Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 263


Thinking back, the only time I ever directly clashed with Ryuzaki was during the overnight learning program.

Since I became a high school student, many things have happened.

But somehow, there were few occasions when Ryuzaki and I crossed paths.

Because I was a mob character and a mere narrator – or so I thought.

But that was just an excuse, and maybe I just didn’t have the courage to confront him.

Well, there was no need to confront him in the first place, so I could just pretend that I didn’t see him and I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it.

Ryuzaki and Shiho have already gone their separate ways.

Having escaped the curse of being childhood friends, she is spinning a tale of serenity.

So, I really don’t want to get involved.

But I felt that if I pretended not to see it here,… I would never grow up.

The reason why the relationship with Shiho is not progressing at the moment is because of me.

I am the result of using the excuse that I am a mob character as a cover and neglecting the past, which I should have cleared up.

I think one of the reasons why Shiho feels my affection is not enough is because of my “past”.

(Even now, I still care about those girls…)

It’s time to forget about them.

No, I think it is natural to be indifferent.

However, I still care about … the three people even now.

(I can’t help but worry about Azusa, Yuzuki, and Kirari because … I haven’t been able to shake off my feelings for those girls)

They are my childhood friend, my stepsister, and my former best friend.

And the three of them love someone who is not me.

There was a time in the past when I had special feelings for them.

I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call the feeling ‘love’, but I’m sure I thought … it was ‘important’.

However, I still think it’s unusual to drag a feeling of that level down to this level.

If I had to use a stronger word, I would call it an ‘obsession’.

(Okay, I have to get this straightened out.)

Shiho is a loving girl.

She is not content with the level of love for other girls.

(I love Shiho.)

I want to be a man she can accept.

To do this, I need to break away from the thoughts of the past.

(Enough already, let’s stop being despicable…!)

Decide to be prepared.

I set guidelines for my actions and clenched my fists.

(――Stand up.)

Don’t turn away from the problem.

Don’t keep chasing after the shadows of the past.

Let go of your regrets.

(I can’t make those girls happy anymore…!)

I’m done regretting that I ‘failed to be’ the protagonist and that I couldn’t save … the three of them.

The romantic comedy of those girls is being spun out of my reach.

That’s why I want to see it through.

And hopefully… be rewarded.

I want them to be happy. For that reason, I had to entrust it to him.

Or maybe that’s not the right way to put it.

I need to make him understand.

(There are girls that only you can make happy.)

It’s not just one.

Your karma is not so shallow that you can make only one person happy and have a happy ending.

You need to tell them that.

“Hey, Ryuzaki.”

That’s why I called out to him.

After school, I called out to Ryuzaki, who was on his way home alone.

He slowly … turned around and looked at me.

“…What is it.”

Then the time finally comes.

The second “clash” since the overnight learning program.

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