? I didn’t fall for you with such casual feelings.”

Hurt and battered, she still says she will rise to the occasion.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to be your special … person. I won’t give up, I won’t give up!”

I was dizzy with her blind, single-minded love.

(You don’t have a reason…)

She couldn’t give me a clear reason why she fell in love with me.

She is abnormally in love with someone she somehow fell in love with… I still feel that way when the concept of ‘opportunism’ is involved in it.

I wonder if her love is really ‘real’… Well, I can’t accept that feeling anyway.

Either way, the result is the same.

I love Shiho and that will never change.

“I see. So Shimotsuki is my rival. …a tough one. Nakayama is amazing to be liked by such a cute and charming girl.”

“It’s not that I’m great. Shiho is just special.”

“Then you must have been special too, to be loved by someone so special, right?”

… No matter how humble I was, Kurumizawa-san would affirm it.

No matter how much I tried to get rid of her with plain words, she would still come at me without a care in the world.

That part was depressing.

“…I’m sorry, I’m going to go now.”

Forcefully, I quickened my steps. I was now so eager to get away from her.

“I see… I’m sorry I forced you to go with me. But I’ve enjoyed having this conversation with you.”

After saying that much, she finally stopped.

“See you tomorrow?”

Then she turned on her heels and headed back the way she had come.

Maybe her house is in the opposite direction … and she followed me, even though it was a long way.

I suddenly realized that I was really irritated at that kind of thing.

“What …… kind of person am I?”

I came back to myself.

Looking back with a cool head, I realize … why I had been so rude to Kurumizawa-san?

I had rarely been irritated by girls who talked to me before.

At the very least, I shouldn’t feel irritated with Kurumizawa-san, but … I was horrified to feel as if my personality had changed before I knew it.

It’s depressing.



I was thinking about all of those things, and suddenly I began to feel sick.

Even taking into account the factor that Shiho had the flu and couldn’t spare the time, it was still an inexplicable thing to say and do.

“Damn …”

I felt like Ryuzaki in this situation.

I felt like an arrogant jerk to a girl who liked me, and it made me feel disgraceful.

I’m weird after all.

I was going crazy by the love of the god of romantic comedies.

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