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The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 15

I Need to Get Away from Her (9)


“Just now,”




“Were you trying to surrender to that guy?”


She momentarily lost her words and shook her head.


At the same time, a deep sigh, conveying exhaustion, was heard.


“I’m fine. As long as you survive…”


“What’s fine about it?”




Unintentionally, I replied with a tone mixed with annoyance.


Does she think sacrificing herself would allow the country to survive?


She knew nothing about Alfred.


“Even if you follow him, the outcome will be the same.”


“I’m well aware.”


Her complexion rapidly worsened at mine and Alfred’s reactions.


Alfred doesn’t act rashly.


He always behaves calmly, devoid of mercy.


He’s a despicable guy who would cut through weak bonds of friendship or trust with a single stroke for victory.


Even in the game, Alfred, cornered, used the nameless dragon as a shield and fled.


In the end, the nameless dragon faced the protagonist alone and died.


Asking for mercy from such a guy was laughable.


“We have to fight anyway.”




“Don’t worry.”


I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her onto my back.


It was uncomfortable, but leaving her alone would result in her being taken as a hostage.


It was better to carry her on my back and fight.


“I have no intention of quietly dying.”


I calmly wielded my sword and shield.


Alfred quietly watched me and the nameless dragon, lost in thought.


He scratched his face with an irritated expression as if something didn’t sit well with him.


“Something’s gone wrong.”




“Well, nothing I can do about it. I’ll just have to kill them both and build up merits.”


Suddenly, the wind stopped. The air gathered around Alfred.


Arrows of wind flew without warning. I immediately used my shield to protect myself.




The sound of fierce wind brushed past my ears. Simultaneously, a strong impact was felt through the shield.


I could barely track the arrows with my eyes.


But it didn’t end there. Magic circles appeared in the air, and countless arrows headed towards me.




There were limits to blocking with a shield.


The intensified arrow assault began to wear down the shield.


A simple iron shield had its limits.


If I kept blocking, it wouldn’t hold up.


I swiftly moved, but an arrow grazed my side.


Suppressing a groan of pain from the stinging sensation.


“Why are you hesitating? Are you already scared?”


Dozens of magic circles spread out in the air.


Sharp magical spears aimed at me.


‘Stay calm.’


There’s always a strategy against any enemy.


Closing the distance is the standard tactic against a mage to prevent them from casting spells.


I needed to get closer to prevent them from casting spells.


I want to get closer, but…’


Alfred was flying in the air.


I couldn’t move recklessly, even if it was because of the nameless dragon on my back.


But there was an opportunity.


‘After all, his speed isn’t that fast.’


If I kept blocking with the shield, it would soon break.


Observing Alfred chanting spells, I rolled my foot and leaped.




With the sharp sound of wind, the ground beneath split.


Numerous magical spears grazed past me.


As expected, he aimed for my legs with the arrows.


‘If even one hits, it’s dangerous.’


I raised my head to observe the opponent.


Alfred was constantly chanting spells.


Every time he used magic, he lost sight of me.


For that brief moment, he was as vulnerable as when chanting spells.


‘I have to seize the opportunity.’


Anyone can let their guard down. If the opponent underestimates me, all the better.


Rather than blocking, I focused on evading.


As time passed, my breath became heavier.


The opponent was the same. With each focus on magic, they were gradually losing sight of me.


‘Your focus and my stamina. Which will run out first.’


As the standoff continued, I could gauge his skills.


Instinctively, I could feel it.


It was feasible. There was a possibility of winning.


The nameless dragon on my back remained silent.


Suddenly, I felt moisture on my shoulder.


‘Why the sudden tears and fuss.’


Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to worry about her.


Swiftly, I twisted my body counterclockwise.


The closer the distance, the more disadvantageous it was for the opponent.


Knowing this, the opponent also maintained their distance.


In this situation, leaning against the wall was the worst choice.


Swiftly moving away from the position, a Wind Cutter flew towards me.


I halted my steps at the unexpected movement.


‘This is…!’


Instinctively sensing danger, I rolled my body.


As expected, the trajectory of the magic deviated, passing over my head.


If I hadn’t bent down, my abdomen would have been ripped apart.


“You’re quite good at dodging, despite carrying a burden on your back.”


As I raised my head, something unseen hit my neck.


Instinctively, I raised my shield. Immediately, a heavy impact was felt.




The dagger Alfred was holding flew towards me.


The dagger was blocked by the shield and bounced off.


