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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 78

Sharon Pierce Hasn’t Given Up Yet

Unlike other siblings who were bustling with welcoming guests, Sharon Pierce quietly made her way to the training ground.


It was a social event.

The first day hosted a banquet for the guests who had traveled far.

From the second day onwards, the actual duels between promising heirs of each family began.


A gathering where swords were crossed fitting for the name of the North.

That was the Northern Duke’s social event.


It was something Sharon would have simply ignored and moved on.

But she overheard the conversation of the lord.


“… He’s coming.”


As Sharon opened the door to the training ground, she bit her lower lip.


Ian Blackangers.

That boy was coming here.

For reasons unknown…


– Creak


The bitter taste of defeat spread through her mouth from her bitten lip.


Compared to the defeat tasted because of Ian, this pain was truly insignificant.

He had made her taste a different kind of defeat than being trampled within the family.


If she were to think that the humiliation she faced within the family was inevitable.

What Ian brought upon her was a defeat brought about by her own pure abilities.


“Because I underestimated him…”


Because he was from the regular Magic Department rather than the Aether, because the way she was treated was despicable, because his reputation wasn’t good…


She underestimated Ian.


She underestimated it as merely a clever curse to hinder her growth or merely a coincidence that he learned black magic.


The price was painful.


Sharon’s own growth crumbled, she practically lost in the Disciplinary Committee, and she was thoroughly defeated in the Grade Assessment.


She needed time to regroup.

She left the academy as if fleeing.


And she could come to a conclusion.


Ian Blackangers, was stronger and more scheming than she had thought.


Upon careful consideration, even placing a curse to hinder her growth secretly from the beginning might have been part of his plan to suppress her.


“You sneaky b*stard…”


An uncharacteristic murmur flowed from Sharon’s lips.


Behind Ian Blackangers, there must surely be rotten things. The dark magic he unfolded. It’s clear there would be an association with one of the thirteen factions causing harm to the empire, ‘The Thirteen Evils’.


“Perhaps even with the Bloodstone Cult……”


She should also consider the possibility of him being related to the Bloodstone Cult, which she did not hate.


Such a person was coming here this time.

She needed to be wary again.




Could it be an opportunity instead?


Sharon grasped her sword.

And swung it towards the wooden dummy.





Only a brief flash of blue, not even the slightest sound of the usual impact.


But shortly after.


— Crack!


Shattered into pieces while frozen.


If Ian Blackangers’ existence was stronger than she expected, if it became even stronger, that would be the end.


“… I will capture him and torture him to hear the truth.”


Sharon knew she had nowhere to run. She just needed a moment to catch her breath.


Sharon grasped the sword again.


As her mother said, Sharon herself knew she had to wield only the sword.


Approaching the next dummy.


Just as she was about to swing the sword again.


“You’re hiding here, aren’t you.”


Sharon turned her head towards the voice.


A man with blue eyes opened his mouth.

An eye full of disgust as if seeing a bug.

The eldest of the family. Herman Pierce.


“Surely you were told to just breathe, as if you were there but not.”


As befitting of the Pierce family’s heir, Herman’s eyes glimmered with disdain.

Sharon instinctively held her breath.

Her body remembered the deeds she had suffered from him since childhood.


“So that’s the sword you received from Father this time.”


Sharon hid the sword behind her back.


“Do you think hiding it like that will work? Where did this lowly thing crawl in from, tarnishing the family’s possessions?”

“… It’s none of your business.”

“Hoo. Now you’re rebelling just because you’ve grown up.”



Step by step.

Herman Pierce slowly moved towards her.


“The sword Father bestowed upon you is merely out of pity. You know nothing of your situation.”


Standing at an almost touching distance.

Herman’s military boots were placed on top of Sharon’s feet.



“Do not address me as your equal. Even less so as your brother. Your mother was a commoner concubine, so you would be closer to a servant than that.”


– Click. Click.


Sharon bit her lip in pain as her nails broke.

Herman’s eyes seemed to light up with satisfaction.


“Now you’re finally making a face worthy of a concubine’s child.”


“By the way, weren’t you expelled from the Academy for some crazy stunt?”

“…I left on my own.”

“Boasting, I see. Tarnishing the family’s name and then claiming virtue.”


Blood dripped from Sharon’s trembling fist.

In Herman’s blue eyes, there was a hint of mockery as he observed it.


“Stupid b*tch.”


Leaving those words behind, Herman departed.


— Bang!


The door slammed harshly.

Sharon, as if familiar with it, took out bandages and wrapped them around her feet.

With bloodied hands, Sharon grasped the sword again.


The chill of the wounds was cold.

But it was okay.


She was accustomed to the cold.


The warmth she had felt, ever since she was embraced by her mother’s arms, had been absent since then.


— Sharon. We can only find happiness by blooming like snowflakes. No matter what happens, never let go of the sword. I’m sorry for giving birth to you under such circumstances, my daughter.


The last words she exchanged with her mother were still vivid.

