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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 116

Money Duplication Club (3)

Going to the Academy was always challenging for Ian.


At first, it was difficult because of the looks he received from people who treated him like Pongpong shortly after he possessed this body. For a while, it was hard due to the intense training and the relentless scenarios… he was just too busy.


Now that he had somewhat adjusted to the training and the scenarios.


“… I’m really going to die.”


It was simply exhausting because the icebox was heavy.


Couldn’t he just enhance his body with magic?


All of his mana was being used to maintain the cold in the icebox through a non-stop extraction-transformation combo, essentially turning him into a human outdoor unit supplying the chill.


Some cadets passed by him in carriages or magitech cars.


— Whoosh!


“… Maybe I should have bought a car.”


The thought of reducing the investments in Silvia flitted through his mind, but he shook it off.


His current financial management plan was perfect.


Sweat dripped down.


As he walked, the magic department building came into view.


“Ahhh! Please stop giving us assignments, Professor Violet!”

“Tell that directly to the professor.”

“Could you argue with that witch professor?”


The noisy first-floor lobby.

It seemed like afternoon classes were in full swing.


‘Come to think of it, I might be in danger of missing classes soon.’


A week off for Saint Gregory’s Day.

Then, he had another week off on his own.


The tight schedule in the North had made it inevitable.


From now on, he needed to focus more on the Academy.


It wasn’t because he was a well-behaved student…




【 Announcement 】


— Aether Promotion Information


> Comprehensive evaluations for the promotion to the Aether course are currently being conducted for students of each department.


> Based on these evaluations, additional assessments may be carried out…




The biggest academic event marking the end of a semester at the academy, the ‘Aether Class Promotion’, was about to start.


The Aether Class essentially represented Lichten Academy. Only the most outstanding students from each department were selected for the ‘Aether’ class, and having this qualification alone was enough to ensure recognition in society.


Originally, the main scenario was for all four heroines, including Emilia, who had been in the Aether class since admission, to gather in the Aether class through this promotion exam.


‘Sharon is almost impossible, and Lina seems slightly at risk, doesn’t she?’


Thanks to various incidents, it seemed likely that the main scenario might deviate slightly.


Well… since it was going to be held in a battle royale format, there would be variables.


‘I’ll probably meet Aria and Emilia both.’


He needed to start planning soon.


For now, he should focus on the snowflake fruit.

Money was always the best plan.


He arrived at the backyard of the Magic Department building after passing through it.


There was a building that looked like a container box.


The identity of this place, covered in vines and looking extremely nature-friendly, was the classroom where the 【Spirit Studies】 class took place.


Since he hadn’t registered for 【Spirit Studies】, he had another purpose for coming here.


He called out for the reason he had come all the way here.


“Ian! What brings you here?”


Lina ran out, turning back to fix her hair.

Then she stood about three steps in front of him, her green eyes sparkling.


She looked like a puppy seeing its owner come home after a long time. It seemed like only a day had passed since they returned from the North together.


No wonder she had many friends among the students.


“I need a favor.”

“Really? Sure! Just tell me anything!”


Lina answered with a bright smile.

With one hand, she was adjusting the black handkerchief around her neck.


‘… Come to think of it, she used that to wipe my sweat, didn’t she.’


At the time, he had been too distracted by meeting the Blood Witch, but thinking back, that was indeed the case.


“I should have washed that for you once.”


“Huh? Oh…! It, it’s okay! I-I washed it! I mean, I hand-washed it! It’s fine because you gave it to me anyway!”


Lina suddenly stuttered, her face turning red.



Sometimes, Lina would say things that were hard to understand. Recently, Ian realized that it was best to pretend nothing happened when she did.


“More importantly, try this.”


Ian took out a ‘Snowflake Fruit’ from the icebox and handed it to her.


Lina’s eyes grew wider with each bite.


“It’s delicious! This isn’t just because I didn’t have breakfast; it’s genuinely delicious! Better than any fruit I’ve picked and eaten from the forest!”


Lina’s evaluation was credible, especially since she often had to make do with wild fruits due to a lack of money.


‘I can trust her.’


But there was another reason he had sought out Lina.


“I’m curious if this dessert would appeal to the students, especially the girls.”


Lina quickly understood and her eyes sparkled.


“Should I let the others try it and ask them?”

“Yeah. But I’d prefer it if you didn’t mention that I made it.”



If they knew Pongpong made it, they might suspect something strange was in it, just like he would.


Ian explained it to her in a roundabout way and handed her two packs of ten Snowflake Fruits each.


“Got it! I’ll ask the others! Yum!”


Lina snatched the Snowflake Fruits eagerly, swallowing her saliva with a loud gulp.


Hmm. Why did he feel uneasy?

It felt like entrusting fish to a cat that hadn’t eaten breakfast.


