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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 114

Money Duplication Club (1)

Making gold was hard, but spending it wisely was even harder.


The purse of gold coins that hung from his waist jingled.


He currently had 10 gold coins.

In addition to what he has earned as a prophet, which amounts to about one gold coin saved in the Kirtos Network during that time, he had approximately 11 gold coins in his possession.


“… Come to think of it, there will be some pretty good weapons at the auction.”


Lunar is in a lot of pain after everything that’s happened.


The [Auction System], which was almost like a mainstay during gaming, is likely to be implemented again. If that system remains the same, items that suit his current situation will soon be available at the auction.


“I think it was around 200 gold.”


As the price suggests, it’s not only high-performing but also holds unrecognized value. It should complement transformation and extraction skills well.


“For now, I should aim for that as my main weapon.”



Sitting at the desk, he bounced the pen off the paper.


“Utility and uniqueness can be covered by the Numbers promised by the Princess.”


Items in the 100s certainly have strong utility, so much so that people might suspect. They are items that others don’t even know how to use properly.


“I still have plenty of time to adjust to the items.”


He needed to get used to these items, but there’s no need to rush into equipping them right away.


“Then maybe I should focus on making money for now.”


Investing in Sylvia’s project and leaving a hefty sum of 10 gold coins without a second thought isn’t simple.




Feeling the rough texture of the paper, he toyed with the pen.




He was thinking of starting a steady funding business.


The purpose is not just to make money.


“It’s not just about the advantages.”


As he felt paying off loans at the bank, his status so far has been as a mere commoner.


Even if he earns money, he’ll soon come under suspicion.


On the other hand, running a business changes things.

Not just a common student, but a ‘president’ comes into play.


It is easier to get a loan than simply having money, and the biggest advantage is that you can use your qualifications to shop around.


“Of course, it’s not like I’m going to open any big business.”


With 10 gold, you can start a business like a restaurant that requires little capital.


He plans to target the students from the Academy.


‘Students can easily do business within the Academy.’


This advantage must be utilized to the fullest.


The academy is a place where many children of wealthy nobles gather.


Indeed, what yields the highest profit is…


[Business Item]: Dessert


There is one item that could leverage my experience in the North.


“Should I call Danya for now?”






The next morning.


The Northern Market was bustling with numerous merchants and customers since dawn.


“Fresh fish directly imported from Constantine! Even the Pope approves of its taste!”

“Armor made from monster hides, meticulously crafted by hand. Lightweight and impervious even to beast claws…!”


Amidst the bustling noise, I briefly walked along the street.


Near the agreed-upon meeting place, he spotted Danya standing upright.


More precisely, he noticed her standing confidently with her pink tail.


To be exact, her tail, which drew a doughnut shape in the air while rotating.


‘That’s her way of surveying the surroundings.’


After spending a long time in the northern region, specifically within Richard’s dantian, he’s gained a better understanding of Danya.


More accurately, he learned to interpret her tail.


Her tail, drawing slow circles towards the sky, was scanning the area.

When her tail is drooping, she’s out of energy.

When tucked between her legs, she’s scared or embarrassed.







Startled like this, each hair on the tail stands on end.


“Why are you so surprised? It’s just me.”

“Ian, you… Hmph!”


Danya crossed her arms and turned her head as if she was angry.


“You kept me waiting for so long.”

“Like Danya would wait for someone like you! I just got here!”


Despite her heavily pouting and angry expression…


When she swings her tail to the right like that, it means she’s happy to meet someone she’s been waiting for.


With closed eyes, he couldn’t help but smile at Danya maintaining her ‘hmph!’ expression.



“Why are you laughing like that!”


Danya tried hard to keep up the act of being mad.


He should keep it a secret that her tail reveals her feelings, even for her sake.


After pursing her lips for a moment, Danya spoke up.


“Ahem. Anyway. Why did you want to meet today? What are you planning to buy?”


“… Fruits?”

“Yes. I need a variety of fruits that can be eaten in one bite.”


Danya tilted her head.


“What do you need those for?”

“I’ll show you once I buy them.”



What could he possibly need fruits for? Danya’s lukewarm response showed her lack of enthusiasm.


Of course, he knows how to invigorate her spirit.


“The important thing is finding fresh fruits, and this seems to be your specialty, Danya. It requires sensitivity.”

“That’s right!”

“Please. Lead me to a store with fresh fruits.”

“Got it!”


That’s praise right there.

Praise makes even sulky Danya dance.


Danya immediately switched to exploration mode.

Her tail gently swayed as she sniffed around.


