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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 121

Your New Companion Is a Tiny Priest! (1)

The tent of the Numina sect.


“Ian, are you Brother Ian Blackangers?”


The priest asked.


Ian flinched slightly.

The priest’s momentum was unusual.




Lately, it had improved a bit, but most people still frowned as soon as they heard Ian’s name.


What kind of contemptuous expression would come his way?


But contrary to his fears, the priest’s face brightened with a radiant smile.


“Ah, Brother Ian, to think you are interested in the teachings of Numina, I should have sought you out sooner!”




“Please, come this way. Once again, a sincere welcome.”




Such sudden hospitality.

How long had it been since he received such a welcome after introducing himself?


Although he didn’t show it, Ian was slightly moved. At the same time, a chill ran down his spine.


‘… Are these guys a cult?’


Even before his possession, the only people who welcomed him were usually cultists.




“We have heard of your heroic deeds. May Deus’s blessings always be with you!”


The priests of the Numina sect had a reason to welcome Ian.


Their foundation was inherently anti-saints.


Ever since Ian delivered a blow to the saintess candidate at the disciplinary committee, an atmosphere of high regard for Ian had subtly emerged among them.


Moreover, he had recently exposed and executed the Northern Grand Duke as a Bloodstone Cultist!


To the doctrine-centric Numina sect, heretics like the Bloodstone Cult were objects of intense hatred and eradication.


Unbeknownst to Ian, he was an idol here.


Even though the priests of the Numina sect were only a handful, they were the ones who approached Ian when he returned to Lichten after a long time.




An idol-like figure personally entering their sect’s tent!


“It’s modest, but please have a seat here.”


The priest’s smile became even more benevolent.



Of course, Ian couldn’t guess their circumstances. His unfortunate fate forced him to doubt others’ kindness. He discreetly checked the exits as he sat at the table the priest guided him to.


“Elena, could you bring some tea?”


The priest called to a female priestess bowing in front of the sect’s symbol.




But there was no response.

Was she absorbed in prayer?


Just as Ian admired her devotion…




The priestess’s head bobbed vigorously back and forth, startling herself.



“I… I wasn’t sleeping!”


The priestess tried to hide her embarrassment, her hands flailing.

The priest sighed lightly, as if familiar with this sight, and spoke again.


“Alright, can you bring some tea for our guest?”


“A… guest…? Yes, yes!”


Ian blinked at the priestess who brought the tea. Her appearance seemed familiar.


Short stature, hair mixed with gold and brown hues, a noticeably broad forehead, and timid movements. Avoiding his gaze shyly, she clutched the oversized sleeves of her priestly robe while pouring the tea.


“Priestess Elena’s tea-brewing skills are exceptional. Even the student council often requests her service. Maintaining this tent is largely thanks to Sister Elena.”


The priestess blushed at the praise, her ears turning red.


Finally, Ian remembered who she was.

The youngest member of the student council trio who had evaluated the club.


The difference between her current appearance in priestly robes and her previous one was significant, which was why he didn’t recognize her at first.


“Ah, you were the Student Council member from that time…?”


The priestess finally met Ian’s eyes.

Her eyes widened in surprise.




She pointed a finger and shouted.


“You’re that incredibly delicious fruit vendor from back then?!”


…What on earth does she remember him as?


“… Slurp.”


Her reflexive drool slipped into the guest’s teacup.





“… That’s why Brother Ian, who revealed the saintess candidate’s mistakes to the world, and then made another significant contribution in the north, is someone we Numina sect priests couldn’t help but revere!”


This was the priest’s answer to Ian’s question about why they were treating him with such hospitality.


In short, it seemed they appreciated him for dealing blows to both the saintess candidate and the Bloodstone Cult.


“I see, that’s how it was.”

“Yes. Some of our priests have even been praying for you recently, Brother Ian.”


Ian was honestly touched.


‘I can’t believe there were people praying for me!’


Since his possession, this was perhaps the first time he had received such treatment from people he barely knew.


It was also evidence that people’s opinions about him were slowly changing.


However, just because others were praising him didn’t mean he could just bask in it without reciprocating.


In society, praise should be returned in kind.


“As expected of the Numina sect. Unwavering in the face of public opinion, you see through to the core. This must all be thanks to the teachings of Numina.”


Essentially, he was flattering them for recognizing his value, but the priest was extremely pleased nonetheless.


“As expected of Brother Ian! I knew we would see eye to eye, haha!”




Ian laughed heartily with the priest.


Elena, seated at the end of the table, trembled as she watched them.


Both of them seemed to have a hint of madness.


After a minute of laughter, the priest stood up.


