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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 87

Thirteen Chances

Inside the mansion. The library of the Grand Duke of the North, where no light penetrates.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


In that dark space, the only sound was the tapping of the table.


For a while.


“What will you do?”


A figure rose from the darkness.

The attendant of the Grand Duke of the North, Han Sen.


He kneeled before the Grand Duke of the North.


“Preparations are complete. Most of the nobles are gathered in the assembly hall. With many awakened ones present, we should be able to gather thirty years’ worth of blood power.”


“Thirty years…”


“If you absorb it well, you should be able to hold it within your grasp in no time.”


Being one of the thirteen esteemed figures atop the pyramid of the Bloodstone Cult.


Among them, being in the top five had a special meaning.


Finally being able to face the Bloodstone Cult Leader, it was also why the Grand Duke of the North, Richard Pierce, had dedicated himself to the Bloodstone Cult.


The eyes of the Grand Duke of the North glowed with a deep crimson color.

He closed his eyes wearily.


A chilling aura spread from him.


When he opened his eyes again, they were back to their original blue.


“Have you examined the assembly hall?”

“That child is there.”

“Master Herman? Shall we give him a warning and extract him so he won’t be sacrificed?”


The Grand Duke of the North shook his head too easily.


“No. They were raised for this purpose from the beginning.”


Referring to his own offspring as ‘them’, the Grand Duke of the North was infinitely cold. It was something Han Sen was accustomed to. Rather, he was curious about what the Grand Duke of the North feared.


“… So it’s about the Blackangers’ bloodline.”



The silence now would be affirmative.

Han Sen knew there was an interest in the child named Ian Blackangers, but he didn’t expect the bloodline to be beyond ordinary.


The Grand Duke asked.


“Can we reach the blood demon?”

“It seems difficult.”

“Then there’s no need to challenge Lord Seven.”


In the end, could it be because Ian is receiving attention from Lord Seven? Han Sen asked cautiously.


“Why… why is Lord Seven showing such interest in that child?”

“I do not know.”


The Grand Duke of the North’s response was cold.








The tremendous cheers erupted from the spectators witnessing Ian’s glorious victory.


“What was that! It was so flashy!”

“I’ve never seen anyone use basic magic like that!”


Not only the participants of the tournament but also those watching had some basic background knowledge.


And Ian was far different from what they thought of as a ‘mage’.


Usually, mages tend to be distant and pursue extreme damage from a distance.


But Ian’s fighting style was completely new.


As an Earth Elemental Mage who fought in close quarters, his main form of damage was physical.


I couldn’t help but be excited by the emergence of a promising talent that I had never heard of or seen before.


Furthermore, the magic Ian actively utilized this time was the most basic skill of Earth Elemental Magic, ‘Earth Bind’.


The situation couldn’t help but erupt in cheers. This was a situation where even children around ten years old, whose magical talents were just budding, or usable magic, had managed to outsmart a guardian knight of a noble family.




Capturing Ian’s image through the magic lens, Schwab smirked.


‘Look at that, they said he’s different.’


The high-ranking nobles seated in the front rows, who had previously ignored Ian and Schwab, were undeniably quiet. You didn’t need to turn around to know that.


‘How satisfying.’


Schwab suppressed the cheers that kept bursting out due to Ian’s performance.


Ian Blackangers would soon be recognized as one of the Empire’s most promising youths. However, Schwab had no intention of using Ian’s exploits for journalism right away.


With that level of ability, even without making him a knight, rumors would spread like wildfire.


And the moment Ian became famous and people’s attention was focused on him.


‘I’ll start revealing these things one by one.’


That’s how his genius would shine even brighter.

Of course, Schwab’s evaluation of Ian’s genius was his own, as someone who recognized it from the start.


‘It seems luck is truly on my side at times.’


To have randomly sat next to Ian on the Express and forged a camaraderie with him. Such luck was rare indeed.




“That… pathetic b*stard…!”


Count Limmksh’s blood pressure soared as he clenched his teeth.


Even knowing that Herman Pierce was sitting next to him, he couldn’t hold back the curses bubbling up.


Of all things, it was the family’s Guardian Knight.


How much effort did he put into finding a young and talented individual to win this tournament!

The money invested in that guy alone was worth hundreds of gold.


But to lose to a mere novice mage in the semi-finals?




Count Limmksh, amidst the throes of a stroke due to high blood pressure, grumbled.




Herman Pierce, on the other hand, remained silent, gazing downwards.


‘Ian Blackangers.’


As the representative of the Third Princess, Herman felt an indescribable unease.


There was a scent that he could sense from those who were hiding something.


Although he temporarily set aside such doubts after seeing him dance at the reception.


— Next move…


“It’s my turn.”


Herman descended slowly towards the arena.





Watching Herman’s semi-final match, Ian bit his lip slightly.


‘It’s over.’


Herman’s appearance was unexpected.


The tournament storyline typically involves high-ranking knights from the Pierce family or someone like Sharon Pierce.


Herman’s participation was too high of a caliber for the tournament.


The ranking system in “Fanta X Aca” escalates geometrically as it progresses.


Even considering only knights, the gap between mid and late 4 Star is immense.


