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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me Chapter 91

Why Did You Raise Your Daughter Like That?

Ian was taken aback.


‘Sharon’s mother, huh?’


Ian didn’t know if Sharon and she were on good terms, but their relationship was strange enough that a fight wouldn’t be out of place right now (not that he knew if there was a fight to be had with Sharon).


But to her mother, who was flaunting her fragility like this.


“Right. Your daughter grew up wrong. Why did you raise her like that?”


But Ian still had some sense of Eastern etiquette in him. However.


“In fact, my relationship with my daughter isn’t good.”


With a polite complaint, he found himself tumbling too far once he possessed Ian. Having grown into a fine pragmatist, Ian remained composed.


“That can’t be…”


The woman’s complexion darkened rapidly.


Already fragile-looking, Sharon’s mother now looked like she might collapse at any moment.


As Ian looked at her pitiful face, he paused for a moment.

Upon closer inspection, even the woman’s hair was styled in the so-called ‘short-lived haircut’ that mothers often wear in fiction.


‘Come to think of it, isn’t this a bit too much drama?’


She didn’t scold her mother in front of her daughter, but she scolded her daughter in front of her mother…


It felt like the sound of his reputation plummeting was being broadcast in real-time.


Moreover, in the current situation, she was the only clue to salvage this situation. At a time when he should focus on the woman in front of him rather than worrying about the nonexistent Sharon.


Ian hastily added.


“Your daughter’s swordsmanship skills are so outstanding that I’m a little jealous.”


Sharon’s mother, Sasha Asilia, brightened up.


“That’s fortunate. Because I worried so much about parting ways with that child when I was young…”


Struggling to catch her breath, she spoke.


“I was so worried that something might have gone wrong. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe, and everything seemed bleak. I’m sorry for my ugly appearance.”


With trembling arms, she wiped away the tears forming in her eyes.


Ian sighed quietly.


‘I almost died socially and reputationally.’


From now on, he would pay close attention to the hairstyles of the other party.

But then.

There was a part of Asilia’s words that couldn’t be ignored.


Officially, Sasha Asilia was supposed to have been killed by the Bloodstone Cultists when Sharon was a child.


‘That’s the setting.’


But the fact that she was here meant she had been absorbed by Richard Pierce.


There was no deviation from the setting either. Anyway, being absorbed by Richard Pierce, who was a ‘Bloodstone Cultist’, was no different from being ‘killed’.


“Is it true that you were absorbed by Richard Pierce?”


Asilia’s pupils widened.


“W-what, do you happen to know?”


Asilia’s dark blue hair swayed softly as she asked.


“If you’re asking about Richard Pierce being a member of the Bloodstone Cult and if he’s been absorbing people, then yes. That’s my conclusion.”


“Oh, someone knows.”


Asilia’s expression was like someone who had discovered an oasis in the desert. She held Ian’s hands with both of hers.


“No one believed me. I tried to confront him alone and then…”


Just as it was starting to feel burdensome, Yerina interrupted.


“Just a moment.”


Interrupting Asilia’s words, Yerina pressed her temples for a moment.

She had too many questions.

Yerina opened her mouth with difficulty.


“Are you really Sharon Pierce’s mother?”


The first question she asked was the least shocking among the other possibilities. Asilia glanced at Yerina for a moment, then clapped her hands together.


“Oh, my. Is it really you, Miss Yerina? How did you grow up so well?”


Ian was surprised.

Asilia had started stroking Yerina’s head without any hesitation.


And then, she blinked.




Pat pat pat.


Stroking her head like a surprised lion allowing someone to pet it.


What kind of sight was that?

The sight of someone stroking the head of a 5-Star.




Then he remembered.

There was a hidden SSR-ranked sword technique in the Fanta X Aca called the ‘Snowflake Sword’.


If Sasha Asilia was indeed the Snowflake Swordmaster, then she was a skilled practitioner surpassing Yerina.


To Ian, the scene resembled a dragon gently stroking a lion’s mane.


Though the dragon seemed infinitely benevolent, warm, and somewhat fragile.


Yerina, feeling a bit embarrassed, opened her mouth as if to apologize to Asilia.


“…I, I’m sorry, but I don’t remember you. I didn’t even know you were the Snowflake Sword.”


“It’s okay. Asilia, you went straight to the front lines and grew up there. Everyone understands. Thank you for your efforts.”


“T-Thank you. I guess you really are Sharon’s mother. I can’t believe it was you who invented the Snowflake Sword.”


Yerina was still in disbelief within Asilia’s embrace.


‘Every gesture exudes tremendous skill.’


She’s warm and smiling, but still a master who once dominated an era.

If one were to silently accept her touch, even though she was the mother of another sister, the heart couldn’t help but become warmer… No, that’s not it.




With a cautious and courteous push accompanied by a cough, Yerina asked Asilia.


“I’d like you to answer one thing. Is Father Richard really a member of the Bloodstone Cult? Are we all trapped within him?”


“Yes. My husband, and your father, Richard Pierce, is a member of the Bloodstone Cult.”


“And this place…?”


“Here is a realm he created to absorb the life force of others. To be precise, it’s his mana heart. That is…”


Coughing, Asilia, looking pitiful, finished her words.


“It’s a prison.”





“So this is Richard’s prison?”


It gave me goosebumps for a moment, but it also made sense.


The most efficient way to absorb humans for sustenance would indeed be to digest them within the prison.


The others’ states were no different from Ian’s.


“Am I being digested?” asked a shocked Danya.