Her mother always hoped to be acknowledged by the lord, and that would be happiness.


If so…

She would do her best for that too.




The sword Sharon wielded cut through the air.

For now, only the cold frost filled the air.






In the heart of the northern city, Lahti.

As they stepped off the train and out onto the platform, a carriage prepared by the princess was waiting.


The carriage was so dazzling that it made one squint.

Karen, as if accustomed to it, got into the carriage straight away, but…


“Ouch, it’s blinding!”

“W-What’s with all these jewels hanging around?”


Because it really was blinding, everyone had to squint and get into the carriage.


The inside of the carriage was long and spacious like a limousine.


There were only a few rare gadgets or chairs that caught the eye.


“Why is there a swing in the carriage?”


To Danya’s question full of wonder, Lina’s face flushed instead.


“Uhm, Danya.”


Lina called Danya and whispered in her ear.

Whisper, whisper.




Danya, blushing, obediently sat down.


Ian leaned back comfortably on the sofa.


“…It’s just part of the interior.”


Karen spoke up towards Ian.

Ian nodded quietly.


< Luxury + Lust = Princess >


The image the third princess Asteria pursues externally is made up of such an equation. Quietly replenishing the family’s weakened power by pretending to indulge in luxury and charms.


Of course, the performance in a situation where the noble families are fiercely competing for the succession is not an easy task.


Perhaps all the carriages she had or borrowed included this kind of interior.


Of course, Ian knew Asteria’s original personality. She would never have used these gadgets before. Therefore, he could naturally accept this to some extent.


‘It’s not that extreme anyway.’


Instead, he was more concerned about Lina, who was glancing at the leashes and ropes hanging on the wall.


‘Well, it’s just a matter of taste.’


What he was really curious about right now was Karen.

Karen, squinting her eyes, asked.


“Why are you staring like that?”




“If you have any questions, please speak up.”


“…It’s nothing.”


“I-I haven’t used them either, of course.”

Top of Form



What’s with this sudden remark from her?


Ian looked at Karen with a puzzled expression.

Karen, however, misunderstood his expression somewhat.


“O-Of course, I have experience. Well, I’ve had numerous experiences, so I’m used to this kind of thing, but um… I guess it’s just not my taste?”


“Karen seems to be quite loyal to the princess.”




Karen closed her eyes tightly.

When she opened them again, she returned to her usual (emotionless assassin-like) expression.


Her cheeks were still red, though.


“I’m putting in every effort for the client’s sake.”


“So if I pay you, will you be loyal to me even if it’s just for show? Hmm. Your expression is answer enough.”


Ian was sure of it as he looked into Karen’s eyes full of guile.


With that, Ian was sure.

Karen was also an assassin belonging to the Black Cat Order.

One of of the Empire’s three major assassination groups.

They pursued money, not loyalty.


Although a small curiosity arose between them.


— “Princess Asteria’s carriage is here!”


The carriage had already arrived at its destination.


Voices could be heard beyond the carriage as the mansion’s door opened.


– Oh, it’s Princess Asteria’s carriage.

– I wonder who’s riding it this time?

– It would be nice if it were a handsome man like last time.


It seemed like the nobles were already chatting away in the outdoor reception area, set up on the snowy field.


[ Initially, Ian, you’ll attract a lot of attention. As always with the princess’s men. ]


Karen’s voice rang directly in his mind.

The skill of the assassins to secretly convey messages without anyone noticing, Telepathy.


Although the plan was devised together, Karen started briefing once again to get accustomed to Telepathy.


[ Until Miss Lina attracts people’s attention as planned, be careful of your posture. ]


Lina winked at Ian with a V sign.


[ From the start of the second day’s match, we will start our activities in earnest. Please forget about the goal of gathering evidence against the family for today. You must deceive yourself in order to deceive others. ]


Ian nodded lightly.




The carriage door opened, and Ian stepped out of the carriage.

At the same time, all eyes fell on him.


– “It seems the princess didn’t choose based on appearances this time. His demeanor isn’t very pleasing.”

– “Oh, Lady Yuliana, these days, men with tired and sharp looks like him are quite popular.”

– “If he wore proper attire instead of travel clothes, I might reconsider.”

– “Is a man’s face everything? Perhaps the Princess, having met all kinds of men, is now looking for someone with inner strength. Heh.”


The nobles in the reception hall all made their own comments.


Some were amazed, while others mixed mockery into their remarks.


Whether positive or negative, Ian’s presence significantly heightened the atmosphere in the reception hall.


“It’s truly remarkable how you’ve lifted the guests’ spirits. I wonder how I can properly express my gratitude as the host of this party.”


Ian turned his head towards the voice.


A man stood there, like a male version of Sharon.

Tall. Cold eyes.

But he was also a charming cold-hearted man who knew how to laugh charmingly enough to make some noble ladies forget their manners.


“Herman Pierce.”


He was the eldest son of the duke and was already a renowned knight.


The mid-boss of Act 2, Herman Pierce, extended his hand.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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