Come to think of it…


‘I also need wooden skewers, sugar, and an ice-making device. I should know where to buy those.’


There are a few more things he needs to prepare, but for now, he followed Danya’s lead.


The first place Danya led him to was a large store piled high with various fruits.


“Are you students from the academy? Are you looking for specific fruits?”


A tidy-looking merchant came out to greet them.


“We’re looking for various types of fruits.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place. Please try some at our tasting corner.”


Oh wow.


There were indeed all kinds of fruits prepared for tasting.

They were generally tasty and fresh.


Meanwhile, Danya looked somewhat puzzled.


“Could you give us a box of these fruits to try?”

“Of course!”


The cheerful merchant handed us a box of fruits.


“You can enjoy them just as they taste during the taste text.”


Then, Danya’s sniffing nose.


“Just a moment.”


She reached into the box and pulled out the fruits at the bottom.


They were all dried up and moldy.


“No wonder it smelled strange inside. Let’s go somewhere else.”



Danya’s professional demeanor as she turned and walked away was truly impressive.




– This one’s rotten!

– Umm… not fresh!


And so, Ian and expert sniffer Danya wandered through the market for an hour or two.




Danya’s ears perked up, and she darted into an alleyway.


“Let’s go.”


That’s how they barged through the crowd and entered a narrow alleyway.


Inside the shabby-looking shop that seemed like it would collapse any minute.


[Uncle’s Fruit Store]


Even the half-faded sign seemed somewhat unsettling…


“Here it is! This way!”


Danya wagged her tail and pointed towards the shop.


“Huh? Who’s making a ruckus in front of someone else’s shop?”



Startled by the person who came out of the shop, Danya clung to his side.


He certainly looked ragged enough to be scary.

But he didn’t sense any malice.


“I came to see some fruits.”

“… Come in.”


After glancing around as if smuggling something, the man gestured them into the shop.


“… Is this a decent place?”

“The smell is the freshest here!”


He decided to trust Danya’s words for now.


Contrary to its appearance, the inside of the store was quite tidy.

Numerous boxes of fruits lined up neatly.


Meanwhile, the man inside the store, with crossed arms, proudly displayed his rugged muscles.


“Um, could we perhaps taste some of these?”

“Taste what?”


The man looked over with suspicion.

In a low voice, he asked.


“What do you mean?”

“… Can we try some?”

“Oh. Taste test? Just open any box and try.”


Don’t they usually offer the best for tasting?


He started examining the boxes on the outer edge.


‘Oh. These are really fresh?’


Meanwhile, Danya, who had been sniffing quietly, rushed over to a box. In her hand was a bright red fruit.


“What’s this?”

“Oh, that’s a tomato. The folks in Constantine call it the devil’s fruit.”

“The devil’s fruit?”


Danya tilted her head and licked the skin.


“It doesn’t taste like anything.”

“You have to eat the inside.”




Danya pressed down with her fingers.


“Wait a minute, if you press like that…!”




“… It popped.”


Danya’s face was smeared with tomato pulp.


She wiped her cheek with the back of her hand, like a cat cleaning itself.

Then she licked her hand.


“It’s tangy and sweet!”


Danya wiped the tomato off her cheek while gently wagging her tail.


“… You’re not a kid.”


With a sigh, Ian wiped Danya’s face with a handkerchief and handed her a tomato.


Nevertheless, it was unexpected.


Apart from not being nicely displayed, the overall quality of the fruits was excellent.


“Most of them seem fresh and delicious.”

“I grew or hand-picked all of them myself!”


Her man hit his chest vigorously.


“By the way, you b*stard! You seem to know how to look at some fruit!”


The man flexed his shoulders.

His bulging muscles looked impressive.


“These scars! They’re from pruning in the orchard! Ha, that apple tree. It was formidable!”


… He’s nuts.


Anyway, befriending the man turned out not so bad.


It would be a bit inconvenient to buy so many different types of fruits one box at a time, so he asked.


“Can we buy them one at a time?”

“Hahaha! I can’t refuse such recognition of my fruits from a young friend like you!”


In an instant, with the close proximity, he was able to receive both hands full of fruits.

Buying fruit felt like winning a battle.


“Now let’s go, Danya.”

“Mmm… Okay!”


Danya, who had been peeling and licking the tomato skin, followed along.


“Come again next time!”


He bowed his head to the man and went outside.


“Where to next?”


Danya asked with a tilted head.


“To make.”

“… Make what?”

“A dessert that duplicates money.”




He managed to suppress the urge to smirk.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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