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Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 343

You Worried About Breaking, and I Thought It Was Fine

“Hug me.”


At the sudden request, my body froze.

Touching like this out of nowhere… Of course, there couldn’t be any hesitation.




But she waits.

With her chin up as if urging me on, arms spread wide, she beckons me with her posture.


“…Isn’t this a bit sudden?”


“Love is always sudden, isn’t it? If it sprouts planned, then it’s something other than love, I think.”


“T-That’s unusual for you, Shiho.”


“Huh? What is?”


“Well, you’re saying something sensible…”


“What are you talking about? I’m always sensible.”


Is she really always like that?

I feel like there are plenty of times when she’s not, but right now she’s saying something quite sensible.


Indeed, planned love feels calculated, so maybe it doesn’t exist.


“Well, it’s a line I heard in an anime yesterday.”


Ah, I see!

I thought Shiho was saying something sophisticated, and it seems she was.


Surprised… no, that’s not important now.

The conversation continues, but Shiho’s hands are still outstretched, as if she’s not giving up yet.


I feel like if I don’t hug her, she’ll stay like that forever.


“…Alright, then, here I go?”


“Yes. Of course, you can come. You don’t need to be shy.”


“Thanks. Then…”


Slowly, I extend both arms and wrap them around her back.

As I tighten the embrace, Shiho’s small body fits snugly within.


“…Hmm, not bad. Your grip’s a bit weak, though. I’d like you to squeeze a bit tighter, but it’s passable for now.”


“You’re being quite critical.”


I chuckle and apply a bit more pressure.

I thought I hugged her enough, but Shiho doesn’t seem satisfied at all.


“Here we go!”


This time she hugs me back.

With a force incomparable to mine… Where did she get such power from in that small body? Shiho hugs me tightly.


“Um, it’s a bit… hard to breathe.”


It’s an embrace so tight it feels like my breath is being squeezed out.

I gently pat her back, and she loosens her grip.


“Hmm… This is a bit of a problem.”


Was something wrong?

She makes the same difficult expression as before, then lightly pokes my nose.


“What do you think is different between you who worried about breaking and me who thought it was fine?”


The abrupt question isn’t something I can answer right away.

What’s the right answer… How can I say it so Shiho won’t get hurt?


“Hehe… Well, you wouldn’t understand, Kotaro-kun. Since you’re searching for the right answer, it’s only natural.”


Seems like even when I’m unsure, Shiho already knows.


“Um, sorry. I don’t quite understand what you mean…”


“It’s okay. You don’t have to understand now. Don’t worry… It’s just that the tone is a bit wavering.”




Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I’ve heard that expression.

With her sharp sense of hearing, Shiho often describes things with her unique sensitivity.


“It seems like it’ll take a little longer for you, Kotaro-kun.”


After that, Shiho smiles gently.

As if watching over me… like seeing a small child.


“But, a little more… and you should understand.”


She says something unusually profound.

I didn’t know how to react to her solemn words that didn’t fit her usual self.


Is the person in front of me really Shiho?

Is there a side of her I don’t know…


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Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Likes the Mob

Shimotsuki-san Loves The Mob, Shimotsuki-san wa Mob ga Suki, 霜月さんはモブが好き
Score 6.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Artist: Released: 2020 Native Language: Japanese
When I met him, I realized that I was a ‘mob character’. My childhood friend, my best friend, my stepsister, and everyone else I fell in love with, fell in love with him. But there was one girl who showed a completely separate face only in front of me. I’m not sure what to make of it. Normally she doesn’t talk much, but she’s all talk when she’s in front of me. She smiles only at me. Even though she was the main heroine, she fell in love with me, a mob character–this is my story. This is a romantic comedy about a dull mob character.



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