Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 194

Shiho Shimotsuki’s Abnormality

–She heard a disgusting sound.

Seeing the person she loved making distorted and strange sounds, she became angry.

(Why do they make someone so pure suffer?)

She frowned at the noise she heard.

His tone, twisted forcefully and forcibly, was so tainted that it was unbearable to listen to.

(Who hurt him?)

She asked in her heart.

During class, while listening to the teacher’s talk, she thought of him, the one she loved so much.

She could not forget the painful face of him – Kotaro Nakayama – that she saw in the morning.

The strange sound that was leaking from him kept ringing in Shiho’s head.

(I’ve never heard that sound like that before…)

Shiho Shimotsuki has good hearing.

Her hearing is acute and she is sensitive to sound.

However, this is not limited to the physical sense.

Perhaps because of her innate good hearing, she has a habit of describing various feelings in terms of ‘sound’.

According to her, the sounds humans make differ according to the emotions they are feeling at the time.

She claimed that human beings always play sounds that express their personalities.

This unique technique of expression, which is difficult to imagine, is a result of her innate nature.

It was a feeling that others could not possibly understand, but that did not mean it was wrong. In fact, her sense was usually correct.

For example, it was because of this sense that she quickly noticed the unusual nature of Ryoma Ryuzaki.

It was also thanks to her good hearing and ability to read other people’s emotions that she was able to recognize Kotaro Nakayama’s charm.

That is why Shiho Shimotsuki also sensed that Kotaro Nakayama’s unusual behavior contained an artificial intention.

(Kotaro-kun was hurt because someone was mean to him.)

It was as if an instrument that had been perfectly tuned had been mangled by someone else.

Shiho was angry because the tone she had tuned to her liking had been ruined.

(If … Kotaro-kun didn’t hate his current situation, I would have been happy to accept him.)

She is a jealous girl.

But she loves Kotaro Nakayama so much that her feelings of jealousy are greatly surpassed.

If he fell in love with a girl other than herself.

If he were to ask her to let him love both of them, including that girl.

Shiho would probably accept it at that time.

(Of course, if I wanted, I’d want him to love only me…, but I’d rather he love both of us together than not love me at all.)

She would have understood that it would be a compromise, but it would also be a form of love.

And Kotaro Nakayama knew that would happen.

But he resisted.

He was suffering, trying to love only Shiho.

When she saw that, she felt ashamed of herself for trying to compromise.

(Then I have to help him… my precious treasure, I have to protect it.)

She also felt sorry for Kotaro Nakayama regarding this matter.

(I should never have caught the flu that got me away from his side…)

She was careless.

She was caught off guard and fell ill.

Shiho was frustrated with herself.

(I am the one who made Kotaro-kun unable to live without me.)

And one more thing.

Shiho felt a great sense of responsibility.

She had intentionally made Kotaro Nakayama dependent on her.

She had made his body unable to be without her.

Although he himself recognizes that ‘I have become weak’.

But that is, in a way, what Shiho intended.

(Who in the world … would have thought that she would make a move on him at this point in time?)

Shiho Shimotsuki’s lips twitched slightly.

Her face had a cunning expression on it that she would never show to Kotaro Nakayama.

(I was beaten as a woman, but … be prepared for it. I’ll never, ever forgive you.)

–Kotaro Nakayama may think of Shiho as a naive and innocent girl.

But she is not an ignorant, innocent, angelic person.

(I will make her pay for the sin of hurting Kotaro-kun.)

Shiho Shimotsuki was quite a cunning person when it came to love.

And so began a revenge drama.

This is a romantic comedy of love and hate, full of drama and sorrow…

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