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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 83

I Attempted a Confession Attack Against Yerina

“Well, what did you say?”


Yerina, taken aback, stuttered in a way that was unlike her.

Ian felt the same.


‘What on earth did I just blurt out?’


It was important to be quick-witted to avoid the imminent danger at hand… but to confess to Yerina?


Even after saying it out loud, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.




‘It doesn’t seem like something I can just brush off.’


In this situation, saying something like, “Aha-ha! Just kidding!” would probably result in being torn apart at the molecular level, not just into dust.


Of course, whether it’s dust or molecules, what’s the big difference?


‘Either way, it’s death.’


He didn’t want to die.

Therefore, once spoken, the words he uttered were set in stone. He had to believe that what he said was true and stick to it.


“Yes, I like Yerina. I’ve been secretly admiring her.”


Though somewhat stumbling, it actually added sincerity to his confession.


Yerina was even more bewildered.

How long had it been since she received such a sincere confession in the backyard? Wait. Had she ever received one?


It was like something from a completely different world for her, who dealt with frontline matters every day.


Then, Yerina suddenly realized.


“You’ve only seen me for a moment, how did you develop feelings in that short time? It doesn’t make any sense.”


In a brief moment, Ian’s mind raced.

Then he came up with a plausible answer.


“I’ve always been interested in those who protect the borders. Among them, after first encountering you in a certain magazine, my admiration grew…”


“After first encountering me?”


“Seeing you today, striding in, I once again realized your strength and promptly rushed out.”




Yerina sighed heavily.


Whether it was awkwardness or embarrassment, Yerina was clearly flustered.

Seeing her like that, Ian suddenly realized.


‘…This feels like Pongpong’s instinct kicking in.’


It was a reckless confession attack that could even work on Named individuals. Pongpong’s confession skill level seemed higher than expected.


As they maintained silence, Ian entertained some trivial thoughts.

Yerina finally managed to speak, her lips trembling.


“B-But aren’t you the princess’s plaything?”

“I’m a man, not a plaything, and even that is not the kind of relationship we have.”



Pongpong’s instinct was telling him something.

This person was pushing him away, so he should stick even closer.


Pongpong’s authority in confession attacks was absolute.


Ian went with the flow.


“My feelings are firm.”



Yerina, who had never trembled in front of any enemy, lightly trembled with her shoulders.


Her red eyes narrowed like a cat stalking its prey.


“Then tell me what you like about me.”

“Can I be honest?”

“Only the truth.”

“It’s your appearance.”

“…My appearance?”

“I like strong women. To be more honest, it’s the thickness and whiteness of your thighs…”



“That’s enough.”


Yerina sighed and turned away.


‘…Did I push too hard?’


It seemed like he had pushed too far.

Ian noticed Yerina’s ears starting to turn red as she tensed up.


After a moment of collecting herself, she muttered quietly in that posture.


“In terms of strength, the Third Princess, with the Empire’s bloodline, would be stronger than me.”


It was a response squeezed out in preparation for rejection, but it was also a true statement. Even if she wasn’t the emperor, the presence of the Estrid bloodline, the princesses, and princes was not something easily surpassed.


The skirmish was over.

Ian decided to make his move.


“That’s why I hope Yerina will stand at the top of the family.”



She turned back with a serious gaze.


“Are you talking about Herman?”


“It’s not difficult.”


“My conflict with Herman is famous. Why bring that up? Your credibility is in question with the things you’ve said so far.”


Yerina’s eyes burned red.

But Ian remained undaunted.


“My goal isn’t Herman.”




“I’m aiming higher.”




Ian’s lips curled slightly upwards.


“The Duke has to be fed.”


Expression vanished from Yerina’s face.


For a moment.




The sound of air splitting was heard.


Blinking, Ian found Yerina’s fist halted before him.




His hair, lifted by the wind, settled back into place.

Ian stared blankly at the fist before him.

Did this person just throw a punch?

But there was no sign, no movement at all?


“Wow. You’re quite audacious. Can you read the air to that extent?”


… Read what?

Ian was bewildered.

Rather than reading the atmosphere, he didn’t even know if she was about to punch him.


While trying not to show surprise, he managed somehow.




A tree behind Ian fell over.