While not very powerful, the blade was imbued with magic.


‘I almost missed that.’


It was quite annoying. If I had been a bit slower, the dagger would have struck my shoulder.


Slowly closing the distance, I pressured Alfred.


I had to quietly wait for the opportunity.


“You coward. What do you think will happen by just dragging out time?”


As the standoff continued, the opponent was gradually losing concentration.


Perhaps his mana was also gradually decreasing.


Although the magic arrows were still threatening, the gap between us was closing unnoticed.


‘I have to aim for a single strike.’


Opportunities only last a moment. For now, I had to wait for it.


Suddenly, I felt movement behind me.


The nameless dragon grabbed my shoulder and exerted force.


Then, with a small voice, she whispered.


“Just once… I can help you…”


I understood what she meant.


I nodded quietly.


“When the opportunity comes.”


I clenched my teeth tightly. As desperate as she was, so was I.


“I’ll get closer.”


With a brief conversation, the plan was complete. I believed she understood as well.


I calmly watched the opponent.


Amidst the flurry of magic arrows, I noticed the dagger Alfred threw at me.


Quickly picking up the fallen dagger from the ground, I handed it to the nameless dragon.


“I’m going to get closer soon. Get ready.”


At my words, she firmly grasped the dagger with trembling hands.


Alfred was busy concentrating on casting spells.


Unconsciously, sweat was dripping down his serene face.




I pretended as if the arrow grazed me deliberately.


Though it didn’t actually touch me, my voice made the opponent more confident.


“By the way, don’t think about running away, okay? Even if you’re fast, are you as fast as me?”


With a sneer, Alfred flew into the sky.


As if boasting, he cast spells while flying, drawing dozens of magic circles in the air.


‘Stupid fool.’


Finally, the opportunity arrived.


Once again, a magical spear flew towards me.


As the light emitted from the magic circle was seen, I pushed off the ground and dashed forward.




At the same time as my voice, I felt the heat under my neck.


The nameless dragon reached out her hand and conjured flames.




A look of confusion passed through the opponent’s eyes.


As I tried to dodge the pillar of fire, my body swayed greatly.


I saw the opponent staggering in the air.


I didn’t miss the opportunity.


I swung the shield I held in my left hand.






The edge of the shield hit the opponent’s face.


Their body staggered greatly before falling from the air.










With a sudden scream, Erina’s vision returned.


The blurry haze in front of her was clearing up.


Finally, she could see her surroundings clearly.


From head to toe, she was covered in blood.


From her beloved equipment to her face and hair.


Everything was covered in fresh blood.


Hot blood trickled down her face.


The heat of slaughter, something she hadn’t felt in so long, overwhelmed her body.


Before she knew it, she was the only one left around.


At some point, she must have lost her mind and become immersed in the battle.


All the monsters that had surrounded her were now lying defeated.


The burning rage slowly subsided.


Simultaneously, a great sense of fatigue enveloped her.




All she could see around her were corpses.


The cries of the monsters were no longer heard.


Instead, the area was filled with piled-up corpses and puddles of blood.


Erina barely suppressed the urge to vomit.


She tried to calm her breathing and regain her composure.


“Hu… Hoo…”


But she couldn’t hold back the nausea any longer.


Eventually, she expelled what she had been holding inside.


The blood that had filled her mouth came out along with it.


Simultaneously, negative thoughts began to fill her mind.


“Ugh… No…”


If her Master saw her like this, he would be greatly disappointed.


The sight of him turning away in disappointment.


No matter how hard she tried to approach, he would drift further away.


Eventually, disappearing forever.


“No… That’s not true…!”


Erina shook her head vigorously.


But the negative thoughts continued endlessly.


“Ugh, haah…”


Once again, vomit came from her mouth.


She leaned her sword like a staff on the ground and bent over.


After spitting out the vomit several times, Erina could barely regain her senses.


“Hu… Hoo…”


The exhaustion that had dominated her body disappeared, replaced by restlessness and fear.


Erina calmly regulated her breathing and shook off the negative thoughts.


“Stay calm… It’s okay… I can do this…”


She looked back at the rock that had blocked the path.


Moments ago, Seo-Hyun had fallen off the cliff, and the rock blocked the way.


Erina emitted a burst of energy, shattering the rock.


Below it, endless darkness awaited.


“Just for this…!”


She couldn’t afford to collapse. Gritting her teeth, she jumped.


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The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

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