Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 274

Recollection Part 2

It was raining in the park, and of course there was no one there but me and Shiho.

We were alone under a tree, taking shelter from the rain and exchanging words.

It was a casual moment, but it had been a long time since I’d had that kind of fun.

“Azu-nyan is so sweet. I can’t believe she got to be Kotaro-kun’s little sister… I wish I could have been your little sister, too.”

I was talking about my middle school days when Shiho unexpectedly interrupted me.

“I don’t think being my little sister would be that great.”

I was interrupted in my reminiscing, but I think I’ll call it a short break.

“No, it’s not. Azu-nyan sometimes takes a sisterly stance toward you, you know? She sends me messages on the messaging app with pictures like, ‘Onii-chan made omelette today’.”

“I didn’t know she was doing that.”

I’m surprised they got along better than I thought they would.

On the surface, Azusa says she’s not very good with Shiho, but the chemistry doesn’t seem to be that bad after all.

“I’m so embarrassed that she did that even though she knew I was jealous of her… Well, Azu-nyan is almost like a little sister to me, so I’ll forgive her as a cute joke from one of my relatives, won’t I? You see, I’m very generous.”

I don’t think you are generous.

Shiho is a very tiny vessel.

Even now, she was a little bit upset even though it was in the past.

I didn’t talk about it because I was afraid of what would happen, … but now I’m talking about the past because I think it’s okay if this happens.

Even if I am upset, jealous, or sulking, Shiho will accept me – I believe that.

“So, what’s the rest of the story?”

See, I knew Shiho wanted to know.

She is listening to my words with great interest.

I guess she is trying to get to know me.

I want to respond to that desire.

That is why I continued to reminisce…

――High school exam, the morning of the announcement of results.

After finishing breakfast, Azusa and I changed into our school uniforms and left the house.

“Ah, it’s Yuzuki Onee-chan.”

When we went outside, we found my childhood friend, Yuzuki, standing idly in front of our house.

Apparently, she was waiting for me.

At that time, before we met Ryuzaki, Yuzuki was often next to me. She often went to school with me in the mornings.

“Azusa-san, good morning. I’m sorry for ambushing you in the morning, Kotaro-san.”

“No, it’s fine.”

… From what standpoint am I saying that … it’s fine?

At the time, I took it for granted that Yuzuki would be waiting for me.

I am truly ashamed of myself. If I had been more self-aware, I would have thanked her for waiting for me.

“I don’t have the courage to go see the result announcement alone…would you let me join you?”

“Eh? Yuzuki Onee-chan passed the exam with ease, didn’t you? If Yuzuki Onee-chan failed, Azusa and Onii-chan would definitely fail too!”

Azusa was trying to cheer up Yuzuki, even though she was anxious herself.

She is a girl who has always had a kind heart.

” I was so nervous that I couldn’t think straight at all … I didn’t remember much of the day, and I was worried about whether I had answered the questions correctly…”

“I see… I think you’ll be fine…”

The two of them started walking while exchanging such chit-chat.

Although we were classmates, Yuzuki, who took good care of me, and Azusa, who wanted to be spoiled, had a great compatibility. They were like real sisters up until middle school.

After entering high school, they became rivals who liked the same person, and their relationship grew a bit cold.

In retrospect, that’s also a shame…

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