As he worried needlessly for a moment.


— Wow!

— What is this?


He heard excited screams from inside.


After a while.


“It was an incredible reaction. They even tried to lick my fingers…”


Lina emerged, looking somewhat worn out, holding empty wooden skewers.


“Anyway, they all loved it! They were asking where they could buy it, saying they’d pay 10 silver each. Those rich kids… I’m jealous.”


Lina’s last words revealed a bit of her inner thoughts.




‘I’m glad I handed out samples.’


Like introducing coffee to a country that had never tasted it before, Ian handed out samples to gauge market reactions.


Even though it was a copy of the ultra-premium fruit Ice Grape, how many cadets would have tasted it?


By familiarizing them with this new taste and preparing the supply chain and staff for sales, he could create a demand that would lead to immediate sales.


‘It’ll be a sellout on the first day.’


Seeing people lined up would naturally make anyone curious!


Ian couldn’t help but smile at his perfect plan.


“So what are you going to do with this? Running a business in the Academy is pretty complicated… Getting administrative approval for a business registration is hard and takes a long time. I considered it when I was out of money, so I know.”


Lina seemed to understand his plan without further explanation. Perhaps it was due to her survival instincts honed from living with little. Her survival skills were indeed impressive.


“If you try to do it illegally, the Student Council will catch you… Even for street vending, you need a food sales permit.”


Lina shuddered as if recalling unpleasant memories.


He didn’t know when she had thought about selling food, but…


Her insights from experience were valuable. They were also something Ian had already considered.


That’s why he had a solution.


“I’m going to start a club.”


“…A club?”






There are two ways to run a business within the Academy.


One is to get approval from the administration and enter the Academy as a business entity.


The other is to get approval from the Student Council and operate as a student-run club.


Naturally, the latter is easier and cheaper than the former.


‘Of course, it’s a bit of a loophole.’


He planned to take advantage of the fact that club activities could share their results with the students.


From performance clubs like the Drama and Opera Clubs to equipment-related ones like Alchemy and Magitech, there were already several clubs generating revenue, so it wouldn’t be a significant issue.

Moreover, creating a club provided additional benefits like having a club room.


The problem was, a club needed members to be established.


“Lina, what do you think of the food at Lichten Academy?”


Lina blinked at the sudden change in topic before answering.


“It’s okay, I guess?”

“And the desserts?”

“To get a good one, I have to go out of the Academy and make a real effort. It’s difficult.”

“How about selling something like this right here in the Academy? Especially since the weather will be warming up soon.”

“…It would sell really well.”


Lina’s eyes lit up.


“So, I need you, Lina.”



Lina looked at him blankly, then lowered her gaze.

She pressed down on the handkerchief around her neck and tapped the ground with her shoe.


Seeing her misunderstanding, Ian added.


“I need an employee like you.”

“…An employee?”



That was the reason he sought out Lina.


With her striking appearance and extensive network, she was the best sales assistant he could hire.


Plus, she was already doing part-time jobs here and there because she needed the money.


‘…Now that I think about it, how did she manage to follow me to the North?’


He wondered for a moment, but then Lina, who had been lost in thought, spoke up.


“Hehe… Of course, that makes sense! What was I thinking? There’s always a flow to a conversation. Right? Hehehe.”


She scratched her head and clapped her hands together.


“I actually just got fired from my part-time job for poor attendance. Not because I wasn’t working hard, but because I didn’t show up for a few days…”


…So she had just followed him to the North without a plan.


“Anyway, I can do it! Totally!”

“That’s a relief. Thank you.”

“No, I’m the one who’s grateful!”


Lina smiled brightly.


Seeing her like that gave Ian a strange feeling.


‘To think I’m hiring a heroine as a part-timer.’


In his past life, he had worked to support these characters on a screen. The feeling was peculiar.


Anyway, Lina was the best part-timer he could get.

He needed to keep her on board.


“Lina, I’ll pay you double the minimum wage.”



“Hehe! It means I’ll be loyal like a pet! Since Danya is like a cat, I’ll be the dog!”

“…What does that even mean?”


Lina made a surprising statement, then stepped forward as if she had planned it.


She turned her head and looked around, then whispered softly.


“You know, Master.”

“It’s probably ‘Boss,’ not ‘Master’.”

“Oops, slip of the tongue.”



Lina’s small laugh was carried on her breath.


“If it sells well, will you give me a bonus?”

“Of course.”

“But you said you’d praise me in the North and never did, you know?”


Did he?

He had been so busy that he had forgotten.


“Do I have to give it to you this time?”


She twisted the handkerchief around her neck and took another step closer.

Lina’s breathy laugh felt strangely warm.


…It seemed like he had hired a somewhat dangerous part-timer.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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