Shimotsuki-san likes the mob Chapter 4

The Person, they love, loves the Person, who likes me

TL/ED: Bogdi

Why is Shimotsuki so talkative only around me?

She told me why.


“You know, I have very good hearing.”

I instinctively lean forward.


“What do you mean?”


“I mean it literally. I was born with good hearing, so I can usually tell by the sound of a …… person’s voice or heartbeat what kind of feelings they are having. That’s why I don’t like Ryuzaki-kun. The sound he makes is dull and harmless, just background noise.”

Shimotsuki’s ears twitched, as if she had a nerve connection. She continued to talk, showing off her impressive skills in a low-key way.

“In this respect, your sound is very delicate. I can hear the sound of sadness, pain and sorrow. At the same time, I also hear a strange sound like strong grudge. Ummm, that’s a strange sound. It’s creepy. It’s interesting how they all work together in harmony to create these sounds.”

She shuffled her feet and closed her eyes to listen.

She closed her eyes and listened, as if she was checking my sound.

I’ve been looking for an opportunity to talk to you like this for a long time. …… Wow, Nakayama-kun is just what I expected. He participates in a lot of my chatter ….I don’t think we’re a bad match.”


…… She’ s saying a lot of complicated things.

In short, this girl…

“You mean you like me?”

“That’s the best way to sum it up. It would be more pleasant to say that we seemed to have good chemistry.”

Apparently, that’s what she meant.

When I heard those words, I …… became aware of a swirling dark emotion in my chest.

(The childhood friend that Ryuzaki likes, likes me……!)

It’s as though I succeeded in getting back at him.

A wicked feeling boiled up in my chest. I know I shouldn’t think like that, but I couldn’t help it.

It was as if I had taken away the loved one of the person, who had taken away the people I loved.

I felt such a sensation, and at the same time, I felt pity for myself for thinking such a thing.

I’m sure the girls hated me for having such a personality,…… and as I was thinking about such strange things, Shimotsuki unexpectedly put her hand on my chest.

“Yeah and …… Nakayama, you sound so weird sometimes. I hear a sound that is riddled with self-loathing, or rather …… that makes me want to cry when I hear it. It’s like a kitten purring desperately in a cardboard box on a rainy day.”

I wondered if she was checking the sound of my heart.

The touch of her thin, small fingers make me feel a little nervous.

Seeing me like that, she laughed again.

“I have a habit of wanting to cheer up people who are sad. Nakayama-kun looks like you’ re in a lot of pain. …… I’d be happy to cheer you up, even if only a little. It’s not a problem. I grew up with a wonderful mom and dad who loved me a lot, so I’m full of love. If I keep getting so much, God will get angry, so I’ll share some of it with you.”

I was taken aback by Shimotsuki’s smiling face as she said this.

I thought she was a girl with a unique view of the world.

But there is also a feeling of joy in being liked by such a girl…….

It’s not that I’m trying to get back at Ryuzaki, but it’s pure joy.

“I’d also like to make friends with you, talk to you, play games with you, if you’d like. I’ve been so lonely and I’m starving for friends. Also, sometimes they make you have a partner in class or something. I’m not good at that either, and I need help.”

“I feel like there’s a lot …… going on here.”

Rather, I feel that there is more going on here.

But I couldn’t be happier if such a wonderful girl would be my friend.

“I look forward to working with you from now on, Nakayama-kun.”


Shimotsuki innocently reached out her hand to me.

I’m not sure if I should grab her hand or not……, but by then Shimotsuki had already grabbed my hand forcefully.

“It’s so rude to hesitate.”

When I saw her cheeks puff out, I couldn’t help but relax.

“Sorry. Pleased to be with you.”

I said, and shook her hand tightly.

That’s how I made a friend.

The person I was meeting, was the person I grew to love, …. the person I love–