Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 26

The Difference Between Subs and Mobs

I didn’t want to see my stepsister in pain anymore.

Today, I talked a little too much. …… I used to only vocalize a few times most days, but thanks to Shimotsuki, I’ve been talking a lot.

Thanks to this, my throat hurt. My voice was dying due to the fact that I usually don’t talk at all.

I was going to finish the conversation and go to my room to rest.

“But I’m surprised that you and Shimotsuki-san are such good friends. …… I wonder if Ryoma Onii-chan knows about this.”

When Azusa suddenly said that, I couldn’t help but widen my eyes.

Bad … Yes, it might have been a bad idea for Azusa to know about my involvement with Shimotsuki.

Because Azusa likes Ryuzaki. But Ryuzaki likes Shimotsuki. …… In other words, Shimotsuki is a love rival for Azusa.

The fact that the girl is on good terms with everyone except Ryuzaki means that Azusa and the other subheroines will be the ones to benefit.

Although Ryuzaki’s feelings will not be rewarded, there will be a battle for the vacant position of the main heroine.

However, in the current situation where Shimotsuki is not attached to anyone, the truce is such that it is impossible to even start a war.

For the sub-heroines to be rewarded, Shimotsuki is an obstacle in their way.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the girls want to eliminate the absolute main heroine, Shimotsuki.

In fact, it is more natural for them to want her to disappear.

For example, Azusa may be hoping that if she gets together with a guy other than Ryuzaki…….

(That was a rather bad move, since that’s not …… the kind of protagonist who becomes more fiery the more adversities he faces.)

However, I’m sure it won’t go the way the subheroine wants.

In fact, I think the absolute stronghold of Shimotsuki will become stronger.

Ryoma Ryuzaki is the protagonist.

When he is cornered and has no other choice, that is when he shows his true strength.

I’m sure he’ll start a fierce attack on Shimotsuki. He will not pay attention to the other sub-heroines, and will become passionate about developing a straightforward romantic comedy.

From a meta point of view, I think that’s probably what will happen.

And when that happens, the person who will be the most unhappy …… is Shimotsuki.

I would never allow someone I hated to follow her around just because she became friends with me.

So I got impatient.

“Azusa, wait a minute!”

I couldn’t help but grab Azusa’s shoulder. It was the first time in a long time that I had touched my stepsister’s shoulder, and it was so small and slender that I felt like it might break if I put a little pressure on it.

“What’s wrong with ……? You suddenly …… startled me.”

I’m sorry for startling you, but I’ll apologize later.

“Please, don’t tell Ryuzaki about …… me and Shimotsuki, okay?”

I desperately begged her.

I know I look pathetic, but I have to stop this, even if I have to beg.

“I know it’s not convenient for Azusa. …… Shimotsuki is your love rival, and I understand that it’s more beneficial for her to get together with a guy who isn’t Ryuzaki. But please, …… please don’t tell Ryuzaki. I’ll do whatever I can to help you.”

I was so desperate that I thought about getting down on my knees.

Maybe it’s because I’m in a hurry, but my speech is pretty messed up. It came out of nowhere, and Azusa still seemed surprised, her eyes rounded.

I continued with my words to her.

“Shimotsuki shouldn’t get involved with Ryuzaki. …… I don’t want to hurt that girl, please. I know I’m asking Azusa to take a loss……. Still, please, please.”

I begged her to let us go.

In the end, I lowered my posture to get down on my knees,……but Azusa stopped me from doing so.

“I’ve never seen you get emotional before. …… I was surprised. You’re a human being too, huh, Oni-chan?”

Then she smiled gently at me.

“Yeah, okay. I won’t tell. …… I promise. I won’t tell anyone, so don’t look like you’re about to cry.”

And unexpectedly, she readily agreed.

It would be a loss for her, but she didn’t seem to care about that.

“Azusa wants Ryoma Onii-chan to like her, fair and square …… I don’t think I want to be loved in return after Shimotsuki-san is a bust, okay? I’m not going to use …… any sneaky tricks because I want to winover Shimotsuki-san fair and square.”

She declared in a clear voice.

Even though she knew she was going to lose out, she was going to stick to her principles.

I genuinely thought that was a wonderful thing about her…….

This may be the difference between a “sub character” and a “mob character”.

Unlike the mob characters who can’t be anything, she has a solid character, “Azusa Nakayama”.

I found her to be very charming.

“And also, …… you tried to help Azusa in the back of the school building, didn’t you? I’m glad you said, “I think you have something to say.” …… I couldn’t make use of that support, but you still tried to be nice to this terrible sister.”

Then she clenched her fists.

As if to give herself a boost, she gives a big push.

“I’m not going to bother you. …… Azusa loves Ryoma Onii-chan, after all.”

Then Azusa, who had been depressed earlier, smiled as if she had regained her energy.

She had a lovely, friendly smile that was unique to Azusa.

“I’m going to do my best to be as good as Shimotsuki-san! I can not afford to be depressed. …… Azusa is going to visit Ryoma Onii-chan now. I’m going to spoil him a lot and charm him!”

She made a strong declaration and walked away from me.

Watching my stepsister’s back, I laughed a little.

“Yeah, good luck …….”

The only thing I can do now is cheer her on.

I still want Azusa to be rewarded for her feelings.

I’m a fake, but I’m still “Onii-chan”.