Beginning at mid 4-Star, a Sword Master is an expert who can use mana with a sword. A Sword Master is a late 4-Star to 5-Star sword user who can wield their sword freely.


Hence, reaching the 4-Star results in a staggering difference between mid and late 4-Star statuses.


It was the worst-case scenario for Ian’s plan to appeal to Yerina through winning the tournament.


Ian quietly observed Herman Pierce’s and another knight’s duels.


— Swish


Herman effortlessly shattered his opponent’s sword with a simple horizontal slash.


No, it would be more accurate to say he turned it to dust.


The shattered pieces of the wooden sword didn’t even make a sound as they hit the ground.


The opponent had also imbued mana into his sword, but the insurmountable gap in power couldn’t be helped.


Herman’s mouth opened without any cheers from the audience.


“You might as well come up here. There’s no need to rest. You might get bored if you wait too long.”


At the end of that gaze was Ian.


‘As unlucky as ever.’


Ian didn’t like the kindness that bordered on condescension. From the first handshake pretending to spar with him subtly leaking magic, to now, pretending to consider the opponent.


The slippery, icy demeanor of the man stirred instinctive discomfort within him.


That’s what it meant. He could win even without resting?


‘There’s a difference in tone, so it may be a fitting statement.’


However, despite appearing accomplished on the surface, the personality of those who abuse and gaslight the weak internally is not pleasing.




It was somewhat difficult to boast about winning to provoke Yerina… but it was a bit difficult.


“I never imagined that Lord Herman himself would make an appearance at the tournament.”


“The purpose of the tournament was originally to discuss swordsmanship of the Pierce family with various experts. Because there were many distinguished individuals at this tournament, I couldn’t abstain.”


“I see.”


Feigning innocence again.

Ian barely contained the urge to roll his eyes.


Then, he raised his wooden sword.

It was a signal to stop talking and fight.




Herman laughed as he drew his sword.

However, contrary to his expression, considerable confidence emanated from him.




Had Ian ever faced an upper 4-Star opponent?

Perhaps Lina, when she was corrupted, was close to the early phase of that.


The palpable difference in strength.


Of course, if he fought with the determination to die, he wouldn’t be defenseless.



‘This duel isn’t a matter of life and death.’


Above all, he couldn’t reveal everything here.

Herman was just a mid-boss.


He had to save his strength to face the Grand Duke.


Ian’s mind began to race.

And just as he was about to come up with a plan that seemed feasible and use [Leap]…


— Saaah


Suddenly, a chill ran down his spine.




Ian halted his steps in confusion.


It was too chilling to ignore.

A feeling of being denied existence by something.

It felt like his instincts were screaming.


— Sssaaaah


Once again, that chilling feeling pierced through his body.




Yes. This is a kind of wave.

And the center of the wave is the arena.


Ian stared silently at it.


Blood droplets were scattered around.

He just thought it was the result of the previous combat.


‘… Thirteen.’


Thirteen drops of blood.

Ian understood their significance.


Ian unconsciously took a step back.


“Are you afraid now?”


Herman spoke.

With his casual and self-assured face, Ian was taken aback.


‘Even someone who reached that level of strength didn’t sense this?’


Someone who had reached the late phase of a 4-Star.

It was hard to believe that such a person couldn’t sense this chilling wave.


Then… is it an illusion?


No. Ian had a gut feeling.

This was something more sinister and powerful that someone like Herman, someone who could be called ‘such as’, was unleashing.


— Sssaaaah


Once again. It’s that wave.

This time, it passed through the skin like a snake slithering.


Ian hastily looked around.

The bewildered spectators gazing at him.


No one knows.

No one else feels this sensation.


‘Why only me…?’


Is it an illusion?


The wave’s frequency increased.

This time, it pierced through the skin, reaching the mana circuit.

In that moment.




His ability, Dishwashing, activated automatically.

A clear signal that something was wrong.



“Damn it.”


Ian turned and ran.

He paid no heed to the murmurs around him.


Where is Danya?


Pointed ears caught his attention.




He grabbed her hand.


“W-why are you like this?”

“We need to get out of here. As soon as possible… Ugh!”


— Tsuzuzuzuz!


Once again, the wave collided with Ian’s ability.

A convulsion that felt like his body was being turned inside out.


“Th-there, Lina is there too!”

“Lina! Run for now!”



People in Ian’s sight were panicking.

If they stayed still, they would become sacrifices.


“Everyone, get out of here as soon as possible!”


With that shout, Ian grabbed Danya and Lina’s hands.

He was planning to use [Leap] like that.

It’s uncertain whether it’s safe or possible to move with several people, but there’s no time to consider such things.


“Hold on tight.”


Ian’s body floated lightly.

Just as he was about to be propelled forward with a slight static charge.


— Tsuzuzuzuz!


The twelfth wave pierced Ian’s body.

The balance of mana collapsed, causing [Leap] to fail and stagger.


“Damn it.”


No more waves were felt.



Thump. Thump. Thump.


His heart beat roughly.


— Ddududuk!


A chilling sound was growing louder from behind.

Ian turned around as it grew louder.


— Ggududududuk!


Space was being swallowed by darkness and crumpling.


“…Richard, you insane b*stard.”


A curse escaped his lips.

Then, darkness enveloped his vision.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

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