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The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me Chapter 24

Unwanted Companion (7)

Erina couldn’t understand the current situation at all.


Last night, she committed murder.


To make matters worse, she was caught by her master in the act.


It was the worst possible scenario for her.


She even heard the admonition not to kill anyone again.


She had to protect Seo-Hyun. To do that, it was inevitable to kill others.


But seeing the anger directed towards her, she felt terrified.


Though she didn’t show it, a part of her heart sank.


She barely held back tears and wanted to ease her mind.


But even when she approached to tidy up the bedding as usual, she was rejected.


‘I’m sorry. I apologize…’


Erina repeated apologies in her mind dozens of times.


But her master cruelly didn’t understand her feelings.


After a vague conversation, Erina lay on the bed with a heavier heart than usual.


And before falling asleep, she made a resolution.


She would definitely apologize to her master in the morning.


But when she woke up, she realized something was wrong.


Erina was alone in the room.


Seo-Hyun and the unwelcomed guest were both gone.


Anxiety surged in Erina’s heart.


All sorts of negative emotions surfaced.


The worst-case scenario played out in her mind like a panorama


‘No way…!’


Had the dragon kidnapped her master?


That damn b*tch wouldn’t have harmed him, would she?


Erina immediately got up from the bed.


She armed herself with her precious longsword and armor.


‘I have to hurry!’


She hoped everything wouldn’t turn out as she feared.


But the anxiety that arose in her heart didn’t stop.


She hurriedly ran out of the room and downstairs.


In the tavern, the innkeeper and some people were gathered.


“Ah, you’re awake. Shall I prepare breakfast for you?”


The innkeeper greeted Erina warmly upon seeing her coming down the stairs.


But as soon as he saw her worried expression, his face stiffened.


“Have you not seen my companions?”


“Yes? Are you referring to the man and the one in a robe?”


Fortunately, the innkeeper remembered Erina’s companions.


“No. There was no one in the room. They disappeared during the night!”


At her question, the innkeeper scratched his head.


“Well, I’m not sure.”


He had been running the inn for decades.


He had seen all sorts of things happen among adventurers.


And he somewhat knew what it meant to be left alone while sleeping.


So, he tried to keep his mouth shut.


But there was someone behind Erina, watching her.


“What’s with all the commotion this morning? It’s too noisy.”


Erina’s expression immediately contorted.


Instinctively, her hand went to her sword.


But she barely restrained her impulse.


If he were to return, it would be a big problem.


She couldn’t afford to show irrationality.


Turning around, she saw a thug.


A man whose height and rugged expression were his only assets.

“During sleep, a comrade disappeared. It’s a situation where I don’t know what happened.”


She didn’t want to waste time on pointless fights.


It was wise to talk reasonably and distance oneself.


Perhaps if the troublemaker had stayed quiet, everything would have passed without incident.


However, he let slip the words that could never be overlooked.


“He disappeared leaving you alone? Can’t you even notice you’ve been abandoned?”




He was a man not worth dealing with.


But the words he just heard could not be ignored.


Erina’s face turned expressionless.


Her gloomy eyes turned towards him.


Unfortunately, the troublemaker was oblivious.


‘She still doesn’t know much. It’s common for comrades to abandon each other and run away in the dead of night. Giving up and finding someone else…?!’


A commotion erupted.


It wasn’t a fight. It was a one-sided beating.


Face, stomach, back, legs. They were indiscriminately pummeled.


Not long after, the troublemaker collapsed to the ground. But the punches didn’t stop.


In Erina’s mind, only one thought remained.


‘I am not abandoned.’


With that belief alone, she had lived her life so far.


But the words the man just spat out shook her conviction.


How much time had passed?




The voice she had longed for echoed.


At the same time, her lost senses returned to her.


The first sensation she felt was her heartbeat.


Her chest was pounding uncontrollably.


Her master had returned. With that fact alone, Erina’s heart was filled with relief.


But only after her sight returned, did she see what she had done.




Her surroundings were a mess.


The troublemaker lay on the ground, covered in blood.


No one around spoke a word.


Even the innkeeper froze, mouth shut.


Her master watched everything unfold.


And next to him was the nameless dragon.


The two were together.


They had abandoned her in the dead of night and had a secret meeting.


Once again, her heart shattered.




Why did you abandon me?

Why did you disappear without a word?

Why is that b*tch with you?


There were so many things she wanted to say.


But before that, the prevailing emotion was anger.


“Ha, hahaha…”


Slowly, he approached her.


As he got closer, Erina felt her rationality slipping away.


But her hand was held back.


By her own master, of all people.


And then, she heard a name she had never heard before.




Why would he call the nameless b*tch like that?


At the same time, the worst assumption formed in her mind.


‘Not just me…’


Someone else received a name from her master.


What on earth had happened while they were gone?


Erina grabbed her head in confusion, knowing nothing.


Only confusion remained in her mind.


In the meantime, Kayla approached Erina.


“Would it be okay if we talked for a moment?”




If her master wasn’t there, Erina would have grabbed her by the neck and crushed it.


But she barely held onto her sanity.


Now, she was in front of her beloved master.


Seo-Hyun watched Erina.


His eyes were filled with endless disappointment.


She couldn’t show her ugly side anymore.


“Fine. Let’s go upstairs for now.”


Erina clenched her teeth, holding back her anger as she looked at her master.


Together, they ascended the stairs.


It was only natural that Seo-Hyun would bear the consequences of her fight.







“So, what exactly happened?”


