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Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 341

Because She’s the "Main Heroine" From a "Narrative" Point of View

— Ryuzaki’s Harem Romantic Comedy has ended.

After Valentine’s Day, whenever I saw him at school, I couldn’t help but feel that way.


After all, the aura Ryuzaki once had seemed to have vanished.

The characteristics I used to call protagonist-like had somehow disappeared.


Perhaps there was a slight shadow on his expression compared to before.

There was less strength in his expressions than when he always seemed so confident.

But, if I were to put it positively, I could say he had become “calmer”.


At school, his expressions while talking with Yuzuki or Kirari were completely different from before.


Ryuzaki used to dominate the conversation, but lately, I’ve seen him listening more often. Perhaps he’s become more considerate of others, and his reactions seem more genuine.


Thanks to that, Yuzuki and Kirari seemed to be enjoying their conversations as well.


(Well, there’s no need to worry anymore.)


They were no longer the sub-heroines of a harem romantic comedy.

As individual girls, they were facing Ryuzaki… and someday, he would come up with an answer.

At that time, I hope neither of them will regret—thinking such meddlesome thoughts, the third term ended.

In other words, we’re no longer freshmen.

It’s late March. We’re currently in the spring break period, but come April, we’ll be second-year high school students.


At that time… a new romantic comedy will probably begin.

Thinking in terms of storytelling, now is just a brief pause. Considering the template, with the entrance ceremony, it feels like new characters, the new students, will appear.


In the future, surely it will be Shiho, not Ryuzaki, who will be the main character.

I wish the story would be one where she doesn’t get hurt at that time…


Anyway, the story hasn’t started yet.

For now, let’s just enjoy this peaceful daily life—




—So, it’s spring break.

Naturally, she was lounging around at my house as usual.


“Darn it!”


Muffled screams echoed in the living room.

Of course, the source was Shiho.


Her voice was muffled because her face was buried in the cushion as she screamed.


“I lost! It’s so frustrating… guh, whyyyyy!”

“…Well, it’s a game of luck, so losing happens.”


I tried to comfort her since she seemed more upset than I expected, but it seemed to backfire.


“Don’t comfort as the winner. It just makes it more pathetic… Ugh, I never thought I’d lose to Kotaro-kun. I’ve been playing more, I was planning to beat you and gloat, but why did you have to win?”


…Well, bullying beginners and getting cocky isn’t really admirable.

She’s still a bit of a petty girl.


By the way, the game they were playing was a famous one where blocks fall.

You line up falling blocks to clear lines. Perhaps because it’s an old game, the controls are simple.


Recently, it seems there’s a mode where you can play against 100 people instead of just alone. I’ve seen Shiho playing it often lately, but today, she challenged me to a match, which was rare. I thought I’d lose, but somehow I won, leading to the current situation.


“Since I can’t win online at all, I wanted to feel better by beating you, Kotaro-kun…”


Bullying beginners for stress relief is quite unfair.

Shiho is quite competitive. Also, she’s narrow-minded and petty. When she gets heated in a game, her language quickly becomes coarse, but really… yeah, it’s cute.


Even though she’s such an interesting girl.

Perhaps it’s because she’s the main heroine after all…


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Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Loves The Mob, Shimotsuki-san wa Mob ga Suki, 霜月さんはモブが好き
Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
When I met him, I realized that I was a ‘mob character’. My childhood friend, my best friend, my stepsister, and everyone else I fell in love with, fell in love with him. But there was one girl who showed a completely separate face only in front of me. I’m not sure what to make of it. Normally she doesn’t talk much, but she’s all talk when she’s in front of me. She smiles only at me. Even though she was the main heroine, she fell in love with me, a mob character–this is my story. This is a romantic comedy about a dull mob character.



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