“You’re an amusing one. I’ll give you that much.”




“But sweetheart, there’s a gap between us. I don’t see a reason why I should have this kind of conversation with you. Come back when you’re older.”


Yerina judged her opponent with force.

The condition for her to converse with him was a minimum of mid 4-Star. Ian was far from that level.


‘Perhaps I could have taken advantage of the confusion from the confession attack and slipped in a question.’


As expected, tricks didn’t work on someone like Yerina.


Of course, there was another way.


‘Even if the rank isn’t mid 4-Star, proving my abilities should be enough.’


He was confident.


The tournament starting tomorrow would be the perfect opportunity.


“If I were to win first place in the tournament?”

“First place?”

“Yes. I’ll aim to win in a place where the highest-ranking figures from the northern region and the entire continent are participating.”

“You don’t seem to be at that level.”

“I will prove it. Then, please acknowledge my feelings at that time.”


Yerina looked at Ian with a troubled expression.


“…I may not acknowledge your feelings, but I’ll listen to your story.”


The confession attack was a success.





The next day dawned.


Walking towards the unarmed combat area with Danya, Ian reminisced about his encounter with Yerina.


‘The confession attack worked better than I thought.’


It was a way to catch the opponent off guard and achieve what he wanted in the meantime.


Moreover, with Pongpong’s experience ingrained in his body, he could naturally make the opponent feel burdened.


‘Using it on Named in the future wouldn’t be a bad idea.’


They arrived at the unarmed combat area.


Ian glanced around.


In this world, women were everywhere.

This also meant that there were always half of the targets to which confession attacks could be applied.




A smile formed on its own.

Walking beside him, Danya asked with a worried expression.




“You haven’t reverted back to your old self, have you?”

“Old self…?”

“Never mind. Anyway, hang in there. Stay strong.”


Pat, pat.

Danya lifted her tiptoes and patted him on the shoulder before heading towards the outskirts of the unarmed combat area.


Nobles began to take their seats in the prepared chairs.




Many nobles gathered.


The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as many nobles gathered for the upcoming tournament.


The ‘Grand Tournament’ was a gathering where promising nobles from the northern region, along with invited nobles from various parts of the continent, came together to engage in unarmed combat.


While many participated directly in the duels, there were also quite a few spectators who came to watch.


‘There are many faces from the banquet yesterday.’


Considering the chaos caused by Yerina at the banquet, they were indeed bold nobles.


‘After all, they are nobles from the North.’


They weren’t the type to be scared off by a death threat.




“Hey, I really enjoyed watching you and Sharon dance yesterday. How do you dance so passionately?”

“Thank you.”

“So, can you hug me like that once too?”

“Of course.”



Some of the ladies who seemed to be enjoying themselves asked for an ending pose together.


It was a bit overwhelming, but it was also an opportunity to solidify the image of being the princess’s man.


“Oh my, look at these biceps. You’ve been hiding this well. Can I touch them?”




Hmm. But why did he feel some sharp gazes from afar?


Of course, there were those who glared at Danya in a different way.

Especially the men dressed in plate armor.

The envious glances from those who seemed to be knights were quite intense.


“The princess’s man? Tsk tsk. What do these girls see in parasites like him?”

“If he shows up at the tournament, I’ll make sure to crush him if we meet.”

“Haha, what’s up Lord Jade, look at those skinny legs, could you break them with one low kick?”


Ian was somewhat puzzled.


Seeing them dressed in plate armor for a banquet extension like this only added to his confusion.


‘At best, they probably wouldn’t even make decent knights.’


Considering that they’re usually around 3-Star beginners or intermediate level… to be honest, it seems rather pathetic.


Of course, Ian ignored them.

There was no reason for him to engage in such fights.

He just smiled nonchalantly.


He played the role of the princess’s man for a while.

Someone muttered nearby.


“I-it looks like it’s about to begin. Look, there’s Herman coming.”


Herman Pierce, looking somewhat flustered, stood on the platform. He must have had quite a headache dealing with yesterday’s events.


However, his demeanor was as dignified as ever.

After glancing around, he nodded solemnly.


Then, in a deep voice that reflected his status, he shouted loudly.


“Let the Martial Exchange begin!”


The atmosphere around became fervent.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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