Erina struggled to contain her anger.


With an oppressive aura, a cold chill swept through the room.


But Kayla didn’t tremble as she did before.


It was a situation she had already experienced.


“I apologize first. I asked Seo-Hyun to accompany him.”




“But it was all for him. I asked him to become a Dragon Knight for me…?!”


Kayla couldn’t continue speaking.


Her throat was grabbed without a chance to evade.


“What did you say?”


“I, I…”


“Say it again. What did you ask for?”


Erina’s speech lost its formality as her anger approached.


The rage that loomed before her was conveyed through the hand choking her.


But strangely, Kayla remained calm.


And one fact settled in her mind.


‘I can’t be close to this person anymore.’


It was close to resignation. But there was no despair or helplessness.


Instead, a sense of pride surged in Kayla’s chest.


Long ago, buried with arrogance, her competitive spirit resurfaced.


“I asked him… to become my master…!”


Kayla pushed Erina away with all her might.


Then, Erina’s face twisted fiercely.


Only then did Kayla realize.


The kindness she showed Seo-Hyun was all an act.


The cold tone, threatening attitude.


The gaze that seemed to kill, and the chilling aura.


This was Erina’s true nature.


‘To such a person…’


She couldn’t trust her master. Kayla concluded in her heart.


She glared at Erina, fists clenched.


She calmly assessed. Could she defeat Erina?


In reality, it was nearly impossible. No matter how many times they fought, she would lose.


But Kayla didn’t want to acknowledge her as the strong one.


There was only one person she recognized as strong.


This fight could never be avoided, even for her own master.


With a table between them, the two continued their standoff.


And Kayla calmly continued her speech.


“Seo-Hyun accepted my proposal.”




“He gave me the name Kayla, and I swore to serve him as my master…!”


A fist flew towards Kayla’s face. She quickly raised her arm to guard.


She barely blocked it, but her forearm tingled.


Erina reached out to grab her by the hair.


Quickly, Kayla shed her robe and threw it at her opponent.




While Erina’s vision was obscured, Kayla leaped forward and pushed her away.


Erina lost her balance and fell to the ground.


Just like that, Kayla tried to stand on top of Erina’s body.


But Erina’s reaction was quick.


In an instant, she flipped over and rose from the ground.




Flames flickered in Erina’s eyes.


Instinctively, Kayla swallowed a gulp of air.


Meeting her gaze brought forth a fear worse than death.


But Kayla didn’t retreat. No, she couldn’t retreat.


“Didn’t I say it…? Leave before I forcibly eject you.”


“I can’t. I’ve already made an oath with him.”


There was no need for further conversation.


A body struggle ensued, with no clear initiator.


The table overturned, chairs broke.


The bed collapsed, leaving marks on the wall.


Even the window shattered, and glass shards littered the floor.


Neither of them could stop fighting.


There was absolutely no way to back down until someone fell.


Erina relentlessly aimed for vital points.


Head, neck, chest. She knew how to bring someone down.


Kayla lowered her stance and launched a low kick.


But Erina didn’t flinch.


Instead, a sharp pain shot up her leg.


Before she could regain her stance, a hand reached out towards Kayla.


She tried to dodge quickly, but her arm was already caught.


Without a chance to shake it off, a fist struck her face.




Kayla’s neck twisted with a sharp pain.


As the impact solidified in her jaw, her vision blurred momentarily.


Erina struck mercilessly with her fists.


Simply put, Kayla couldn’t win through force alone.


Maintaining her stance, she attempted to counterattack.


Again, as a fist flew towards her, Kayla leaned her head forward.




For the first time, confusion flickered across Erina’s face.


Struck by the blow, she staggered for a moment.


Seizing the opportunity, Kayla leaped and pushed her body forward.


With a loud crash, both of them fell to the ground.


Even as they fell, Erina grabbed Kayla’s shoulders and exerted pressure.




Kayla groaned in pain, feeling as if her bones might break.


She tried to retaliate with a punch, but Erina dodged and grabbed her arm.


Sensing her opponent’s intentions, Kayla pushed back, forcing herself backward against the wall.


But she realized too late that she was cornered.


While Kayla was taken aback, Erina rose to her feet and pushed her forward.


With her back against the wall, Kayla realized her predicament.


Her hand was aimed at Kayla, who raised her guard, protecting her face.


But Erina’s target wasn’t her face.




Once again, Kayla’s neck was strangled.


With both hands, Erina grabbed Kayla’s neck and exerted pressure.


Kayla’s body began to weaken under the strain.


Desperately trying to release her grip, her strong grasp didn’t loosen.


Just like that, Kayla collapsed on the floor.


At the same time, a fist flew towards her face.




Caught with her neck held, Kayla took the blow.


As time passed, her vision began to blur.


Convinced of her victory, Erina squeezed Kayla’s neck harder.


With eyes filled with madness, they grew redder by the moment.


Just before her opponent’s eyes rolled back, Erina muttered like a madwoman.


“Die… I don’t need a b*tch like you. As long as my master and I are together… If only you were gone, everything would return to normal…! Only I am my master’s everything. He belongs to me!”


Facing madness head-on, Kayla’s mind drifted away.


She had expected this. She had a slim chance of winning from the start.


But she couldn’t avoid the fight.


Kayla could only blame her own powerlessness.


As her vision darkened and consciousness waned.


“Stop it!”


With that shout, Erina’s body rolled on the floor.


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The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

The Character I Created Is Obsessed With Me

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