“I haven’t experienced much yet…” replied Lina, constantly fidgeting with a handkerchief around her neck and looking at Ian.




Yerina seemed lost in deep thought. More precisely, she looked like a lion that was halfway broken.




– Clap!


The sound of hands hitting each other.

Everyone’s attention turned to Asilia.


“Oh my, snap out of it.”


Asilia held both hands together and smiled warmly.


“Now that guests have arrived, I should treat them well!”


Ian thought she was pushing it a bit to lighten the mood.


Understandably so. There seemed to be no suitable cooking ingredients in this cave.


“I’m sorry it’s nothing fancy.”


She said as she worked on something.


“This is shaved ice made with snow from the past 10 years.”


She presented a plate piled with white substance.


“And this is shaved ice made with snow from the past 30 years. It has a richer flavor.”


Ian took the plate and took a bite.

Of course, it was just snow.


Yerina’s expression sank sadly.


“I thought there wouldn’t be anything to eat.”


Lina stole a glance, looking sad.


“How long have you been suffering like this…”


Meanwhile, Danya…


“Mm, it’s delicious.”


Enjoyed eating the snow.

Come to think of it, there are dogs and cats that occasionally eat snow. Maybe they find it really tasty.

…No, that’s not it.



“Danya, can I have your backpack?”


He had seen some ingredients in the magic backpack briefly.


Jerky, powdered milk and cheese, dried noodles, spices…


Ian skillfully set up ingredients and cooking utensils and then clapped his hands.


Then he turned to Asilia.


“Please make some.”





“I-Ian. What are you saying… She’s the Snowflake Swordmaster.”



The group was bewildered. But Ian was adamant.


“I’m hungry. Please make some.”


Yerina let out a small sigh at Ian’s words.


“It seems shock has regressed you to childhood.”

“I-I can take care of him! I’ve been taking care of my younger siblings since I was little!”

“I’m older! My tail was so fluffy and popular with kids!”


Ian ignored the sudden squabble that had erupted.


Asilia, who was silently watching Ian, beamed with a warm smile.


“Of course. It’s time to show off my skills after a long time.”


Swoosh, swoosh.


Asilia rolled up her sleeves and started cooking.


— Sizzle


She skillfully greased the pan and added garlic on top.


— Slice


As she wielded the cooking knife, the pieces of jerky were cut into perfect bite-sized chunks and grilled to perfection.


Finally, she added milk and boiled pasta that had been sliced four times.


“There you go. I tried to show off my skills after a long time. I hope it suits your taste.”


She said as she served one dish after another. Asilia’s shoulders were higher than before.


“You said you were hungry, so eat a lot. If you leave any, you will be scolded.”


As they dug into their plates, they noticed an unusually large amount of meat.



Asilia winked.


“Thank you.”


Danya’s eyes narrowed… Was it because of the meat or Asilia’s wink?


Ian avoided Danya’s gaze and took a spoonful into his mouth.




He blinked several times in a daze.

Then he took another spoonful.


“…It’s amazing.”


Praise flowed out involuntarily at the taste.


The broth based on milk had a subtle richness. Just when it was getting heavy, the garlic provided a crisp finish. A dish that made the body feel incredibly warm.


Moreover, the meat was outstanding.

Tender yet moist with broth. Who would’ve thought of cooking with jerky? In fact, it felt like without the jerky, the dish wouldn’t be complete.


“I’ve never tasted such delicious food…”

“It’s so good.”


Danya and Lina murmured simultaneously.


“Hehe, I’m glad you all enjoyed it.”


Asilia smiled contentedly as she watched them eat. Without even putting food in her mouth, she made something else.


“It’s a dessert made by grinding dried fruit with sugar.”


Despite not having a mixer, she solved the problem with just one cooking knife she was holding.


Maybe cooking is not about the taste of fire, but the taste of the knife, Ian thought as he tried the dessert.


The tanginess of the fruit and the sweetness of the sugar blended perfectly, satisfying the tip of his tongue.


Ian put one in his pocket and focused on the conversation between Asilia and Danya.


“…It was Lichten Academy, right? How was Sharon there?”


Danya’s eyes rolled around. Asilia didn’t miss her gaze checking Ian’s reaction.


Lina hastily intervened to smooth things over.


“She was so great that she was considered the top talent at the school for a while! Many students followed her lead.”


“Oh, really?”


“Yes! She really was!”


A faint bitterness briefly crossed Asilia’s face before disappearing.


But she didn’t ask further and just grinned.


“Hehehe, that’s a relief. Would you all like to follow me for a moment?”


Asilia stood up gracefully from her seat.

Seeing her, Danya whispered cautiously to Ian.


“Isn’t it suspicious? She’s being too nice to us, isn’t she?”

“After serving such delicious food?”

“T-that’s… Anyway, something feels off. It’s weird…”


She had an infinitely serious face.

And where Asilia took them, steam was rising.


“S-She, she was fattening us up to eat us!”


Danya’s eyes trembled.


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The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

The Sponsored Heroines Are Coming for Me

After Stopping the Sponsoring, the Heroines Started Obsessing Over Me (old title), The Academy’s Villain Alchemist Wants to Survive, The Female Leads I Sponsored Are Clinging to Me, 아카데미 악역 연금술사는 살아남고 싶다, 후원을 멈췄더니 여주들이 집착해온다 (old title), 후원했던 여주들이 매달려온다
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I possessed a reliant villain who was in debt and clinging to the heroines. “Why did I give all these good things to others?” From now on, I will solely focus on my own growth. After stopping these villainous acts, the heroines’ reactions were strange.



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