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Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 337

Choose, Hurt, and Be Prepared to Suffer

Finishing their conversation, Yuzuki had a refreshing expression on her face.


“I’m glad we could talk. I’ve been feeling restless for so long. Wondering if things are really okay as they are, if there’s something else I could do differently, I’ve been troubled… Helping someone truly brings me the greatest joy.”


She said calmly, gently holding my hand.


“You can tell just by looking at Ryoma-san’s face. Your expression seems much lighter than when you first arrived, don’t you think? If my words could help lift your spirits even a little, that’s enough for me.”


“…Has my expression really changed?”


“Yes. To me, it seems brighter.”


I realized she was right.

When I touched my cheek, it felt softer than before.

It might just be my imagination, but it’s a fact that I feel lighter now than when I parted ways with Azusa.


“Thank you. Thanks to you, Yuzuki, I feel a bit saved.”


I expressed my sincere gratitude.

It was an unconscious remark, but it was a feeling of ‘gratitude’ that I couldn’t have expressed before.


“Those words are the greatest reward for me… I felt like I could affirm myself again after a long time.”


Yuzuki said, earnestly accepting my devoted feelings.

Then, I properly replied from my side.


“I still don’t really understand the true meaning of ‘liking someone’… I like you, Yuzuki, but I feel like this feeling is a bit different from romantic emotions.”


She had been saying ‘I like you’ to me since earlier.

But I probably don’t ‘like’ her with the same intensity.


No, the feeling of ‘liking’ that I have is probably different from what Yuzuki or Kirari feel.


So, at this moment… this was the extent of what I could reply.


“I still can’t give you an answer… If you’re willing to wait, Yuzuki, please wait a little longer. I’m sorry, but that’s all I can say.”


I didn’t know what else to say.


“I understand that it’s a selfish answer. Even though I’ve received such warm words from Yuzuki, I still haven’t grown… I feel inadequate. It wouldn’t be strange if she were disillusioned with someone like me. So, you don’t have to wait.”


It’s okay to hate me.

But she wouldn’t allow it.


“I won’t hate you.”


Quiet but powerful words are spoken.


“It’s too late for you to say that now… Even though you don’t hate me, and even though there isn’t anyone else you like, please don’t deny my feelings.”


She insisted, cornering me.


“Please face it. I’m not telling you to fall in love or anything. But let me try… That alone is enough for me.”


If she had hated me.

Or if that path had been easier.


Kirari was waiting for me too. If it were just her, there wouldn’t have been a need to choose, and things would have been easier.

But Yuzuki was waiting too — when it came to that, I would have to make a difficult choice.


That’s why I wanted Yuzuki to hate me — was that what I was unconsciously trying to escape?


“I’ll continue to like you until I have a proper reason to reject my feelings for you.”


Yuzuki could see right through my weakness.


(Stop running away already.)


It’s regrettable to keep Yuzuki waiting.

But until the time comes when I can properly confront her with my feelings… accepting her kindness is the best choice for Yuzuki.


Decide on your resolve properly.


“…Yeah, I understand.”


Be prepared to hurt someone.

Be prepared to fall in love with someone.


And the resolve to endure suffering… I firmly engraved them in my heart.


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Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Loves The Mob, Shimotsuki-san wa Mob ga Suki, 霜月さんはモブが好き
Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
When I met him, I realized that I was a ‘mob character’. My childhood friend, my best friend, my stepsister, and everyone else I fell in love with, fell in love with him. But there was one girl who showed a completely separate face only in front of me. I’m not sure what to make of it. Normally she doesn’t talk much, but she’s all talk when she’s in front of me. She smiles only at me. Even though she was the main heroine, she fell in love with me, a mob character–this is my story. This is a romantic comedy about a dull mob character.



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