“It is truly an honor that you have come to form a team with a priest of the Numina sect. However, the only novice here is Priestess Elena.”

“Uh, Priest, excuse me…”

“Hmm? Elena, do you have something to add?”

“I am devoted to serving Deus and following the teachings of Numina. I don’t have any intention of competing in the promotion exams.”

“Don’t be so shy, Elena. Brother Ian will take good care of you.”

“Th-that’s not what I mean…!”




The brother priest lifted Elena’s chair, which he was trying to avoid, and made her sit in front of Ian.


“Then, I’ll leave you two to have a thorough conversation.”

“Uh, uh… Excuse me, Priest…”

“Sister Elena, please take good care of Brother Ian.”


Elena’s flustered gaze briefly swept over the priest.




The priest laughed joyfully and left the tent.





An awkward silence hung in the air for a moment.


Ian could tell that the young priestess was uneasy around him. Why on earth was she avoiding him? He didn’t remember doing anything to upset her. In fact, she had enjoyed the snowflake fruit the most out of the student council trio.


“Y-you tempt me.”


Elena shouted, eyes tightly shut.



“The sugar-coated fruit you gave me back then was so delicious… I had to eat it, forgetting all decorum, even moaning with pleasure. Even though I am a priestess who shouldn’t indulge in such pleasures, it was just too delicious!”


…You’re the one who moaned, not me.

Ian felt wronged but also happy.

It was like receiving the highest compliment, akin to “You play like a pro gamer.”


“I even had to lie, saying I needed to examine it further just to eat more… It makes me a failure as a priestess.”


…Weren’t you just lying about not sleeping a moment ago?


Not wanting to point out her recent lie and risk her breaking down, Ian decided to change the subject.


“But wasn’t your name Sophia? The Student Council members all called you Sophia.”


“S-Sophia is the name my mother gave me. Elena is the name given by the God.”


“I see. Then may I call you Elena too? It feels like it brings us closer.”


Elena nodded silently.


Despite her somewhat clumsy personality, she was indeed a devout believer.


And it’s common knowledge that the more devout a priest is, the more exceptional their abilities tend to be.


Ian became even more determined to persuade Elena.


“As I mentioned to the male priest earlier, I need a priest who can be on my team for the promotion exam.”


“I’m sorry, but I think it will be difficult for me.”


Elena refused firmly in a small voice.


“I’m not very interested in promotion. My path is solely to serve Deus and follow the teachings of Numina.”


A resolute refusal.


Of course, Ian wasn’t one to back down from a mere refusal.

He was well-trained by numerous rejections of confessions in the past.

In fact, rejection was like fuel to Ian’s energy.


“But Elena, think about it carefully.”


“In the end, you will have to spread the teachings to others someday. Having the title of Aether Class would make more people listen to your voice. We’re the only team that distributes the cores from hunting dangerous species exactly in equal parts.”


Elena seemed to consider his words, but soon her expression hardened again.


“Excessive competition and greed should be avoided. I’m sorry, but it seems difficult for me to join.”


Even as she held her perpetually slipping priestly robe, she shook her head.


She was as unyielding as an iron wall.


‘Still, a priest is absolutely necessary.’


Ian couldn’t give up.


Judging by the reaction of the Numina sect, it would be impossible to find a priest from the Celeste sect of the saintess candidate.


So, Elena was the only priest he could possibly recruit.


‘Honestly, I didn’t expect her to be uninterested in the Aether promotion.’


The basic principle of negotiation is to understand what the other party wants.


Ian had naturally assumed that even a priest would desire Aether promotion.


In Lichten, “Aether” was a brand in of itself, synonymous with prestige. Just maintaining Aether status for one semester guaranteed significant opportunities post-graduation.


‘But she doesn’t want that…’


Ian’s mind worked quickly.

What was Elena’s deepest desire?


After a brief pause, Ian spoke.






“I’ll give you 10 vouchers for Snowflake Fruits.”




A brief silence ensued.

Elena spoke in a determined voice, a beat late.


“I am a priest who serves God. I will not be swayed by mere desserts.”


But Ian didn’t miss it.

He saw the storm of guilt and desire flicker and then vanish in Elena’s eyes.


“Hmm… Alright then. How about one Snowflake Fruit every month for life?”


“…What? For life?”


“Yes, for life.”


“D-Don’t think I will fall for such a temptation! Devil! Oh God, please help me resist this temptation.”


Even as she started reciting a prayer, Elena’s body was honest. Her lips began to glisten with drool.


Ian’s lips curled into a smile.


“What, is that not enough? Then how about one Snowflake Fruit every week for life?”



Elena’s lips trembled.


“Protect me from my desires… Slurp.”



Her prayer was not completed.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

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